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  1. I believe Jim was referring to the Parable of the Good Samaritan, which he had difficulty remembering the name in the Bible, in the example he used. He said that in saving these children, it is like a Catholic came and saw what was happening but he did nothing, then came an Evangelical , but he too did nothing to save these children. Finally, it took a Mormon like the movie protagonist Tim Ballard, who is a real life Mormon, to go and save the children. This was an eye opener...

  2. Fr. Blount - Today's Fallout of Satan's 100 Year Reign
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  3. Tim Ballard who is the protagonist in the movie revealed to Jim a lot of horror stories. Jim mentioned about the adrenochroming of children in DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) who are treated as nothing more like cows... It was hell on Earth for those who have seen it....
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    I have a feeling Jim has no problem giving his life up for a Godly cause, seeing he almost died filming the Passion. He's a holy soul
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    This was always my nightmare when my kids were small. That's why I volunteered for every field trip or school event. No one could watch my children like I could with fierce attention for their safety. Now I am bearing that burden with my grandchildren. When with them I watch like a mother bear. Everyone thinks I am over the top but I know what I know. That rabbit hole is horrifying. I too had to pull back and go to my rosary beads.
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    Just listened last night.
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    I remember this. It was a priority with him. And then covid....letting loose the kraken to stop him. Evil.
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    Yes Indy. I fear he may be targeted but he seems fearless. He knows he is doing what Christ has called him to do.
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    Yes. Totally agree. He radiates that light.
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    Completely agree. So many are too trusting with their children, you really need to be over the top. :eek:
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    When I look at the correspondence I receive from Knock Shrine, the picture it depicts is lovely and peaceful, with pictures of flowers and tranquility - as it should be I suppose. Here is an example of some of the associated text:

    "Here at Knock Shrine, we are constantly reminded of the beauty of nature and the vital role that it plays in uplifting our souls, in providing a space for God's creatures to live and thrive. The grounds here serve as an everyday reminder of God's precious and incredible gift of the earth. This week in particular, we are encouraged to take part by organising and event or by taking part in the many global events that are taking place via"

    Similarly, the Jesuits have a retreat centre in Dublin called Manresa. Their publications are similarly enticing, with passages such as this:

    "The labyrinth is a safe, beautiful prayerful holding space and offers time to slow down, walk one's pathway, listen to the inner journey, be attuned to the freeing movements of the soul."

    And who would not like one's spiritual life to be like this. Blissful. But sometimes I wonder if this is not a version of the Prosperity Gospel. A kind of nice spiritual buble - but does it help us to live the reality of the Christian life?

    That is why I often listen to people who are not afraid to call out the evil they are seeing in their own pilgrim journey. Gemma O'Doherty is one example. I don't know if she is right in her approach to a lot of things (I have to temper this view with a healthy respect for the libel laws in Ireland) but she may well be like the spiritual watchman on the tower.

    She showed a cartoon image in one of her podcasts which stayed with me. It was around the time of the Queens funeral. The cartoon showed a host of people lining up on the procession route, straining to see the hearse as it passed by, with flags and regalia. The picture was from behind the people. In the foreground was a baby or young child lying on the ground, alone, with a syringe needle hanging out of its arm. The takehome message from this was that everyone was focussed on matters Royal, while ignoring the manifest evil/injury going on in their midst - due to vaccination of children and babies.

    But this brings me to the purpose of my post. Two years ago Fr. Dave Nix interviewed Zachary King. I am surprised it is still up on the bluetube. Fr. Dave asked Zachary to explain adrenochrome, which he did. He then proceeded to tell this story: Zachary was at Bohemian Grove for a meeting of Bilderberg group members. Zachary was there in his capacity as high wizzard. In comes a person who I will refer to as 'person X' - a very famous person. He drinking something that looks disgusting, red and green in colour. His entourage have lots of the drinks with them, which they start handing out to other members. Zachary says that person X tells them that what's in the drink is adrenochrome but does not say the word 'adrenochrome'. Person X tells them all to drink up. But Zachary refuses to. Person X orders Zachary to drink it. Zachary asks person X if he realises who he is talking to and says that nobody tells the high wizzard what to do. But person X again orders him to drink it. Zachary then escapes from the situation by placing person X under a paralysis spell and then promptly leaves the meeting. Person X is still able to speak but can't move. He eventually is released from this spell, but only hours later after he agrees to apologise to Zachary.

    This is a spine chilling story. But can one trust the testimony of Zachary King? I think it was said by someone on this forum that he may have a tendency to exagerate. If it is true, then it is so abhorrent that it is hard to think about and process mentally. Zachary concretely names person X, but I decline to do so out of fear of calumniating another person. I would prefer if others do not name 'person X' either.

    Incidently, this is the same Bilderberg group that members of our government meet with to discuss global policy.
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    I remember this story from Zachary's interview. Something troubles me about Zachary, something I can't quite put my finger on. It has to do with the fact that he speaks about himself in such a way that indicates a lot of pride. For someone who was supposedly rescued from such a horrendous dark path by an apparition of Mary and given a mission by her, you wouldn't expect a penchant for nearly bragging about how good he was at spells and going off on tangents that make for exciting storytelling but are completely unnecessary to his supposed mission of revealing truth and stopping abortion.

    I'm not saying he's lying, but something in my spirit warns me about him.
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    It’s my understanding that the labyrinth is New Age and as such is to be avoided.
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    I wonder how these labyrinths end up in our shrines and Churches. There are some in other places too - am thinking of the one in the entrance of Chartres which they tell us to walk through!
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    I hear you, but if it bothers people, then perhaps they're not meant to listen to his testimony?

    What he shares about his past life is very ugly and hard to hear and would serve no point at all if it does not lead to prayers afterwards of reparation for God and men. Zach says in one of his earliest interviews that Our Lady told him to help the Church by using what he knows and share it because it needs to come out. How else will it come out if it is not made public? People who operate in these circles keep secret their activities, it's conversions that make them tell the world about it.

    I can think of others who share very openly about their past sins - Patricia Sandoval expresses her sinful feelings very well from the past in her testimony. In one of her talks she expresses the same feelings of anger and frustration towards her boyfriend about her 3rd pregnancy almost like she was reliving it. Marino Restrepo also spoke openly of many ugly things and did not sugar coat the passions that drove him to sin.

    I'm sure these people all wept through their confessions but to weep during a testimony would be pointless especially if it is supposed to convert people out there who are still in their muck.

    Just some stuff to think about.
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    Gemma is absolutely fearless.
    And her wingman, John Waters too. John is a genius. I could listen to him all day.
    He has a post on YouTube call 'what the bleep happened to Ireland'. It is nothing short of brilliant. If anyone gets the chance, watch it..
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    The cat is out of the bag. Zelensky made a surprise visit to the Johns Hopkins commencement, via Skype. Hopkins is a key figure in the pandemic planning.
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