spiritual disease in the west

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    Is this what all of America has to look forward to?

    I'm not blaming all of this on our president - however his policies are just more of everything that's wrong with American government and American society. Please, let me state very clearly that this is not an attack on President Obama, but rather a criticism of liberal political policies and our post-modern western society in general. Our government and big industry rampant with greed and corruption combined with a hedonistic and narcissistic society and entitlement mentality are all contributing factors. Litigiousness – looking to find fault with others and profit from it – has led to rampant excessive bureaucracy. The promotion of abortion and the gay lifestyle has undermined the value of family. The only hope for America is to re-embrace the values of the Judeo-Christian heritage on which it was founded.

    I will agree with President Obama on one point: I am still hopeful for America (and all of western society). But my hope lies not in bigger government and social welfare programs, but in the hope that America will in fact convert. I feel for my friends in Europe because if the statistics are correct, the faithful remnant is much smaller there – two percent or less. In the United States, as much as 40% still attend church regularly (of course this in itself does not make a good Christian), and the last statistic I read had 51% of Americans considering themselves to be “pro-life.” And on a personal level, in work in ministry in my own parish, I see the working of the Holy Spirit is very much alive.

    Still, the disease in our society has spread so far and deep that I do not see how it can be arrested except by God. "For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible" (Matthew 19: 26). Our present-day western society needs an infusion of the Holy Spirit. Hence the prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the last 100 years. Of course, in the meantime we are all of us expected to do our part in the spreading of the Kingdom of God, through prayer and living sacramental lives and through our efforts at evangelization.

    To be continued…
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    Darrell thats shocking! I'd like to see the other side of the coin, how a republican run city/town has progressed in the last 30-50yrs. We are also having problems here in Ireland with unions, but hopefully it will never turn out as bad as Detroit. There is in the very near future going to be a huge divide between those who have and those who have nothing. Detroit is like a ghost town. Here in Ireland, we have at the moment over 300 "ghost" estates where there are very few people living. Building contractors are unable to finish house's or sell the one's that they have already built. Our government are saying that we should be coming out of the recession in the second half of the year but to be honest, I can't see it myself.
    On a brighter note, my local Church is always packed and it is difficult to get a car space or a seat!


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