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    I saw this earlier today and when my husband gets home we will be discussing when tomorrow, we'll be dropping off our cable box. Between the barrage of commercials depicting same-sex couple and other junk, it's time to get rid of cable. We should've done it a long time ago.
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    The utter and audacious blasphemy of playing a hymn celebrating the birth of Our Lord and Redeemer, while simultaneously "celebrating" the anti-sacrament of abortion is another example of the ascent of Hell unto the earthly plane. May the Lord God have mercy on us all.
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    I literally feel sick!
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    This is truly disgusting. We are not living in Babylon anymore, we are living in a place that is truly deteriorating into Hell. This culture truly belongs to the devil. The music, the movies, the politics, everything. Straight out of Hell.
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    You are not the only one. I wept today over this. I hope to be a Adoration every day next week begging mercy for us as we really don't know what we are doing as a society at large, but asking for justice as well. This horrible manipulation and perversion of Truth cannot continue. Even if it means I burn in the cleansing flames, so be it.
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    What is truly chilling about this is the knowingness and defiance of it. There is no excuse of ignorance here. They seem to want to emulate Herod. They seem to wish Herod had succeeded, may God forgive them.
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    The flight into Egypt.
    The second sorrow of Our Lady.

    Her grief at the loss of innocents being slaughted by Herord. Her grief as she had to leave behind her family and friends and all she knew, she was placed in a foreign land where all was strange and different, and she did this to protect Her Jesus.

    Dearest Mother Mary, be with us as we escape the plans of the new Herord's and as we journey to keep Our Lord Jesus safe in our hearts, we need your guidence and protection, as we find ourselves in a world that is strange and different and becoming stranger and more different every day. Amen
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    I agree with this wholeheartedly. The glee and fervor with which these people believe in abortion is even as disturbing as the act itself. It is not considered a necessary evil, but as you have said an anti-sacrament of some kind. I have no doubt that many of these people are possessed or at the very least strongly under diabolic influence.
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    That is the big picture.

    It's not good people making mistakes. It's normal everyday souls being possessed.


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    Ya can bet that Obama, his Three Stooges "Administration" and Lap-Dog Media would Hoot-n-Holler in rage if Muslims and/or BlackLivesMatter Thugs were taken out by the non-existent Tea Party Terrorists or Cops defending themselves/public!!

    "Three American Citizens Killed By Muslim Terrorists In Israel In Last Six Weeks; Obama Says Nothing"

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    "Salon" is a Far-Left Publication and I find it odd that they choose to publish the Truth about Radical Islam and the destruction of Judeo-Christianity in the ME:

    "Dead temples vs. living churches: ISIS is obliterating Christian communities — why aren’t we paying attention?" - We mourn destruction of artifacts, but the living churches being destroyed are the heart and soul of Christianity

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    This Sheriff's Video Statement is a Big "SIGN" Gang!
    He is one of several Sheriff's and Police Chief's messages, of late, that should be a Wake-Up Call to all here. The "Between the Lines" message should be very clear:

    1) They know a bunch of nasty stuff that we don't!

    2) They are admitting that they simply Do Not have the ability to defend You, Me or those we care about in "These Days" due to Political Correctness and The Thin Blue Line getting thinner!

    3) At least in the USA, Our Founding Fathers had the knowledge and vision to see what would, surely, come one day! They demanded that The Constitution be amended before ratification with The Bill of Rights and it's 10 Amendments. Number Two being the ability for Citizens to be armed!

    "VIDEO: Enough Is Enough, It’s Time To Say What Needs To Be Said To Protect Our Citizens"


    PS: Does anyone else here see the Irony in the fact that the Political Party/people that demand "Gun Control" and claim their purpose is to save lives are the very same people that are A-OK with 55 MILLION Plus Abortions and "OWN" every crime, drugs, misery and blood drenched Urban S***Hole in The USA!!??
    Oh!! ... and the same Folks who Hoot-n-Holler about Diversity ... unless you are PRO - Life, Traditional Family, Guns or Christianity :mad:
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    Norwegian Gov’t. Seizes 5 Children From Parents for Alleged ‘Christian Indoctrination’
    News: World News
    by Christine Niles • • December 5, 2015 110 Comments
    Family loses appeal for reunion
    NAUSTDAL, Norway ( - A Christian family in Norway has lost its appeal to have its children returned, after the government forcibly removed five children from their home. The public is reacting with outrage.

    Marius Bodnariu, a Romanian, and his Norwegian wife Ruth, former members of the Pentecostal Church in Bucharest, moved to Naustdal, Norway 10 years ago, where they raised five children. As reported by Marius' brother Daniel, on November 16, Norway's child welfare services took away the Bodnarius' two oldest children, showing up at their school and removing them from class without their parents' knowledge. Police later that day arrived at the Bodnarius' home and also forcibly removed the two older boys, leaving Ruth with her three-month-old baby, who was taken away the following day by police as well.

    Two days later, child welfare services notified the parents that their children were in the care of two separate foster families and were "integrating" well. One of the officials reportedy said to Ruth, "The kids don't even miss you. What kind of parents are you?" Marius and Ruth were later informed by the government that they were guilty of "Christian radicalism and indoctrination."

    Apparently, the children's removal was instigated by the school principal, who complained to child welfare services that the Bodnarius were "very Christian" and their belief that God punishes sin "creates a disability in the children." Accordingly, the principal believed the parents needed "guidance" from the government in raising their family. The principal also cited concerns over discipline in the family home, as occasional corporal punishment is used. But after physical examination of the children (the three-month-old was subjected to x-rays and a CT scan), no physical abuse was discovered. Child welfare services is claiming, however, that Marius is physically abusive, while he and Ruth are vehemently denying the claims.

    A hearing held November 27 dismissed the Bodnarius' appeal to be reunited with their children. The court ruled instead that they were to remain in the care of their foster parents, while Marius and Ruth could visit their three-month-old son twice a week for two hours. They could see their two older sons as well, but the court refused to grant them visitation rights for their daughters. The parents are considering further legal action.

    Meanwhile, a petition begun in support of the family has collected nearly 30,000 signatures, and a Facebook page has been set up documenting the family's ordeal.

    On December 2, Romanian senator Titus Corlatean spoke on the Bodnarius' behalf to the Commission for equality and nondiscrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council (PAEC) in Paris. Corlatean condemned what he deemed abusive conduct on the part of the Norwegian government, and asked that the Assembly investigate. He also noted prior actions on the part of Norway's child welfare services that involved splitting children from their parents based on groundless accusations.

    Marius' brother writes:

    I testify, and vehemently vouch, for Marius and Ruth having given birth to and raised a 'normal' family with Christian values. These parents love their children and have taken every imaginable step in raising their children with loving caring in all aspects of their well-being. The tearing apart of their family by the Barnevernet [child welfare services] is a living nightmare for Marius and Ruth. Their hope is founded, and rests, in God; He can change any situation and He is always in control!

    A mass protest is being urged this weekend on their behalf. Instructions for sending emails are available on the relevant Facebook page, and request as many emails as possible be sent to Norwegian officials by Monday, December 7.
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    They're publishing the truth because at some point the rising flood will cause your dog to float away, no matter how much you deny it. After Charlie Hebdo (sp?) it's dawning on them that due to stances they've made, stances they don't associate with Islam (such as abortion), they may well be on someone's target list.
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    I know CJ has said we won't have a "normal" Christmas until I think 2017. I think in many ways at least here in the US, it might look the same, but I definitely sense it much more differently. Yes, all the outward signs are everywhere but I also see looks of worry, anxiety - a sense of something's just not right. I know for me and my family the last two Christmases have been more subdued and reflective. This year is the same. Now, don't get me wrong, we are joyfully anticipating the birth of Jesus, but also have a sense and anticipation that we are on the cusp of something. And, unfortunately, you have stories like the one on our Pope and the Vatican coming under threat. It doesn't stop there- who ever would have thought security would be part of a Church's Christmas preps.

    Or that very few would risk going to the very place where the Savior of the World became a man
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    So had to share this as I believe this is the true spirit we need to exhibit. A few weeks ago, a good friend died suddenly. We are all still dealing with it and it's a bit of a tough Christmas especially for his wife and 3 kids. He was a carpenter/builder who always was about helping out those of us who don't know a hammer from a screwdriver. Anyway, he had a list of projects he was planning on. Today, a group of his carpenter buddies started to work on that list. They went to another friends house who had a leak and ceiling collapsed. Len had out some stop gap measures in place and was coming back, but God had another plan. Well this group knocked on the door today and said we are here to finish the job for Lenny. And when they were done as the homeowner got out the checkbook, they said no payment needed other than to be kind and gentle to another person - because that represented Len. I can't tell you how this has lifted my spirit today. Light will conquer darkness. Be kind and be gentle. Amen! Peace!
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    It is a great grace to have Faith reaffirmed in such a concrete way as this, Mike. To see Christ so wonderfully in others.
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