Sophie and Our Lady of Victory

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by PurpleFlower, Jun 9, 2023.

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    Aww, wonderful!!
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  2. Clare A

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    I love OLV. Many years ago I bought some medals of Our Lady for a Marian group whose leader had helped me in my faith. She said they were Our Lady of Victory which I hadn’t known. They came from a wonderful Catholic store in Edinburgh which meant a great deal to me. The shop is no longer there but was such a blessing in its time.

    Fast forward to 13 years ago when I prayed for a statue for my garden. We had recently moved and I’d had the house blessed and a Mass said there. After some while we found the perfect statue in a reclamation yard while looking for a fireplace. I know I’ve told this before but it’s so wonderful. You in the USA have no idea how hard it is to get a statue for the garden in the uk. Yes, she’s OLV. Cost me £10. I think she’s very important in these days where Islam is on the rise. In the UK there has been an explosion of heathen places of worship that would never have been allowed in the past. Christianity is losing ground to other religions. I have no beef over synagogues since our faith has roots in Judaism. We were recently on vacation in Bali and it is awash with temples dedicated to strange gods like the one with the elephant head. I prayed for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on that island. The people are lovely but their religion is a bondage - which is where OLV comes in.
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    Church of Our Lady of Victories, Valetta, Malta.

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    Wonderful post. I never thought to have a statue of Our Lady of Victory but it makes perfect sense! We are in the battle of our lives--our own Lepanto.
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    Oh yes, I remember you telling us that, but I forgot it was Our Lady of Victory! You're right, such an important title of Our Lady these days.

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