Shrine of the Three Kings is in??

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    Cologne Germany.

    The Shrine of the Three Kings: Grand Reliquary of the Magi
    21SaturdayDec 2013
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    ... Other details, however, are omitted from Matthew’s Christmas tale. Exactly how many wise men arrived from the East? Who were they? What were their names? And what happened to them after they returned from Bethlehem? Ultimately, although clearly outside the scope of Matthew’s gospel, how did the bodies of the three kings come to be laid to rest in Cologne, Germany?

    The Historia Trium Regum, or History of the Three Kings, by John of Hildesheim elaborates on Saint Matthew’s story and provides an intriguing coda to the narrative, one that explains how the relics of the three kings were brought to the ancient city of Cologne.2 From the Historia we learn that there were three wise men and that the three men were actually kings from the East—from the lands of Ind, Chaldea, and Persia. The three kings, named Melchior, Balthazar, and Jasper,3 did not initially know each other before individually setting out to “seek and worship the Lord and King of the Jews.”

    See more at: The Shrine of the Three Kings: Grand Reliquary of the Magi | Reliquarian
    I may not even be saying this correctly, in a book, this author was making a deal of this place, calling it a place of pilgrimage, I'm sure it is.

    So, I think the author was saying something like they are buried there but that doesn't seem exactly right.

    Maybe if someone is aware of this place, they can tell us more.

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