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    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton had a vision in the 1800’s about a black box in every home through which the devil would enter.

    What I find most disturbing these days are the number of children’s cartoons that have gay/lesbian couples. It’s not only a few anymore either. They are trying to desensitize our children to this grave sin and make it appear normal. It’s diabolic.
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    So true, these devices are capable of seducing us into the pit of hell if we are not on constant guard. When you think about the volume of souls , especially the young, who have been deceived and led into darknesses it is mind boggling. ‘Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil’. +
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    I know this thread is often about alarming and worrying signs but like to share a hopeful one.

    My wife and I were so happy and blessed that 2 of our children came to Mass today with all 5 of our grandkids (4 and under ). They were a bit “busy “ but more or less behaved. And it was a beautiful sight to see them all walk up the Communion line with the theirs perfectly folded (as my wonderful wife had taught them/ she often takes one or two to daily Mass). We were not only young family at Church today - several were there and yes at times there were cries and a bit of commotion but nothing distracting.

    At the end of Mass just before the dismissal, Father in a real genuine and emotional way says he was so happy to hear the cries and commotion. He thanked the parents for bringing their young ones/ he said it was a sign to him that the Church is still alive. And he told the parents not to feel bad if it’s noisy at times- we are all ok with it. The rest of the parishioners burst out in applause and looked at the families with real love and gratitude. I Sensed a joy that had not been in our parish since this pandemic started. It was a beautiful moment. Hope. My kids were moved. I know they will be back now! Alleluia.
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    So ... you're saying your goose is cooked? :whistle:
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    It wasn't a Catholic; it was a Swedish Lutheran in her 80's back in the early 60's. She didn't recognize it as a television because at that time Sweden was just getting its TV systems standardized and set up, and very few people (especially in her rural area) had TVs.
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    How wonderful miker, such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your joyous day. :)
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    If all of this is going on in Ethiopia, very bad.

    I was reading twitter hashtag #HumeraMassacre - Twitter Search / Twitter
    (I don't appreciate twitter except in the cases of following world news, Venezuela, Africa, Myanmar, Ukraine, Libya and Syria too, you can get some interesting angles as to what is going on)

    I think the Tigray are Christian and Muslim.

    The White House is sending an observer to the region soon.

    Over 100,000 children could face extreme starvation in Ethiopia's Tigray region (

    A peace deal brokered by Abiy Ahmed won him a Nobel Prize in 2019. "I think prime minister Abiy joins the list of Nobel peace prize winners ... who use all that goodwill and squander it," said Simon Adams, the executive director of the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect.

    "There's no good guys in this conflict," he said. "There are no real heroes in this except ordinary people who are crushed between these competing armed forces who are displaced from their homes."
    Abiy Ahmed, won the peace prize but? To what value? Educated in Univ. of Greenwich

    Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Rebels vow to fight on until blockade ends (

    All Africa ( is a good source for African news.
    Ethiopia: The Latest on the Crisis in Ethiopia's Tigray Region -
    Ethiopia: Around 90 Percent of Tigray's People Depend On International Aid for Survival -

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    I remember reading about this.
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    How lovely. Thanks for telling us.
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    American Medical Association Faces Backlash for Calling to Remove Sex From Birth Certificates (

    American Medical Association Faces Backlash for Calling to Remove Sex From Birth Certificates

    August 2, 2021 Updated: August 2, 2021
    The American Medical Association (AMA), the largest organization of physicians and medical students in the United States, came under fire over the weekend for a recent proposal calling to end the designation of sex on birth certificates.

    The proposal (pdf), which was adopted by the by the AMA’s board of trustees in June, states that recording the baby’s sex on the public portion of birth certificates, as has always been the case, has “potential for discrimination.”

    “Our American Medical Association will advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate,” the proposal reads, adding that information on a person’s sex designation at birth will still be submitted to the authority and only used for medical, public health, and statistical purposes.
    I don't want to see anyone discriminated against but still, this seems to go to far. ​
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    Incredible hail storm in Castellon , Spain in the middle of the hottest month!

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    Back in 2005 my mom and sister and I went to Birmingham, Alabama to see the seer Maria from Medjugorje have one of her daily apparitions. It was late July at about 6:30pm. There were about 1000 people out in a huge field with one lone huge oak tree in the middle of it, under which she was leading the rosary. It was a very hot day. Within minutes the weather began to change and and we could see, and smell a storm coming. Many people began to return to their cars, not wanting to get caught in the storm, including our mom. My sister and I decided to stick it out because we really wanted to see her have the apparition. Just as we were finishing the rosary there was a loud clap of thunder and lightning. It began to hail. The field was completely covered in a blanket of white. Someone made an announcement that we had to vacate the premises. We were soaking wet and were parked about a half mile away. Our mom made it back safely to the car before the hail started, as a policeman picked her up just as she was heading down the road. Later on we were told that Maria had the apparition once she was brought to safety at the home she was staying in. Hail, Mary!
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    Thank you for this. The story reminded me of how he celebrated his 40th birthday in pomp at the Chateau de Chambron back in 2017 just a few months after his election as the youngest President of France. People sensed his royal aspirations from the start.

    He was in Lourdes recently and many people prayed for him - I don't see any external signs of conversion yet, but we continue to pray that the graces rejected by those in power will fall on men and women who can rise up and lead according to God's Will.

    By the way, I read a recent article that Macron is already preparing for an important speech that he will give in early 2022 when he takes over the EU presidency for 6 months. He is apparently taking this role very seriously. I found this list of nations who will have EU presidency, it would be a good thing to pray for the leaders taking over in the next years, especially the French president as is a former Rothschild banker!
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    I note, on firefox (and microsoft edge) at least, I am able to get the "immersive reader" (or "read preview" or some similar name) icon in the box above, then, one can read it even without an account. Nor, since it is in firefox do I feel I am doing something wrong in reading a story in this manner. Some news outlets don't allow it.
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    That’s entirely possible!
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