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    A long, long road in front of him...

    ...but then again..a long road in front of us all...

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    Padraig, I noticed that Taylor Marshall made a very good video about Shia also. Taylor makes a lot of general comments about the TLM and Catholicism in this video, so I think that it is worth watching regardless of the main subject.

    Shia LaBeouf became Catholic after portraying Padre Pio in film, talks Latin Mass Dr Taylor Marshall
    August 25. 2022
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    (Shia was in the “Transformers” series of movies.)
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    Details about Shia LeBeouf's "conversion" now more clear. His mother is Jewish, and he had a Bar Mitzvah (normally done at the age of 13). He just found out….wait for it…that his "Methodist uncle" baptized him at 13 years old (right after his Bar Mitzvah apparently). He remembered the Bar Mitzvah, but didn't remember the Baptism done the same year. He "learned" about his baptism, while he was in Italy filming the movie this year! Does he have proof of his baptism? Did he get conditionally baptized? Nah. Don't be so rigid! Stop asking questions!

    But when his Franciscan Friar friend heard he "was baptized" by his "Methodist uncle," he said, “You can't play Padre Pio without receiving Communion!” The same Franciscan Friar friend "did not know" if Shia had received the Sacrament of Penance before receiving Holy Communion. Maybe Shia didn’t have any sins to confess, right? Who are we to judge anyway, right? See 1 Corinthians 11:27-32 for St. Paul's old-fashioned, out-of-date opinion on the matter, that is, if you are rigid and you just can't learn to "luv" others.

    Finally, Shia didn’t “have time” to complete the RCIA program “because of his busy schedule,” and he hasn’t received the Sacrament of Confirmation…"yet." But I’m sure he’ll get around to all of that Catholic stuff. It's all just details anyway, right? What’s important is that he’s “on the path,” the "synodal way," and we “must accompany him." Jesus said that, right? Something like that, right? I'm planning to read the Bible and the Catechism one day, but my work schedule, like Shia's, is very "busy" right now. It's a good thing that Shia has some Franciscan Friars to lead him "on the way." Wait...what did that prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi say would happen to his order in the end times? Oh, yeah...sorry, I'll stop asking questions!

    What a mockery of Jesus and the Catholic faith!
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    St. Padre Pio, pray for us!
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    When I was 15, I converted to Roman Catholic in 1963. The priest required me to recite a profession of Faith the night before my First Holy Communion. I am not sure if I went to Confession, but I probably did. It was a long time ago. I think we need to be careful in judging from what we read. We do not know how the Church received that soul into the Church for certain. I do know that research was done into my Baptism, which was Romanian Orthodox. From what I understand, it was thought at the time that I received Confirmation at my Baptism. So I gave that some thought as an adult and asked for Confirmation when I was about 23 or 24. Each soul's case is unique and we do not often have complete information.
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    How long did it take between the initial conversion experience of actor Jim Caviezel :interpreter of Jesus in the film The Passion of the Christ (2004) and his full insertion into the sacramental life in the Church?
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    Baptisms by Methodist pastors are considered valid if the right words are used.
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    HH, I hope and pray that Shia LeBeouf is truly on the path to conversion to the authentic Catholic faith. But we have objective evidence that there are "irregularities" that should have been dealt with before he was admitted to Holy Communion.

    1. The details of his baptism were so obscure that he was totally unaware that the event even happened until this year. In that case, a priest should have performed a "conditional baptism" in the Catholic Rite. A simple solution that takes less than 30 minutes.

    2. No formal catechetical program, like RCIA, was completed because he "did not have time." Well, if he didn't have time for RCIA, did he have time for any other preparation? A catechumen must understand the basic elements of the Catholic faith. This process takes time and study. And learning "the Mass" and the rubrics followed by the priest during Mass (which he did for the film role) would not cover all the topics necessary.

    3. His Franciscan "right hand man" did not know if LeBeouf had ever received the Sacrament of Penance. Considering LeBeouf's admitted past lifestyle mistakes, don't you think the subject would have come up?

    Regardless of what I think, the Catholic Church has a necessary Canonical procedure that must be followed before Holy Communion can be received. See the following document for details: LAW AND RCIA ISSUES.pdf

    Here is the concluding quote from that document:


    A careful study of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults makes us aware of the normative character of the catechumenal process. The reception into the Church by being fully initiated or entered in full communion with the Catholic Church certainly requires three different elements:

    1) that the person must be properly trained (through the RCIA program or the adequate catechetical program),

    2) that the person is free (that is to say, not having any prior marriage which has not been dissolved by the proper authority of the Church) and,

    3) that the person is properly disposed to receive the sacraments (that is to say, that the person is seeking to be received into the Church by his/her own will and that he/she is spiritually prepared for it).
    To not follow this Canonical Procedure is at a minimum illicit, and if the catechumen is in a state of mortal sin, the reception of Holy Communion would be invalid and sacrilegious.

    Again, I hope that LeBeouf did everything by the book, for his sake. But it is scandalous to others in the Catholic Faith when these Sacramental matters are treated with such disrespect and apparent lack of concern for canonical form.
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    I agree, PNF. But who knows if what has been given and printed for the public is how it actually happened? Giving scandal is nothing new, although it is abhorrent.
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    Wasn't Caviezel already Christian before doing The Passion of the Christ?
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    Yes. Thats why he did it even though mel Gibson warned him it might ruin his career.
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    Has anyone been able to watch this movie? I believe it came out in December. Must be hard to come by.
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    I can't find it anywhere Ang, I've looked all over for it. I wonder why it is taking so long to release.
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    I saw a preview for it a little while ago and I was very disappointed to see that they had Padre Pio using the "F" word. Perhaps there was a lot of pushback because of that and they're changing some things before release?
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