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  1. Louise Cardin

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    For Me, nothing is serious!
    It is only your separation that is serious.

    If you want to love Me, you cannot separate yourself.
    I cannot divide My Heart.

    And you, to enter, to have the right to enter,
    you absolutely must be united.

    To separate you is to make the union
    with Me impossible because the Heart is unique.
    (Jesus. Testament Promise of Graces... Book of Love)


  2. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    Let's medite on the love of God in the life of Mary

    Mary agreed to be our Mother,
    despite the fact that we killed Her Son.

    Is there anything harder for a mother to forgive,
    who sees Her own child being killed in front of Her eyes?

    Not only has She forgiven us all without exception,
    but in addition, She adopted us all as Her children!!!
    She made herself so close to us with that « fiat »

    She brought Him into the world at the Manger...
    She gave Him to the world from His Birth to the Cross...
    She let the love of God flow to us.

    This is how She loved with the Heart of God.

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    Amen. Beautiful.
  4. Louise Cardin

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    In this time when we await

    In this time when we await the Birth oh Jesus,
    I am already praying for all of you.

    Here are, in this picture, all the Grâces
    that I ask for everyone...

    Merry Christmas and
    Happy Holidays!!!

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    Thank you, Louise. Prayers for your intentions and God bless you.
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  6. Louise Cardin

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    Sacrament of Forgiveness?

    It’s the best love story ever ...
    The most beautiful date between lovers!
    Two patients who meet …

    One, sick of Love for us ... (God)
    The other, sick in lack of Love ... (us)

    Humanly speaking, to find a lover,
    we have to be at our best so that
    the other can evaluate us positively
    since we don't yet know if he loves us.

    At Sacrament of forgiveness, we find the Lover of our soul
    and we come as we are so that
    God gives us back our dignity and our original beauty,
    since we know that he loves us.

    Admitting our lack of love is never easy.
    We are not going to brag about our successes !!!

    To admit on the surface, our sins …

    It's a bit like mowing the lawn ...
    Weeds are not removed and uprooted.

    It's like sweeping, but only where it seems ...
    We know there is dust under furniture!

    By a good and deep confession of our errors,
    we allow jesus to pass
    in every corner of our being
    to completely renovate it …


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  8. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    As the paralytic was brought to Jesus
    with the help of a stretcher, let’s bring with us,
    by means of prayer,
    all those who are too hurt
    to go to Jesus.

    What a great Christmas present to give!!!

  9. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    Christmas with all the Saints

    Let's celebrate a memorable Christmas this year …
    Since we are confined,
    invite the saints to the feast of Jesus
    by setting up a large, well-decorated table and
    garnished with plates for each Saint
    that we want to have with us to share our meals
    throughout the holiday season, up to Epiphany!!!

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  10. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    Happy Holy New Year 2021
    to all of you whom I love in Jesus!

  11. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    On Epiphany Feast, we remember that
    the Magi Kings brought gold ... frankincense ... myrrh
    to Jesus, by way of worship.

    Jesus came into the world
    to teach us the love that God has for us …

    Jesus came into the world
    to save us …

    Jesus came into the world
    to transform and sanctify us …

    Jesus came into the world
    to take our humanity and deify us …

    Yes, the Magi Kings brought
    gold ... frankincense ... myrrh …

    And what about us...
    What could be better than to give
    ourselves, and as such to Jesus!

    Let us give our heart to Him with all that is in it.

  12. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    A community of nuns asked me to tell what St. Brother André meant to me. So here I am sharing it with you too ...

    Regarding Brother André .... We ain't seen nothing yet!
    Saturday, on October 16th 2010, I went to St-Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal to attend Holy Mass, followed by the Vigil of prayers which becan on evening, lasted all night and ended the next morning at 4 a.m. by the Holy Mass of the Canonization of Brother André, broadcast live from Rome, on a giant screen.

    All this took place in the Crypt. What joy I felt in my heart when for the very first time I heard these words:
    "Saint Brother André."

    Pope Benedict XVI had just declared Saint, this dear friend of the sicks and the poors. I was so happy that we kept his title of Brother! When, at the top of my lungs, my scream resounded in the assembly, I suddenly remembered all the graces I had received through the intercession of humble Brother André and that of St. Joseph. It must be said that I always addressed my prayers to both of them, at the same time.

    My friendship with Brother André began when I turned 16. On the very day of my birthday, in February, when it was - 40 degrees, I went by bus to the Oratory, begging Brother André and St-Joseph to find me a lover with who I could get married with and start a family. All this by living constantly happy, of course. A month and a half later, I was going out with the one who is now my husband.

    During dating, which still lasted four years, I suffered a great emotional shock that led to huge depression and horrible sleepless nights for a long year. As I did not want to numb myself with medication, I prefered to go to St-Joseph's Oratory and ask my two new friends, Brother André and St-Joseph, for my healing.

    It was in tears and supplications that I rubbed my temples with St. Joseph's oil, in order to heal my moods and everything that had traumatized me. I became seriously ill thereafter, to the point of being condemned to die.

    It was not that I had been forgotten, but I understood that I had to, through this physical illness, enter my heart and discover that to return to health, I had to forgive while having faith. After taking a step of true forgiveness towards the person who was the source of all that trauma, I returned not only to the physical life, but also to the spiritual one.

    Another memory popped into my mind ... The one where one of my uncles was also healed. It was in 1926. He was four years old and could not walk because he had paralysis of his legs.

    My grandmother, who was pregnant, took the tram to bring her to the Oratory. She entered the office where Brother André was welcoming people. Seeing her, he said to her:
    "What are you doing here?"

    And she answered:
    "My boy's legs are paralyzed. I come for him to be healed. "

    He said to her:
    " Go home and if you are confident, in 3 or 4 days,
    he will make his first steps."

    And he walked as he has told. My grand-mother had a lot of faith.

    One day when I was reading that several other miracles had been performed through the intercession of Brother André, there is one case that particularly struck me. It is that of a man who could not obtain his healing because he was in a state of adultery.

    It is as if our part is to ask and believe, of course, but also to avoid serious or mortal sin, as they say. It even happened that Brother André asked people to go to confession before consulting him for healing.

    Many years have passed since I was 16. I am still married to the same man and we have four children. For several years, I have been going to sing the praises of the Lord on Wednesday mornings in the Crypt, at this same Oratory, as part of Eucharistic celebrations, and I ask God, St. Joseph and St. Brother André, by this humble means that is song, to enter with them all the hearts of these dear pilgrims and to continue this beautiful mission of healing the body, of course, but above all that of the soul and the heart.

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  13. Louise Cardin

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    285- This painting continues to speak to the heart …

    With The Sun hanging over it, (Left picture)
    I saw all the brushstrokes
    that the artist, Lucie Cuillerier, deposited there.

    I hardly saw the Holy Family at the bottom left.
    "Don't hide your face from me
    when I am in distress,
    reach out to me when I scream
    answer me quickly. "
    (Pasume 102, 3)

    When we are inclined to watch
    what's wrong with the world ...
    When the faults of others jump out at us ...
    When our imperfections discourage us ...
    It's easy to lose sight of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
    who also shared our human condition.

    Let's keep our eyes on them
    even ... and I would say above all,
    in the tumult of life.
    Because if it is true, that in the divine Light
    everything lights up, the goal is to remind us
    His constant and unwavering presence
    in everything that can distort our
    perception and our vision.

    God never hides His face.
    It is we who are looking elsewhere.
    We get distracted
    by everything that confuses our sight.

    Thank you Lord for Your
    strong and endless love.


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    Jesus said:
    « I am the light of the world.
    Whoever follows Me will not
    walk in darkness, but will have
    the light of life. »
    (John 8, 12)

    « You are the light of the world. »
    (Matthew 5, 14)

    Today is the Feast ... ... ...
    of Light,
    of Candlemas,
    of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple,
    Consacred Life Feast.

    I wish us all to be so
    filled with God, may it shine
    from all sides, from everywhere
    and all over the world !!!

    This song shows us how this divine Light,
    that we let shine, lights up the world.
    Here is the link...

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    Louise, thank you for your entries. They are so beautiful and inspiring.:love:
  16. Louise Cardin

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    As I put away the pot of butter,
    I saw what looks like a Cross,

    at the bottom of the jar.

    It reminded me of this ...
    All the trials of life are so softened when we keep our eyes fixed on
    the Cross of Jesus and that everything is placed there.

    1st photo credit: Louise Cardin

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  17. Louise Cardin

    Louise Cardin New Member

    291- « Take and eat; this is My Body. »
    (Matthew 26, 26)

    At each Mass, we remember the Holy Sacrifice that Jesus made...
    The one to give His Life for us.

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  18. Louise Cardin

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    A friend said that a soul is like a flower ...
    It should be treated with great gentleness.

    And I immediately thought of the dandelion that risks
    to lose its egrets if we blow too hard on it.

    Often times, people can hurt through lack of tact.
    Deep down, they have a great franchise
    that is just looking for how to express.

    Credit: Louise Cardin

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  19. Louise Cardin

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    Let us let ourselves be surprised by divine love ...
    Let us let in this Light which emanates from the Heart of God …

    Let us open our heart wide and we will be so satisfied that the overflow that will spread over the whole world will fill us with Joy, Happiness and wonder.

    Credit: Louise Cardin

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  20. Louise Cardin

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    403- « By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,
    if you love one another. »
    (John 13:35)

    We cannot just let ourselves be loved ...
    God expects a response from us in return.
    He wants our participation by making us
    able to love, so do we.

    When he says:
    “ Give them some food yourselves. ”
    It's not just limited to bread.

    Love overflows from us when we receive it.
    This is clear proof that a person
    allows himself to be inhabited and loved by God.

    There it is, the real conversion ...
    There it is, the real transformation.
    There it is, true sanctification ...

    There it is, the miracle!
    We accept to love, in our turn, with His Heart!

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