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    To put this in perspective:
    1. It's not the "New Madrid fault line"; it's the "New Madrid Seismic Zone" (NMSZ). The region around New Madrid (located in the "bootheel" of Missouri, where the borders of Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee meet) is where, millions of years ago, the North American Plate started to split on a northeast/southwest line. The two sides resolved their differences and stayed together, but the region had been pulled like taffy and so is weakened. You can think of the ground a couple of miles underground as being "foamy" and every so often the weight of the ground above it "crushes" the foam just a little. This means there is no one fault line. There are a series of smaller faults that run northwest/southeast and another set of faults at a different level almost perpendicular to those, which is why it's a "seismic zone". Earthquakes there are so much more destructive because the ground doesn't just move up and down; it moves left and right and forward and backward all at the same time.
    2. St. Louis is about 300 miles from the center of the Seismic Zone; by the time the seismic waves reach it they should be reduced in amplitude by around 30%, maybe 40%. So if the original earthquake is 8.5, the earthquake that hits St. Louis will be around 6, maybe 5.5 on the modified Richter scale (currently, the Moment Magnitude Scale). Make no mistake about it: there will be massive death and destruction up and down the Mississippi River. Any building that is not reinforced (which accounts for maybe 100% of the buildings that have been grandfathered in or are part of "historic zones") will collapse. People that make it out to the streets will be sliced by falling panes of glass. Houses that are not firmly attached to foundations (i.e., those built on stem walls or stone foundations with dirt-floor basements) will be shaken off their foundations, breaking both water and gas mains. We can expect almost as many deaths from being burned in fires as from collapsed buildings. What rarely gets discussed is how much of the destruction will travel upstream in both the Missouri River and the Ohio River Valleys, not to mention the Tenn-Tom Waterway. All bridges, dams, and levies up and down all of these waterways will need to be closed until inspected and cleared, not only after the initial shock but all the aftershocks, which will last for months afterwards. Damage on the Ohio River Valley may extend as far as the Pennsylvania border. All the states in the southeastern portion of the US may be effectively cut off by land.
    3. The underground fire in St. Louis is unrelated to the New Madrid Seismic Zone. What happened is that the nuclear waste was illegally buried in an existing landfill. The landfill then caught fire and had been going sometime before someone realized it was moving towards the illegal nuclear waste site. If the NMSZ were to go now, it might increase the rate at which the nuclear waste is released into the environment (since some of the containers MAY be breached), but otherwise won't affect it, except it may delay plans to contain and re-route the fire.
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    I'm glad I don't live in USA. If Obama doesn't get ya, then some disaster surely will, from all the dreaded possibilities we read about. :eek:
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    Don't get cocky. I've seen too many Quartermass shows not to worry about Martians being released into the tubes because their buried ship was disturbed. And don't forget about the Daleks.
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    If the USA-n-EU were smart ... They are not with godless-n-Weak-n-Dithering "Leadership" and failing Economies. :( ... anyway! ... Smart Money would play both sides of the Sunni vs Shiite Conflict and get them to slit each others throats instead of ours ... then pick up the pieces .... and the Oil :)

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    Chinas market was open for only 14 minutes...DOW futures - 350 as of now.
    Bloomberg reported bombing in Libya and Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of explosion at its embassy in Yemen....

    What headlines to wakeup to

    edit... Chinas market was open for only 29 minutes.last night it was reported 14 mins
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    Not just individual stock holders selling in China...

    A Shanghai fund dumped all its holdings as Chinese shares tumbled and triggered a circuit-breaker that halted trading in the world’s second-biggest stock market.

    “This is insane,” Chen Gang, chief investment officer at Shanghai Heqi Tongyi Asset Management Co., said in an interview on Thursday. “We were forced to liquidate all our holdings this morning,” said Chen, whose firm manages about 300 million yuan ($45.5 million).
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    Great Kids!!!!!!, comments on the Gazette by doubters are funny... So many are Blind to Gods hand in things. When the bottom falls out, I truly believe these young souls are teaching us all how to act in the very near future. Im serious! These little souls, ran around clearing windshields, bringing souls who ran out of gas onto their bus to get warm, even offering a college style snack, some water to wet the lips. And a Love and kindness one could never forget!

    Our Lady has a plan for us...
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    I keep finding signs. Good ones!!

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    Awwwww....just what Jesus would have loved!
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    We have Monsters in our midst who awake every morn with the "Mission" to promote ABORTION by any-n-all means. They call it a Woman's "Health" Issue or Human "Right" and they viciously attack anyone who objects ............. and are lauded by Left Political Parties and Left Media.

    "Drones Target Unborn Babies in Poland Dropping Off Abortion Pills"

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    Great news today and the answer to many prayers. The Bodnariu children have been returned to their parents.

    The authorities we given a report from a teacher in their school that one of the children believed people can be punished for sin and shortly after all the children were taken from them. That was November 2016. They believed in something that is clearly stated many many times in the bible.

    Thank God for their return.
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    When The Storm reaches it's worst, I'm afraid that many of the unhealed wounds and simmering feuds that plague Humankind will blow-up. Radicals-n-corrupt politicians, of whatever stripe, historically take advantage of societal chaos .... Catholic vs. Protestant, Brother vs. Brother, Black vs. White, Hindu vs. Christian vs. Muslim, Rich vs. Poor, City vs. Suburbs vs. Rural, Young vs. Old ... You Name It! That's just "Local Level"! Throw in Nation vs. Nation and the Global Civil War that Charlie J. speaks of does not seem so farfetched as we watch/read the daily news ... like below:
    "Royal Marine arrested over suspected Northern Ireland terrorist plot"

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    Confirming your speculation, there was an assassination attempt on Merkel today. Hate. hate and more hate.
    I think there was a record amount of murders in Chicago this summer and it's not quite fall yet.
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    Comfort Catholicism Has to Go; It is Time to Prepare for Persecution
    Msgr. Charles Pope

    We are at war for our own souls and the souls of people we love. We are at war for the soul of this culture and nation. And like any soldier, we must train to fight well.

    There is a growing consternation among some Catholics that the Church, at least in her leadership, is living in the past. It seems there is no awareness that we are at war and that Catholics need to be summoned to sobriety, increasing separation from the wider culture, courageous witness and increasing martyrdom.

    It is long past dark in our culture, but in most parishes and dioceses it is business as usual and there is anything but the sober alarm that is really necessary in times like these.

    Scripture says, Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle (Psalm 144:1). Preparing people for war — a moral and spiritual war, not a shooting war — should include a clear setting forth of the errors of our time, and a clear and loving application of the truth to error and light to darkness.

    But there is little such training evident in Catholic circles today where, in the average parish, there exists a sort of shy and quiet atmosphere — a fear of addressing “controversial” issues lest someone be offended, or the parish be perceived as “unwelcoming.”

    But, if there ever was a time to wear soft garments, it is not now.

    The Church of the 1970s-1990s was surely well described as the era of “beige Catholicism” (a term coined by Bishop Robert Barron, and not by way of flattery either). Those of us who lived through that era, especially in the 1970s, remember it as a time when many parish signs beckoned people to “come and experience our welcoming and warm Catholic community.” Our most evident desire was to fit in and be thought of as “normal.” Yes, Catholics were just like everyone else; and we had been working very hard to do that, at least since the early 1960s when John F. Kennedy was elected. Catholics had finally “made it” into the mainstream; we had been accepted by the culture.

    Church architecture and interiors became minimalist and non-descript. Music and language in the liturgy became folksy. Marian processions, Corpus Christi processions, many things of distinctive and colorful Catholicism all but disappeared. Even our crucifixes disappeared, to be replaced by floating “resurrection Jesus” images. The emphasis was on blending in, speaking to things that made people feel comfortable, and affirming rather than challenging. If there was to be any challenge at all it would be on “safe” exhortations such as not abusing the environment or polluting, not judging or being intolerant, and so forth.

    Again, if there ever was a time to wear soft garments, it is not now. It is zero-dark-thirty in our post-Christian culture. And while we may wish to blame any number of factors for the collapse, we cannot exclude ourselves. We who are supposed to be the light of the world, with Christ shining in us, have preferred to hide our light under a basket and lay low. The ruins of our families and culture are testimony to the triumph of error and the suppression of the truth.

    More than ever we need to shift toward being distinctive from the culture we have refused to critique and call to reform. More than ever our faith needs to shine brightly and clearly in our churches and communities.

    And if a world now accustomed to great darkness calls our light harsh, so be it. If our light does not shine, there is no light at all. Our Catholic faith is the sole and last hope for this world. It has always been so.

    Simply put, it is time for clergy to prepare themselves and God’s people for sacrifice. Seeking to compromise with this culture is now unthinkable. Our only recourse is to seek to lance the boils. And the culture will cry foul. And we who do the lancing will be made increasingly to suffer. But we have to be willing to embrace and endure such suffering in increasing ways in the months and years ahead.

    We are at war for our own souls and the souls of people we love. We are at war for the soul of this culture and nation. And like any soldier, we must train to fight well. We must study our faith and be more committed than ever. We must also know our enemy and his tactics, and we must be prepared to suffer — and even to lose our life.

    We have to retool and provide every opportunity to get clear about our faith. Sermons and other teachable moments must sound a clear call to personal conversion and to battle for souls and to stop treating lightly the sinful disregard for God’s law in our families and communities.

    Our bishops especially need to shift into another mode entirely. Collectively and currently they seem more interested in protecting what little we have left, than summoning the Catholic people to battle. Priests too seem loath to summon people to anything challenging or uncomfortable. The image of Peter trying to keep Christ from the Cross comes to mind. Peter said, “This shall never be for you!” And the Lord severely rebuked him saying that he was thinking as man, not God, and was in the service of Satan.

    And what of us? The Church cannot even seem to ask people to attend Mass on a Holy Day if it is on a Monday or a Saturday. It is apparently too much to ask people to come to Mass two days in a row. If that be the case, who will summon them to withstand and vigorously protest unjust and evil laws, even if it means financial penalties or even jail? And blood martyrdom? It hardly seems likely that most clergy today would counsel readiness for such a thing or even be close to being ready ourselves. Bishops or priests who do so can expect to be called reckless and imprudent in shy and soft times like these. The cry will surely go up, “It is not yet the time for such things!”

    But if not now, when?

    Scripture says, If the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle? (1 Cor. 14:8). It cannot simply be priests who must make this call. Parents and other leaders need to sound it as well. Yes, parents need to prepare their children for more than a career. They need now to prepare them for difficult days ahead — days that will include persecution and even martyrdom if they decide to follow Christ unambiguously.

    Am I wrong? I sure hope so. But we can no longer, as a Church, sit idly by and hope things just magically get better. As a culture, and even in segments of the Church, we have sown the wind, and now we are reaping the whirlwind.

    Many, these days, like to criticize the Church of the past for any number of failings. But I wonder how the future members of the Church will remember the Church in our times. Columnist Joseph Sobran, writing over 15 years ago, wondered the same thing and wrote:

    [Catholics of the future] certainly won’t accuse us of excessive zeal. They might be shocked by our lukewarmness, our cowardice masquerading as tolerance, our laxity, our willingness to countenance heresy, sacrilege, blasphemy, and immorality, even within the Church itself, our eagerness to ingratiate ourselves with the secular world …
    (Subtracting Christianity, p. 268)

    Yes, I too wonder. From St. Peter to Constantine there were 33 Popes. Thirty of them were martyred and two died in exile. Countless clergy and lay people too were martyred. It is hard to imagine the Church in the decadent West being willing to suffer so. Surely our brethren in many less affluent parts of the world are dying in large numbers. But I wonder: After all these years of “comfort Catholicism”, would the average American parishioner or clergyman be willing or able to endure such loss?

    It is time, past time, to retool. It is time to prepare for persecutions that will get bolder by the month and year. The dark movements that marched in under the banners of tolerance never meant it. And having increasingly gained power, they are seeking to criminalize anyone who resists their vision. No tolerance for us. Religious liberty is eroding, and compulsory compliance is already here. The federal courts increasingly shift to militantly secular and activist judges who legislate from the bench.

    When will we as a Church finally say to the bureaucrats who demand we comply with evil laws: “We will not comply. If you fine us we will not pay. If you seek to confiscate our buildings, we will turn maximum publicity against you, but we still will not comply. If you arrest us, off to jail we go! But we will simply not comply with evil laws or cooperate with evil.”

    Right now, most of us can barely imagine our clergy standing so firm. Quiet compromises and jargon-filled “solutions” will be a grave temptation to a Church ill-prepared for persecution.

    Call me alarmist or call me idealist, but I hope we find our spine before it is too late. It is usually a faithful remnant that saves the day in the Biblical narrative. I pray only for the strength to be in that faithful remnant. Will you join me too? Let’s pray and start retooling now. Only our unambiguous faith can save us or anyone we love. Pray for strong and courageous faith.

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    Soros, I believe, is a spawn of satan. He has his evil/filthy finger in any number of "Pies" that lead to financial, social, political... &, aparentantly, religious "instability"! I would like to think that the below is BS .... however .. ;-( ... considering the Hi-Jacking of Vatican II and the five decades of unpleasant Catholic Stats-n-Scandals and too many to count ... Catholic "Leaders" Chummy Relationships with the Political Party of Abortion, Perversion and Constitution Shredding ..... just another "SIGN" Gang... time to GET PREPARED.... and focus on THE MAN .... JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU ...... and get back to The Basics of Faith, Life and Survival!!

    "BREAKING: Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid $650K to influence bishops during Pope’s US visit"

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