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    So much happening now throughout the world, at the start of this glorious year of Mercy.
    Gods Will be done!

    Here in Australia
    We have bush fires in the state of Victoria that has destroyed 116 homes and its still raging; also in the Northern Territory we have devastating floods and many evacuations.

    Jesus we place our trust in Thee.

    Eternal Father in Whom Mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase your Mercy in us, so that in difficult moments we may not dispare nor become despondant but with great confidence submit ourselves to your Holy Will which is love and mercy itself. Amen .
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    A few years ago a cleric at the Cathedral in York, UK made disrespectful remarks about Our Blessed Mother, and not too long after the Cathedral was hit by lightning.

    I hope and pray this Anglican cleric says his prayers more fervently from now on. Jesus Our brave, long suffering Lord and Sovereign King takes a lot of insult and abuse from all and sundry Himself, without instant punishment to the offenders; but like any good son, He might not be prepared to allow His mother to be insulted by a half baked Christian cleric. He might as well have joined the satanists in Oklahoma, if that is the side he wants to support.

    I read the article and can't remember reading which particular church or Cathedral this disrespectful cleric is attached to, except it is in London. May God forgive this cleric, he knows not what he does.

    We need to make a point of attending the First Saturday devotion this coming week end in atonement for this crime and outrage against our most Holy and Immaculate, Heavenly Mother.
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    Flooding in the south in the US, fires in California, tornadoes in Alabama and Texas, blizzards in New Mexico and the Midwest. Tomorrow night we are expecting five to eight inches of snow with 25 mph wind gusts here in Michigans Upper Peninsula. . . .signs?
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    Freezing rain and no power here in southwest michigan.
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    It is not normal for the United States to experience massive wildfires and giant tornadoes right around Christmas.

    The huge wildfire that erupted northwest of Los Angeles on Christmas Day and the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the Dallas area on Saturday can be added to a growing list of freakish disasters that have hit the United States since the month of September. So why in the world is this happening? Many are blaming the worst El Nino pattern that we have seen in at least 15 years. Right now we are witnessing very strange weather all over the world, including an unprecedented heat wave in Australia and the worst flooding in South America in 50 years. And it is true that El Ninos have significantly disrupted weather patterns in the past. But is the current El Nino really to blame for everything that we have been seeing? Because without a doubt, the last few months have been truly bizarre.

    For example, who has ever heard of a giant wildfire erupting on Christmas Day?

    That is precisely what happened this year in southern California. A mammoth blaze that quickly engulfed more than 1,200 acres erupted near Ventura, California, and it shut down both the Pacific Coast Highway and U.S. 101 for an extended period of time.

    This was truly a frightening fire. You can watch some amazing footage of a family actually driving through the wildfire right here. Fortunately, firefighters seem to be getting the blaze under control at this point.

    I have written repeatedly about how this was shaping up to be the worst year for wildfires in U.S. history, but just like everyone else I had assumed that wildfire season was over by now. For a fire of this magnitude to erupt in southern California at this time of the year is definitely unusual.

    The day after this fire erupted, at least 11 people died as 11 deadly tornadoes ripped through the Dallas, Texas area.

    Isn’t it funny how “11” just keeps popping up everywhere? I don’t know what it means, but I just thought that I would mention it.

    Authorities have estimated that as many as 1,000 homes and buildings were destroyed by these tornadoes. The tornado that shredded parts of Garland was categorized as an “EF-4″, and it had winds “of at least 166 mph”

    The tornado that roared through Garland was rated an EF-4, with winds of at least 166 mph, the National Weather Service said Sunday. This is the USA’s first EF-4 tornado to strike in December in 15 years. It is also the farthest west a tornado of that strength has formed in December, according to the tornado research site U.S. Tornadoes.

    For Dallas County, it’s only the second EF-4 tornado ever recorded since accurate records began in 1950.

    Some news outlets are reporting that the tornado actually had peak winds somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 mph. If it seems strange to you that something like this would happen during the month of December in the state of Texas, that is because it is very strange. As the article quoted above noted, we haven’t seen any EF-4 tornadoes in the entire country in December in 15 years, and it was only the second EF-4 tornado to hit Dallas County since 1950.

    Meanwhile, as I mentioned at the outset of this article, other areas of the planet are experiencing very bizarre weather right now as well. For instance, just check out what is going on in South America. According to the BBC, quite a few South American nations are currently being hit by the worst flooding that they have seen “in 50 years”…

    Vast areas in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil are being hit by the worst flooding in 50 years, forcing the evacuation of more than 150,000 people.

    Days of heavy rains brought on by the El Nino weather phenomenon have caused three major rivers to swell, and officials report at least six deaths.

    A state of emergency is in force in Paraguay, the worst hit nation, where 130,000 people have fled their homes.

    In northern Argentina, some 20,000 people have left their homes.

    If you just look at one of these disasters in isolation, it may not seem like that big of a deal.

    After all, there are significant natural disasters every year.

    But collectively, all of these strange disasters seem to indicate that something truly unique is happening. I cannot recall ever seeing the U.S. (and much of the rest of the world) being hit by so many wildfires, floods, historic droughts, earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions in such a short period of time.​
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    I'm not a financial or economics guy, but this article makes a lot of sense to me. I think most of what his says is true. I know working for a very large multi national like I do, Im already seeing the impact in these emerging markets plummeting, especially China. It's absolutely true that my comoany put a lot of "eggs" in the China basket so to speak. These types of articles use to scare me a bit and to a certain extent still cause me to think I can plan my way out of it. I know I can't and I'm really ok with it. Yes, I have my little bit of physical prep ready, but it's the spiritual prep in this Year of Mercy that I will concentrate on. Without going into details, I learned there is a lot of unreported news on going now and we are now in the proverbial "straw to break the camel's back" period. It all seems to be lining up.
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    I've always tried to be respectful to the POTUS even though I disagree with almost everyone of his policies. But, this latest move, an Executive Action, which by-passes Congress is just so mind numbing. I don't believe Obama is a stupid man, so I can only think he us doing this with great calculation or on " orders". This move, at best, will hurt the economy as young workers and those middle aged workers seeking the next level job will be replaced by cheaper labor. But what worries me more is how many of these new workers "students" are reall that? Isn't this an avenue for those who want to cause violence to gain easy access? Like I said, he's not a dummie, so something is up here.
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    A re-cycle that is appropriate here:
    View attachment 3980
    Just another "SIGN" that The Storm is worsening .... Prepare! ...While Ya still can!!!

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    I was about to hit the like button CD but I don't like it- I agree with what you have posted. It's all moving very quickly now.
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    Just another one the anti-Christs of our era

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    This is something they have just been doing for the last couple of years. Even though there were not supposed to, they have been giving unlimited for a couple of years. This year they just decided to instead of just blatantly breaking the law, they would pass an executive order. But doesnt change anything from the last two years they were just doing it.
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    The New Madrid like the San Andreas & every other Fault Zone has "Gotta-Give" one day. I started carrying Earthquake Insurance on my house about ten years ago when I learned I was in the outer damage band of New Madrid. These things will all come to pass and what we don't worry/think about will probably be what bites us in the butt!! Charlie has it right ... Charlie didn't come up with Next Right Step ... I believe that Concept started in the Old Testament!??

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    I think this is a huge sign of the eventual demise of the U.S. Republic. There is huge distrust of government and that same government often oversteps its authority. I don't know who is right or wrong in this inarticulate case, but it points out the fractures in to country that in afraid will soon grow.
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    The Irish Nobel Laureate , Sheamus Heaney sent his wife a message just before his death, the message being, 'Do not be afraid!' He was just about to go into the operating theatre for a very iffy procedure from which the Doctors had warned him he might not survive . True enough he died on the table.

    I wonder if he knew when he sent his wife, Mary, this message, if God had touched his heart.

    I think God gives us the grace to face the Crosses that are really ours, not graces for Crosses we only imagine..and for this reason too great a preoccupation with the future can be spritually haarmful. For in a very real sense the presnet moment is all we really have.

    St Therese of the Child Jesus felt a wrm rush in her throat and at morning finding her hankie covered with blood knew with a surge of joy that she would shortly be going back home to heaven. Her death ws truly terrible of TB of the lungs, a real hanging on the Cross. I don;t think she realised the agony to come just then, she was taking things as they come. It can be fun to look to the future, but not if it brings fear.

    The Tollund Man in Springtime
    Published in Metre, Spring 2005.
    "The soul exceeds its circumstances". Yes.
    History not to be granted the last word
    Or the first claim ... In the end I gathered
    From the display-case peat my staying powers,
    Told my webbed wrists to be like silver birches,
    My old uncallused hands to be young sward,
    The spade-cut skin to heal, and got restored
    By telling myself this."

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