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    Yet another amazing sign, this time in Australia

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    Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast right now?

    I am just going to through this out there. Andy3 in his recent prophetic assessement touched on some of the very odd things he feels will take place. Could it be the fish (in the article above) are dying because this 'new form of energy' being released into the ocean or atmosphere? Could it be what brought us Katrina? Father Malachi Martin in one of his last interviews (which I could not fully understand) said the following:

    A New Energy Can Kill and Destroy
    Then he said, “You see, there’s going to be a new form of energy. The important thing about this new form of energy is that it will be very cheap. So cheap that it could supply the needs of every man, woman, and child on Earth if it were in the right hands. But it is not in the right hands. It is in the hands of those who will use it to kill and destroy.” I then asked, “You don’t mean our country, do you?” And he said: “No. America is evil. We are guilty of many sins. But we are not that evil. Not evil enough to deliberately kill a billion people. We wouldn’t do that. But THEY would!” And who are “they”? He wouldn’t tell me.
    Catastrophies Not Natural and Not from God
    When these extraordinary convulsions of nature start to take place, he said, “Remember, it is not nature, and it is not God.” It will seem to be nature, or an act of God, but it is not. In times past, “catastrophes, man-made or natural” would suggest some made by man, like wars, and others acts of God, like earthquakes. But today, considering the vast tampering with our food, the air we breathe, and even our very life processes, “catastrophes, man-made or natural,” might well mean a combination of the two, that is, catastrophes caused by man manipulating nature and using nature itself as a weapon.
    Scalar Energy
    Father Malachi’s revelation to me that “there is going to be a new form of energy” which can be used to kill a billion people would seem to corroborate this thesis. He had described this energy as dirt cheap, able to improve the lives of everyone on Earth, but being used instead to develop weapons of apocalyptic destruction. Although he didn’t name this new energy, one that does fit his description is scalar energy. Scalar energy is based on the discovery of a new kind of electromagnetic wave which exists in the vacuum of empty space. These longitudinal” electromagnetic waves travel along the axis of time. Time itself can be compressed into energy by the same factor (the speed-of-light squared) by which matter is compressed into energy. Since energy can be engineered from time just as it is engineered from other sources, we can now unleash the tremendous power ... compressed in time itself. It’s like “putting a paddlewheel into a river. The energy acquired is free, since the river is ... flowing whether we tap it or not.”
    Nicola Tesla discovered scalar energy in 1889. Born in Croatia of Serbian ancestry, he ecame a U.S. citizen in 1891. He worked for Thomas Edison, and received financial help from J.P. Morgan. But when in 1904 he announced that he could now use scalar waves to transmit energy without wires, he lost the support of his backers. As one of them exclaimed, “You can’t put a meter on free energy.” Tesla had said, “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.” Naturally, the powers-that-be didn’t want to hear that, and
    Tesla died penniless in 1943. At his death, the FBI confiscated what writings they could find, and to of minds and darkening of human understanding...” “Whole sections of continents [will] be washed away forever. Whole nations [will] perish. Whole nations [will] lose their faith. Natural catastrophes that the world has never seen before [will] level humanity.” Once on the Art Bell program, a caller asked Father Martin if the United States is mentioned in the Secret. He said, “Our country is not mentioned specifically, but something very relevant is mentioned".
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    What a post Fatima!
    "manipulating nature and using nature itself as a weapon."
    Is this a prophetic reference to HAARP?
    We've all seen the multitude of videos on YouTube about the noises coming from the sky, apparently from HAARP.
    Having read your post above, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye here.
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    Fukashima, i'd say, played a huge part in destroying the sea life.
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    I agree. Have you noticed how there is nearly a media blackout on this? I've stopped eating fish.
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    I'm sure the radiation from the tsunami in Japan isn't good for marine life. However its far more likely that volcanism and earthquakes are causing acidification of the Pacific ocean, leading to these die offs. Its happened in the past and likely will again. Nature rebels against the sins of man.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010
    Volcanoes 'Destroyed Ancient Ocean Life'

    [​IMG]Volcanic activity led to marine life being wiped out millions of years ago,
    a study suggests Photo: Reuters
    From The Telegraph:

    Volcanic activity may have led to nearly a third of marine life being wiped out around 100 million years ago, research suggests.
    It is thought that sulphur produced by volcanoes erupting led to oxygen disappearing from large areas of the oceans.

    This caused up to 27 per cent of ocean life being destroyed, according to a report published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

    Read more ....

    Earthquakes contribute to global warming by releasing methane from ocean floor
    Posted on July 29, 2013 by The Extinction Protocol
    July 29, 2013OCEAN – Earthquakes contribute to global warming by releasing the highly potent greenhouse gas, methane, from the ocean floor. A study conducted by Swiss and German scientists has uncovered a natural source of greenhouse gas emission – methane. Researchers emphasize that climate scientists need to consider the amount of methane being released as earthquakes rip open ocean floors, in order to better understand the various sources of greenhouse gases. Researchers from the University of Bremen discovered that an underwater quake that occurred in Pakistan 70 years ago ripped opened the sea bed and released the potent greenhouse gas, ‘methane,’ into the atmosphere. “We suggest there is a new source that they might want to consider in the future,” David Fischer, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bremen in Germany and the lead author of the study, was quoted in The New York Times. The researchers analyzed the sediment cores gathered in 2007 from two locations in the northern Arabian Sea. Referred to as the Makran Subduction zone, the plate boundary has triggered the most terrible and deadliest earthquakes like the one that occurred in 1945 in Pakistan. An 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan gave rise to a tsunami claiming around 4,000 lives, reports, LiveScience. It is well known that sea floors are an ideal location for the formation of methane as deep ocean waters and sea beds are cold and methane hydrates are stable under excess pressure and low temperatures. The pressure below the water depth of 350 meters is just right to stabilize the hydrates.

    Gas impact on fish and other marine organisms
    by Stanislav Patin, translation by Elena Cascio
    based on "Environmental Impact of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry"

    Gas impact on marine organisms

    General outline of biological response

    The first important feature of interaction between gaseous traces and marine organisms is the quick fish response to a toxic gas as compared with fish response to other dissolved or suspended toxicants. Gas rapidly penetrates into the organism (especially through the gills) and disturbs the main functional systems (respiration, nervous system, blood formation, enzyme activity, and others). External evidence of these disturbances includes a number of common symptoms mainly of behavioral nature (e.g., fish excitement, increased activity, scattering in the water). The interval between the moment of fish contact with the gas and the first symptoms of poisoning (latent period) is relatively short.

    Further exposure leads to chronic poisoning. At this stage, cumulative effects at the biochemical and physiological levels occur. These effects depend on the nature of the toxicant, exposure time, and environmental conditions. A general effect typical for all fish is gas emboli. These emerge when different gases (including the inert ones) oversaturate water. The symptoms of gas emboli include the rupture of tissues (especially in fins and eyes), enlarging of swim bladder, disturbances of circulatory system, and a number of other pathological changes.

    These general features of fish response observed in the presence of any gas in the water environment are likely to be found for saturated gas hydrocarbons as well. Available materials derived from the medical toxicology of methane and its homologues support this suggestion.

    Volcanic vents show how ocean acidification threatens marine life
    Sunday, September 15, 2013

    NORMANBY ISLAND, Papua New Guinea (Seattle Times) — Katharina Fabricius plunged from a dive boat into the Pacific Ocean of tomorrow.

    She kicked through blue water until she spotted a ceramic tile attached to the bottom of a reef.

    A year earlier, the ecologist from the Australian Institute of Marine Science had placed this small square near a fissure in the sea floor where gas bubbles up from the earth. She hoped the next generation of baby corals would settle on it and take root.

    Fabricius yanked a knife from her ankle holster, unscrewed the plate and pulled it close. Even underwater the problem was clear. Tiles from healthy reefs nearby were covered with budding coral colonies in starbursts of red, yellow, pink, and blue. This plate was coated with a filthy film of algae and fringed with hairy sprigs of seaweed.

    Instead of a brilliant new coral reef, what sprouted here resembled a slimy lake bottom.

    Isolating the cause was easy. Only one thing separated this spot from the lush tropical reefs a few hundred yards away.

    Carbon dioxide.

    In this volcanic region, pure CO2 escapes naturally through cracks in the ocean floor. The gas bubbles alter the water’s chemistry the same way rising CO2 from cars and power plants is quickly changing the marine world.

    In fact, the water chemistry here is exactly what scientists predict most of the seas will be like in 60 to 80 years.

    That makes this isolated splash of coral reef a chilling vision of our future oceans. [more]
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    I love fish. I still eat it. Though I hear the radiation from Fukushima has arrived here in Europe too.
    Apparently, if you dig down about 12 inches in the ground in Ireland, had you the right equipment, you would come across particles from Chernobyl.
    It's still there and will be for millennia.
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    Please God, after the coming 'purification of all things' there will be a renewal of the earth so that our descendants can live without the contamination of our toxic & nuclear legacy.
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    "Scalar energy" appears to be quite different in nature from what Tesla said of his "Death Ray".
    Lets also remember that "scalar" physics is just mathematical theory, and "scalar energy" an even more abstracted theory without any experimental justification at all.
    It doesn't actually exist and has never been demonstrated to exist in any shape or form.

    Its a bit like "crystal energy". Maybe there is something special about crystals, but it will be nothing to do with "energy" (or even "force" or even "power") as defined by Physics.
    Which renders "crystal energy" a fairly meaningless (though impressive sounding) phrase.
    "Crystal karma" might be more meaningful if one did believe crystals were special in some way.

    There are other small cracks with the above speculation.
    The US government confiscated all his equipment and papers so if anyone should have the technology wouldn't it be the US rather than Russia?

    This link here appears very sane on the topic:
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    I just don't understand what's going on:
    If this is as big as they say, then why aren't the borders of the affected countries locked down? What's the point in holding Cobra meetings and preparedness drills when the borders are open? I hear they have closed the border today. Talk about the horse having bolted.
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    And I heard a great point on the the radio today:
    West Nile virus: potential pandemic
    Swine flu: potential pandemic
    Bird flu: potential pandemic
    SARS : potential pandemic
    What happened in the above cases? Nothing.
    Now Ebola: potential pandemic.
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    Ebola is similiar to the flu virus in many respects. It is absolutely treatable within the health care system in the Unites States. Poor hygiene and lack of supplies increases fatalities. Hand washing and personal protective equipment (what is used in hospitals) stops the spread.
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    Idon't think the intention in the West is to cause death as such, but to cause great fear. Throug this fear to introduce political, econsomic and social changes, particulary religious persectuion. Basically thorugh terror to turn people into easily controlled cattle.
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    Rev.6:7-4th Seal: Death released. 1/4 of the worlds population to die by plagues, disease, and beasts of the earth

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    I wonder about the hygiene in the African hospitals. But what's really got me thinking is the fact that U.S. doctors and nurses who are volunteers have been infected. Of course they were using all the protective gear.

    My mom worked as a nurse in a T.B. sanitarium when I was a child. She worked in surgery, and even had patients die in her arms. She has never tested positive for TB, even though the protective gear in those days was linen gowns and masks. And TB is an airborne virus. Ebola is only spread by contact.

    I've worked for over 35 years caring for patients who had TB, then Hepatitis, then the wave of AIDS patients in the late 80's and early 90's. Using basic protective gear, I've never been infected.

    So how are so many doctors and nurses getting infected with ebola???

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