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    Everyone needs to read the link to the life site news you posted CW! It is unreal how Soros has influenced the Catholic Church and its bishops!$$$$$$$$$$$$ Follow the money. Dear Catholics.....look at who is running the show's growing influence equals apostasy. God help us.

    "BREAKING: Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid $650K to influence bishops during Pope’s US visit"
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    It is not really that shocking to me. Many Bishops and Priests are within Freemasonry, to which Soros is surely of the highest ranking. He is the financial hand of this godless institution of Satan himself.
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    Agree Fatima....

    Stay close to the sacraments as today's readings remind us....keep the oil in your ready....
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    I had the exact same thought
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    I am getting my own signs. Maybe this is nothing but I will tell you it's the honest truth. I was going to post about it a few days ago but I didn't. So I play online scrabble and twice within a short period of time the word Pines came up in my new letters, I mean spelled out properly and everything. I have had religious words come up also of course God, Noel, etc. But the computer player just used the word Rosary on the board. I am not kidding.
    So the sign for today is to pray the Rosary.
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    I'm sorry, Pines? As in, pine trees? As in the grove where the Sign will appear at Garabandal?
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    Yes, I wasn't that surprised by that because those letters are somewhat common but they were spelled out in order. BUT I wish I had taken a picture of ROSARY being spelled out. You only get 7 letters at a time so the chances for this word is much lower, I just felt compelled to tell my little story. The "computer player" placed it on the board. I don't think that they are divine messages, just strange coincidences.
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    Nothing is a coincidence; everything is providential. So, I would also take that the way you did. All it takes is a word sometimes to bring our thoughts and actions back to God.
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    I agree. Nothing is chance to God. He is omnipotent and knows every possible outcome of every uncertainty. Einstein was right. 'God does not play dice' (if He did, He would have a very unfair advantage!).
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    My theory, for what it's worth, is that when God created the Universe, presumably at the Big Bang as far as present state of knowledge indicates, He set every sub-atomic particle and every energy level and every universal constant in such a way that everything would play out as He willed-even that's not accurate; since He Is outside time He transcends past and future, so the whole of Time must appear as one ever-present continuum to Him, even that which hasn't happened yet from the human perspective. Although He actually knows every choice we make, this has no bearing on the Free Will of we temporal beings as we exist in Time and lack awareness of the future and the consequences of our decisions. I think (and hope!) that this is accordance with Catholic theology. If not, please correct me as I have no wish to contradict the teaching of the Church.
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    In my opinion NO...but very interesting post. I like the train of thought. Could be interesting debate.


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    What flaws can you find in my hypothesis?
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    Evolution is not contrary to Catholic faith, so long as it accepts that at some point, God intervened and breathed life (an eternal soul with a mind and a will) into the human person. This, Church history has taking place about 6,000 years ago. Along this line, after 200o years of man's history God purified the world by water. 2,000 years later he purified the world by the blood of his son Jesus. We now stand 2,000 years later and this time prophecy tells us he will purify the world by fire.
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    I see no contradiction with my hypothesis. God 'intervenes' and breathes life continually into every new human being who is born. I do believe that it may be beyond human understanding in this world to comprehend what it means for an eternal being to intercede in time. It is very difficult to imagine a perpetual present. The great mathematician Godel proved (not just theorised) that there are things in the universe that we cannot know (Incompleteness Theorem), and that can only be explained by a transcendent Intelligence. [In the process he drove a stake through the heart of 'positivism', the nihilistic enlightenment philosophy that asserts that only that which can be known via the senses exists].

    As for Evolution. If it exists in some form, I think it will be very radically different from the theory proposed by Darwin. Rather than being a sequence of chance events, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Evolution, or whatever one might call it, is pre-built into the original design of the universe.
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    Well ... the Usual Suspects will claim the below is nonsense and proclaim the author to be a racist, sexist "Deplorable" ... along with anyone else who may agree .... but the Stats don't lie. The ME Christians being slaughtered and displaced are receiving no Priority Service and the stories of Pro-Islamic Bias in the US/EU is irrefutable ..... and to me still a Great Mystery!!?? ..... is it Political ME Oil $$$$ in the coffers of godless LeftWing Political Parties, George Soros or satan? I've come to believe All of the Above. Traditional Christians & Jews have quite simply been marginalized and demonized by the Political, US/EU, Left Wing and their LapDog Media ..... very scary ... and very much a "SIGN" that People of Faith should acknowledge & Heed!!

    "Christian Author: Obama, Clinton Guilty of ‘Christophobia’ Amid Refugee Crisis"

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