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    No words.:cry:
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    You can bet they are not eating it!
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    Medjugorje is an unapproved apparition. It is likely demonic. The demons are crafty. They have us believe that things are soft and cozy, that everything is nice. This is reflected in the messages of Medjugorje, which are likely not from Our Lady, the Mother of God, but are instead of demonic origin.
    We can choose to follow demonic messages, including Medjugorje. We can accept the mark of the beast. If we accept the mark, we can keep our jobs for now and even travel overseas. We can go to Medjugorje and pretend things are nice. In other words, we can take the blue bill and live a life of make-believe. We can frolic and rejoice and pretend that everything is just fine.
    Or we can live a life of truth. The truth is, persecution is upon us. Those of us who refuse the mark of the beast are facing imminent job loss. Soon we may not be allowed to even buy groceries anymore. Many of us on this very forum are literally crying out for help, they are facing job loss, they are being treated like outcasts and subjected to hatred. This includes people on this very forum, some of which live in the most persecuted of countries these days which used to countries of freedom, and they are crying out for help. There is no way we could travel overseas without the mark, it is unthinkable. Personally, I am not even thinking about overseas travel currently, although I used to travel a lot (including to Fatima, Akita, Lourdes, Le Puy, Altoetting, Czestochowa, and yes, also to Medjugorje a few years ago when I was unsure about it). Right now, I am thinking about survival and my family, not about travel. All these things are not nice. They are not cozy, not soft. It is the hard reality of persecution, in stark contrast to Medjugorje which is likely not true. Instead, truth can be found in approved prophecy such as La Salette, Akita, and Fatima. This true prophecy is rather bleak.
    We can choose the blue bill. Pretend everything is fine. But really, we are just living a dream, an illusion.
    Or we can choose the red pill. See the world for what it is. See the truth.
    On the weekend, I spoke to a woman of Voices for Freedom. She has been a teacher all her life, teaching handicapped children. Now, she is losing her job because she is refusing to be marked.
    The same weekend, I spoke to a fellow parishioner and his wife. They have eight or nine beautiful kids. She is a wonderful homemaker. He is losing his job because he refuses the mark. They don't know the way forward. Neither do I. They trust in God. They are living saints.
    I am considering joining Voices for Freedom. According to the book of Fr. Mark Goring, I am consecrating myself to St. Joseph the Protector over nine days. I am slack with it, as always. My slack is awful. I am on day six when I should be on day eight.
    Today I received an email. I cannot visit certain clients anymore, unless I am marked. My job is to visit clients. In other words, job loss is upon me, whilst not yet imminent.
    We have to make up our minds. Do we want to live a life of make-believe, or do we want to face the harsh reality. I have always been one interested in truth, even if uncomfortable. Hence my conversion from atheism eleven years ago. I like to follow the truth, even if this means I have to slowly try to convert from a life of chasing money and lust.
    The truth is now becoming obvious. Those who are in the truth are facing utmost persecution. Those who prefer make-believe can keep their jobs, they can even travel and frolic in Medjugorje.
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    Michael, I deeply sympathize with you, as you are in a very hard place. Your pain is very evident. I posted this about priests as a sign of hope. All is not lost. Our priests are turning away from error and embracing hard truths of the faith. That is a very good thing and sign of where the church hierarchy is headed. One day there will no longer be Pope Francis's at the top of the Church. It will be filled and headed by these strong and holy priests currently climbing the ranks.

    My husband, our sole breadwinner, is facing the same reality as you and many others here. We went through much agony and tears over what may come but we know we are willing to lose everything to avoid this diabolical plot being pushed on the world. We have not taken the vax and never will. No cushy life here. May God give us all the strength to bear our crosses and hold onto hope, trust, and faith in the One Who is mightier than the world.
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    Dear Purple Flower, you are a beacon of light to this forum and to me personally. Yes, everything you said is so right. All is not lost. Some priests are waking up, indeed.
    It is uplifting to read how strong and faithful you and your husband are. I admire you.
    You have not taken the mark and never will! May St Joseph protect you, stay strong in the Good Lord! I will join you, with my family.
    Yes, may God give us all strength to bear our crosses and hold on to hope, trust and faith in the One who has overcome the world. Amen.
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    I believe in Medjugorje Michael. I believe them. It’s an apparition that has brought many to hold on to their faith when the bottom falls, and it’s falling. The seers are not doom and gloomers, they find joy even in suffering. So, hold on Michael. Hold on to your Rosary, and keep the fight in you to to tell the evil one, that he has no control over you, only God does. I will be praying for you and all intentions tonight. We must go on. Viva Cristo Rey!
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  9. "The Mark of Mother Mary and the Mark of St. Joseph are better than the mark of the beast."

    Yes, that is slap to the face to the mark of the beast implementers...
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    I have not received the vaccine because I'm afraid what it could do to my body and wife is pro vaccine and putting alot of pressure on me to get leads to many arguments unfortunately. Can I ask how many people here believe it is the mark of the beast from the bible?.up until now I have not equated it to this.
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    The reasons I will not receive this shot:
    Unknown quantities are in it, and fetal tissue from aborted babies is used in it or for the testing of it. God will judge me on this. Those reasons are enough. These so-called vaccines do not prevent disease. They cause it.
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    Not just tested HeavenlyHosts but most likely even in them even though they claim they are not. A recent Project Veritas video showed a Pfizer employee discussing this and Pfizer obviously not wanting that information ever to get out.
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    I have had to be admitted to hospital twice in the past month and each time have had to run the gauntlet of doctors and health care staff putting pressure on me because I refuse to get vaccinated. I always say if you give me an ethical option I will definitely consider it but I am not taking a vaccine tainted by abortion. That shuts them up every time.
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    Good idea. Glad you did that.
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    Thank you for this info. All this lying and covering up.
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    Yes, perhaps
    Your wife should not pressure you to accept what your conscience does not allow you to accept. It is your body, you can accept or decline medical treatment.
    If possible, pray the Rosary together with your wife. It works wonders.
    Reference regarding your question can be found in His Excellency's Archbishop Vigano's letter of 28 August 2021 (or thereabouts) and also in the blog of Catholic writer Laramie Hirsch.
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    I don't believe it is THE mark of the beast, but it is a type or precursor. All I know is the people that created it and those that are pushing it on humanity are intertwined with the most evil goings-on in this world. There is so much deceit and propaganda, it is obviously not from God. They won't tell us what's in it, they don't care about who it harms and want that covered up, and they're willing to strip people of all their freedom to coerce it upon them. At the very least, they used aborted baby cells during the course of its production. There is so much evil being perpetrated on humanity with this vaccine that I believe giving in to it is harming the whole world at this point. The less people taking a stand against it, the more helpless those few left will be. Once they have every person in the world chained to receiving whatever vaccines they decide is part of the program, how easy will it be to administer the actual mark of the beast?
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    I am fasting for my country today, alongside many here. Perhaps you may wish to join, fasting for your respective countries.
    O God, we humbly ask You to defend and bless our nation. May we also come to know and love you more each day. Let peace, love, and truth reign in our hearts and not hatred, dissension and corruption. May our voices rise to You, with courage, compassion, and righteousness.
    Defend our freedoms, so bravely fought for by those who have gone before us.
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    True, they do cause disease. It worries me that these booster jabs could go on, and on. In my mind this was planned, and there has to be a very, very evil reason for this. :(
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    I feel if we take too many of these jabs / boosters it will be the mark of the beast or that these jabs are the gateway to that mark, something about this whole thing seems to be separating us from God.

    I would not be surprised if one of the later boosters will actually be a chip or some kind of mark\bar code\tattoo that we can sue for retail.

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