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  1. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    We're acting in the most beautiful play
    ever made which is called ...
    « The story of our life »
    And each of us has the leading role.

    God the Father writes the screenplay.
    The Holy Spirit blows us the lines.
    Jesus, the director, shows us
    how to play our role well, and He gives us
    the love of His Heart to do it well.

    We are free to exit the text or follow
    the course that has been planned for all eternity.
    It is up to each of us to live an unfolding
    that leads to tragedy or everlasting happiness.

    Lord, help us to stay fixed on Your love Plan
    which makes our life and will be an adventure
    that has an happy ending.


  2. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    « Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness. »
    (John 8, 12)

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  3. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    I’m sitting in a crowded diner on my lunch break quietly crying - I found this thread and started reading all of your postings - I am
    Just so overwhelmed at Gods Love for this undeserving sinner
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  4. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    We allow Jesus to incarnate
    with every charitable gesture we make.

    « And the Word became Flesh.”
    (John 1, 14)

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  5. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    It's so tempting sometimes to denounce
    publicly the bad things that some people do.

    On the other hand, there are in rare exceptions,
    situations where we must intervene
    to protect the innocent.

    Many don't even know that many of
    their actions are bad since they learned
    to put their conscience to sleep.

    Showing them
    their unhealthy behavior,
    it's a bit like lighting them up,
    a big spotlight right in their face,
    While they've been in the dark
    for a very long time.

    Their eyes can't
    support it, because
    this clarity hurts their eyes.
    It does them more harm than good.

    Hence the importance of leaving to Jesus
    the care of bringing them Himself
    towards that Glow ...
    gradually and very gently.

    The Mission that God entrusts to us,
    is to continue to love them
    with the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

    Not just wishing them well ....
    But by DOING good to them.
    « But I say to you, love your enemies,
    bless those who curse you, do good
    to those who hate you. » (Matthew 5:44)

    Because to move away from them,
    even by the heart, it's a bit like
    crumbling the Heart of Jesus scattering It,
    since we all do part of His all loving Heart.

    We might think we have to be
    crazy to follow this impossible path …

    To this, I answer:
    « Yes! ... Crazy about God who makes everything possible !!! »


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  6. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    When we are inclined to be discouraged
    facing a situation that seems impossible to us,
    it is good to remember that God never lets us down.
    He raises us up.

    Let's put our trust in him.


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  7. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    « I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you;
    I will remove from you your heart of stone
    and give you a heart of flesh.
    (Ezekiel 36, 26)

    Lord you love us as we are, but
    You also desire our conversion.

    Thank you, Lord, for fulfilling this
    alive, transforming and sanctifying Word in us.


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  8. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    When we get to Heaven, it would be better to have …

    a heart proud to be loved rather than
    a heart proud of our good deeds


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  9. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    I enter the confessional. Seeing me coming,
    the priest, teasing me, told me...

    « Here is Saint Louise !!!! »

    I laugh and tell him ...

    "Exactly, I lost my halo. I'm coming to pick it up! "

    We burst out laughing !!!
    He didn't expect me to tell him that.
    Me, neither, I « CONFESS » !!!

    That's what happens all the same,
    in fact ... This Sacrament gives us back
    the beauty of our soul.

    How great is the Mercy of God!


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  10. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

  11. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    « Anyone who loves Me will obey My teaching.
    My Father will love them, and We will come
    to them and make Our home with them. »
    (John 14, 23)

    God loves us and asks us
    to love Him back, and
    to love our neighbor ...
    To respond to His love, so...!

    He talks to us continually
    and always comes to us.

    Often times we let Him speak alone.
    We even just leave Him
    to love us passively.

    I believe that every lover prefers to avoid
    monologues and one-ways ...
    Love without end …

    Remember that Jesus is first
    a mad lover of each of us.
    He wants our heart!
    He asks us to love Him, in return.

    Let's talk to Him and love Him, back.
    Yes, let's talk to Him and love Him,
    but with His Heart and His Spirit!

    « ... Your love in the Spirit... »
    (Colossians 1, 8)


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  12. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    « When I am lifted un from the earth,
    I will draw all people to Myself. »
    (John 12, 32)

    I love this Word, from this Sunday March 21,
    which makes it clear that it is Jesus
    who draws us to Himself. We are just
    traffic signs that run alongside
    the road of those who seek God.

    If the driver fixes his gaze on
    the indication, he risks an accident.
    The sign is designed to warn,
    prevent, indicate only, and not
    to be admired.

    Keep our eyes focused on Jesus
    which is the only Way, the only Way to follow.
    We will thus avoid road exits.


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  13. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    The groundhog, in February, comes out of its nest
    to tell us that soon
    the coldness of winter will no longer have a hold on us ...

    Jesus comes out of His Paradise
    to tell us that soon
    the coldness of death will no longer have a hold on us!


  14. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    To avoid falling,
    hold on to God!


  15. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    Jesus knows that the hour of His Passion is approaching.
    He also knows that our Salvation is very near
    fulfillment and that we will soon receive His Spirit.

    How He loves us!
    He really has it all planned.


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  16. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    Two “renovation” projects
    very different …

    One ... for material life ...
    The other, for Eternal Life.

    And this Life, it's already started ...
    « Therefore if anyone is in Christ,
    he is a new creation. »
    (2 Corinthians 5, 17)


  17. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    « Blessed is the King who comes un the Name of the Lord!
    Peace in Heaven and Glory in the Highest! »
    (Luke 19, 38)

    This is what the crowd said when welcoming
    Jesus in Jerusalem. He has remained the same.
    He comes to our heart with humility
    to save us from certain death
    that causes sin.

    To each of us belongs the choice
    of welcoming Him or rejecting Him.


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  18. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    « Let the little children come to Me,
    and do not hinder them, for
    the Kingdom of God belongs
    to such as these. »
    (Mark 10, 14)

    A child's heart is a heart that knows
    how to be amazed and which
    remains true and quite simple.

    It’s impossible to keep our hearts as children
    when we play grown-ups,
    because a child accepts to be small,
    vulnerable and exposed to teasing
    very often hurtful.

    I thank God for giving this inner Strength
    that helps to keep, for all who accept
    this smallness and this desire for wonder,
    a heart that lets love come first ...
    Even before the care of how they look like!



  19. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels

    HOLY MONDAY + + +

    In the Gospel of the Mass on Monday March 29 ...

    « Mary took a twelve-ounce jar of expensive perfume
    made from essence of nard, and she anointed
    Jesus’ feet with it, wiping his feet with her hair.
    The house was filled with the fragrance. But Judas Iscariot,
    the disciple who would soon betray him, said:
    “That perfume was worth a year’s wages.
    It should have been sold and the money
    given to the poor.”
    Not that he cared for the poor—he was a thief,
    and since he was in charge of the
    disciples’ money, he often stole some for himself. »
    (John 12, 3-6)

    The perfume of the soul is love ...
    The soap of the soul is the Sacrament of Forgiveness ...

    Through this Sacrament, we always live free
    from false gestures of love
    who hide the smell of evil disguised as good,
    as long as we want to get rid of
    this poisoned perfume bottle.


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  20. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin Angels


    HOLY TUESDAY + + +

    Jesus told to Peter:
    « Where I am going, you cannot
    follow Me now, but you will follow later. »
    (John 13, 36)

    Jesus knows very well what awaits Him,
    now that Judas is going out to deliver him.

    He also knows that Peter is going to deny Him.
    He sees very well that in our human heart,
    fear can prevent us to follow Him to the Cross.

    Without the Holy Spirit, our desire
    to follow Him, weakens.
    This is why He answers His disciple
    “You will follow later. "...

    He surely means when Peter
    will receive the Holy Spirit ...
    this Strength from Above.



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