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    I will watch tonight. Such a brave man
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    My point was the wrong-headed attempt by the Church to present St. Joseph as some kind of working-class icon in opposition to the socialists. It didn't catch on and this was for the best. The Holy Family is above politics.
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    It's encouraging that they are so afraid of such testimony that they feel they must censor it. Of course, they'd publicly dismiss it as deluded superstition, but the internet is replete with that; why such fear of this?
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    This is so incredibly sad…. What is causing this…? Like everything else in this world going …it’s just insane.

    A young man was out last night trick or treating. He was a teenager by himself. He was dressed as a cheerleader. Sad though because today you don’t know if it’s a costume or a opportunity to dress like a girl because they are gender confused.
    It’s sooooo sad.
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    Probably the latter, as an “experiment”
    Which is sad I agree
    I never know how to respond. I want to back away from interacting
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    Yes HH..that’s the best thing…and pray for them. It’s heart breaking. I just don’t understand this…

  7. Klaus Schwab thinks, that before 2026 the Globalists are ready to implant a microchip into the brain of humans
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    Horrifying. Unspeakable.
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  9. Yes AED, the World's elite has been planning this for decades...
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    :cool:This I will do!

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for this priest who has recourse to thee!
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    What an inspiring woman for pro life is Bernadette. She is a national treasure and presents a challenge to all of us.
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    Sharing this so people can be aware of what is coming to grocery stores near you.

    "the Future of food has arrived" and it's called Cult Food Science.

    They are an investment group "advancing the future of food", aka lab grown frakenfood: lab-grown meat, eggs, seafood and even honey. They fund various "food technology companies" making meat-like products.

    Brought to us by the following investors

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