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    Maybe I’m too used to the Novus Order mass but is there a book you can get that has all the words to the songs sung at various TLM masses? Some of the music is beautiful and I would like to both know the words being sung as well as in some cases singing the songs quietly to myself (I do know how to read music). Does anyone know where to get one in the US?
  2. There are many resources available for the Latin Mass:

    Here you have a PDF of the Graduale Romanum 1961, with all the sung texts of the Mass in the E. F. (free download)

    You can find excellent resources for the E. F. Latin Mass (free download) here:

    You can buy the complete 1962 Missal for the E. F. Latin-English. There are many sellers. Examples:

    This missal will not give you the music for the chants of the Mass, but only all the texts in Latin and in English.

    If you want to have the book for chanting the Latin Mass you need o buy the Graduale (same as PDF above)
    You can make a search for that.
    It seams that at Musica Sacra they have made a new print in three volumes: here is the link for vol 1

    Hope this will of help.
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    Ananchal Vigilans

    Thanks so much! I already have the 1962 missal so I appreciate the other information!

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