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    I have always liked the Legend of the White Hart, it always reminds me of King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail and Unicorn.

    They used to show the
    White Hart with a Cross between His antlers. It reminds me of the more modern American Indian Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman (Our Lady).

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    Sparrows Principalities's nice to see I am not alone in the purgatory category of dreams. I started a devotion to souls in purgatory after watching a Sondra Abrahams video. I was a convert in 2006 so I hadn't learned too much about purgatory. Well....after watching her videos, I started praying for my deceased relatives and friends every night. Then on my feast day of that year, I Recieved a dream of my father. I was in a convent. I could hear French being spoke. One of the nuns was going to let me see my father who was lying on a bed in a cell in the convent. She told me that my father would not seem himself. That he was suffering. I entered the cell and saw my father lying on a small bed. He was suffering. I grabbed his hand a told him it would be ok and that I was praying for him. I was only allowed to see him for just a few minutes. After I woke up, I knew in my heart immediately that the dream was of God and that the nun was my patron Saint....St. Colette ......who is French. After this experience, I began to wake up blurting out a name of people I do not know. I also in my heart knew that when I would get a name .....I was to have a mass said for the person. If I recieve dreams of people whose names I know, I also have masses said for them. One night while I was reciting the rosary, a name came out of my mouth. I asked the priest what that meant and he said that a mass was needed. November to say the least was busy month for me this last year. Also last year I was given a great gift of an audible grace. On the Feast Day of Our Lady's Assumption, I heard music coming from purgatory. It was very joyful! It was like the most joyful organ music I have ever heard. The song was SALVE REGINA. It was so joyful, and the best way I could describe it was that of beautiful carrosel when you were a kid and the fun music they played when you were on the carrosel. The same day but at a different time, I heard voices singing in Latin. These voices were male. It was very soft and beautiful.
    Thanks aandy for sharing your dreams and visions. They are inspiring and great lessons meant to be shared. I have more to share. A couple stories of purgatory.....involving a few famous people. One of them is of a famous baseball player. Stay tuned ! I would share now but I'm on my iPad and I hate typing on it.
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    How beautiful, you have a real Ministry there, Sparrow.

    The need for the Holy Souls is so great. I feel the greatest pity for our Protestant sisters and brothers and all who have no one to pray for them..because no one believes.
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    Thank you Padraig! I would love nothing more than to sit in room with a group of people and share how important it is to pray for the poor souls. They help us so much in return. They never forget the charity of our prayers and masses. They suffer so much more than any earthly suffering. It is different but it is more than what we go through here. They are assured of heaven and this is thier comfort. It's sad because so many churches now fail to speak of them even at funerals.
    What I have learned the most about my devotion is how merciful our good God is. So very merciful. He loves us so very much.
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    Ok.....I said I would share one of my memorable experiences with souls in purgatory. Here goes.......
    A few months after my devotion to the poor souls began, I would wake up a few times in the morning repeating a name of a person I don't know. This meant that I was to offer a mass for that person. day I woke up saying the name TY COBB. As soon as I woke up, I said to myself.....I KNOW THIS NAME! He was a famous baseball player . the time I woke up saying TY COBB.....I didn't know then that I needed to have mass said. I learned that a bit later from a priest.
    Well.....having woke up repeating TY COBB ....I just said a rosary for him. Later that same year, I was in adoration . It was pretty warm that day, so I accidentally dozed off for about a minute. As I dozed off.....I had a dream/ vision. I saw a man wearing a old fashioned baseball uniform and he was throwing a baseball. I knew immediately that it was the soul of that baseball player earlier in the year.....but I couldn't remember his name. I went home and called my cousin to see if she remembered the name of the baseball player I had prayed for earlier in the year. She couldn't remember either. I then decided to google some names of famous baseball players who were deceased. Looking at the list of names......I found it! TY COBB! Well I then decided to read about him. As I was reading his bio ....".i just about fell over! His wife's name was CHARLIE!'!! That's my name!!! It's not everyday you hear a woman being called CHARLIE! To say the least ."..this was a confirmation from God that TY COBB needed more than just a rosary said for him in purgatory. He needed a mass and soon. I had one done and I am pretty sure MR. COBB is in heaven. It was a HOMERUN!!!
    Now comes the funny part. My husband is very funny. When I told him about TY COBB and that he had been in purgatory since husband says
    " MAN........THAT'S THE LONGEST INNING! " LOL!!!!!'!!
    After this experience with TY COBB, I bought the book GET US OUT OF HERE
    It's about Maria Simma. She was a woman who had the grace of seeing poor souls. They would come to her to ask for prayers or masses. In the book she says that the poor souls told her that most/many people spend 40 yrs in purgatory. This is true from my experience too. People who were not brought up to know about Jesus and learn to practice their faith ....through no fault of their own.....who tried to love others....who believed in God etc......they often always spend 40 yrs in purgatory. In fact most all those who have needed masses or prayers from me have been in purgatory 40 or more years.
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    I think God gives us an anointing for specific vocations in life. For instance the sacrament of marriage is an obvious anointing for the vocation raising a family.

    There are other spiritual anointings for a particular path, such , say a deep devotion to a saint like Padre Pio , devotion to the Holy Angels and so on...

    I notice how very often these anointings are marked by mystical and quasi mystical goings on.

    My brother Fergal for instance (who is very happilly married indeed with four children) told me as soon as he saw his wife Jackie across the dance floor he fell in love. It is so interesting to hear stories over and over again like this.

    One day, as Zelie crossed the Saint-Leonard Bridge, she passed a young man with a noble face, a reserved air, and a demeanor filled with an impressive dignity. At that very moment, an interior voice whispers in secret, "This is he whom I have prepared for you." The identity of the passer-by was soon revealed. She came to know Louis Martin.This is I think a kind of anointing.


    I remember a French writer calling their family, 'A nest of saints', which I thought very beautiful.

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    I'm so happy that Mr. And Mrs. Martin are on their way to sainthood. I have a deep devotion to Saint Therese. The LITTLE WAY is for me. I am a Carmelite at heart. LOL!! When we really commit to God and strengthen our spiritual muscles so to speak, we can see where the Lord is leading us. We all have a mission here. It's usually surprising where God leads us. He sees in us things we often do not see in ourselves. He uses us all for HIS greater purpose . We have only to respond with love and devotion.
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    I definitely feel the nudges and callings for me to pray for the souls in Purgatory, and whenever I get off this task, I get reminded again in some way like I did last week by coming across that video from Marino Restreppo about Purgatory. I think I have shared this once before but I will share it again in this thread on this topic. I am a Catholic revert that was gone away from the church for a long long time until in 2013 when I felt the great urge to return to God. At the time I was heavily in the New Age belief system wanting to be so close to God but not feeling that close in all of that. In March of 2013, I cried out for God to take me back and wanted to give Him everything. He answered and I began my journey back to Him. At first, I thought that calling would be to the Baptist church, but that did not take long for me to realize I needed to come home to His True Church, so I did. I found this site, this family maybe in May of 2013 and ultimately joined in September. I did not know much about Purgatory but was reading a little about it and felt so terrible for the suffering souls there longing to be with God and needing prayers.

    I like to take walks in the woods for exercise and it is on these walks where I have my deepest conversations and prayers with God. One fall afternoon I was praying and talking to God and I began to think of these souls in Purgatory and felt great sadness inside. It was like my soul was aching for them. In this feeling I called out to Jesus and asked Him if I could take the place of "some" souls in Purgatory and relieve them of their suffering. Lord knows with my past, I was going to spend an awful lot of time there myself and rightly so. Upon saying this, in the depth of my soul I heard this voice ask me, "would you take the place of all of them." I was shocked at first and doubted what I just heard and then what I heard dawned on me and it hit me with a ton of bricks. What was probably less than a minute of thoughts seemed like 10 minutes of contemplation on this question. The weight of it was very heavy and the tears in my soul became tears in my eyes because I knew the gravity of this and I knew what my answer had to be. I said, yes of course if He willed it but also begged Him to please be there with me in the end because I couldn't stand the thought of doing this on my own or being all alone in Purgatory. To this day, I obviously don't know what will come of this. Was this a test or is this what will be? Only God knows and at that time, but I gave Him my yes and I will not take it back no matter how horrible this suffering will be. After this incident and saying yes, I did find joy. This was joy though in suffering and joy though in saying yes to Jesus but not happy joy of if you know what I mean or rather know the difference. For me, happy is an emotion while joy is forever. Joy is what the martyrs and those that suffer greatly for God have, but surely they are not happy in their suffering. Joy is what I had in dealing with the death of my child because it brought me closer to God but the suffering was indeed great. It was after this occurrence when some of my experiences with souls in Purgatory began, but I have only had a few. Maybe I will have more, maybe I will not and maybe I will indeed replace every soul there until the end, but only God knows. If any of you ever hear of my death though, please pray for me in Purgatory. Pray for me to endure the promise I made if it is still in His will, for the suffering will indeed be great but the joy will be even greater in the end.
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    Thank you for your "yes" to Jesus. Perhaps this will help you understand what I believe Jesus is asking of you (Jesus told this to Luisa Piccarreta):
    “The second charity most acceptable to my Heart is for those who, though living on this earth, are almost like the purging souls – that is, they love Me, they always do my Will, they interest themselves with my things as if they were their own."
    This is what makes Jesus happy and relieves the souls in Purgatory - to live in His Will and to make reparation for the faults and failings of the holy souls while they were on earth by offering Holy Hours, Masses, and prayers for them - especially for those who have no one to pray for them. If you have not as yet read Maria Simma's book, "Get us out of here", I would highly recommend you do so. We need to "be faithful and attentive" to whatever He asks of us, especially in these times.
    God bless you.
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    Lynn, there is no coincidence to what you said here for me:

    "prayers for them - especially for those who have no one to pray for them."

    That is nearly word for word in one of my prayers I say every day, and especially during the rosary, that I added to the end of the Fatima prayer. Seeing you type that truly touches my heart and is confirmation for me right now.

    O my Jesus,
    Forgive us our sins.
    Save us from the fires of hell.
    Lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.
    Shorten the suffering and please bring comfort to the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especially for those who have no prayers.
    Lord please let my prayers be theirs, I humbly ask as a miserable sinner myself. Amen.
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    Andy, here's another confirmation for you; my husband and I have been praying that exact prayer for about 20+ years adding, "especially for those who have no one to pray for them" ! Bless you.
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    That is awesome Lynn. Amazing how God works in our minds similar thoughts and prayers!!
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    I love this video. It makes me want to suffer all for HIM. I hope you like it.
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    I had another interesting dream this morning just as the alarm went off and I snoozed for 10 more minutes. I honestly don't remember much of the dream at all but remember a few details and the message. There was a friend of mine who was ill and another who did not understand why this ill friend was giving up everything to God and accepting this illness. She was not seeking help anymore and was giving away everything she had to just stay in bed and be with the Lord. I was trying to explain to my friend that this person wanted to give everything up and walk with God and was wanting to accept this illness and suffering for others. The other friend just could not understand that. I then remember pointing out the window of the house for the friend to take a look. What we saw out the window was a dessert and far off in the distance we could see the back of a man walking further out of sight. I knew this man to be Jesus. I told the friend that we must be prepared to drop everything and walk out into the desert following our Lord. We must want nothing in our lives but to be with Him. I felt a great joy and knew in the dream, that I would be running out there myself and was excited to get rid of the material world to be with Him in total trust. That is all I remember but I really liked this dream, image and message.
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    I had another interesting night that started in prayer and led to a dream. Right before bed, I picked up the book "Imitation of Christ" said a prayer to take me to something I needed to read and then I opened the book. I opened to this but what really stood out is what I have bolded. It honestly seemed bolded to me too on the page:



    MY CHILD, do not let the fine-sounding and subtle words of men deceive you. For the kingdom of heaven consists not in talk but in virtue. Attend, rather, to My words which enkindle the heart and enlighten the mind, which excite contrition and abound in manifold consolations. Never read them for the purpose of appearing more learned or more wise. Apply yourself to mortifying your vices, for this will benefit you more than your understanding of many difficult questions.

    Though you shall have read and learned many things, it will always be necessary for you to return to this one principle: I am He who teaches man knowledge, and to the little ones I give a clearer understanding than can be taught by man. He to whom I speak will soon be wise and his soul will profit. But woe to those who inquire of men about many curious things, and care very little about the way they serve Me.

    The time will come when Christ, the Teacher of teachers, the Lord of angels, will appear to hear the lessons of all -- that is, to examine the conscience of everyone. Then He will search Jerusalem with lamps and the hidden things of darkness will be brought to light and the arguings of men's tongues be silenced.

    I am He Who in one moment so enlightens the humble mind that it comprehends more of eternal truth than could be learned by ten years in the schools. I teach without noise of words or clash of opinions, without ambition for honor or confusion of argument.

    I am He Who teaches man to despise earthly possessions and to loathe present things, to ask after the eternal, to hunger for heaven, to fly honors and to bear with scandals, to place all hope in Me, to desire nothing apart from Me, and to love Me ardently above all things. For a certain man by loving Me intimately learned divine truths and spoke wonders. He profited more by leaving all things than by studying subtle questions.

    To some I speak of common things, to others of special matters. To some I appear with sweetness in signs and figures, and to others I appear in great light and reveal mysteries. The voice of books is but a single voice, yet it does not teach all men alike, because I within them am the Teacher and the Truth, the Examiner of hearts, the Understander of thoughts, the Promoter of acts, distributing to each as I see fit.

    The bold above to me sounds like the illumination of conscience. I awoke this morning and remembered one dream I had last night. In the dream I was in preparation mode and gathering some final things that I needed. What I was looking for the most and going store to store to find where certain lamps that one could fill with oil. These lamps where the lamps of old and I just could not find any until the last store I came too and I found one and proceeded to buy it. Next I knew I needed to buy oil to fill it with and that is all I remember now. I awoke thinking of this in scripture and not the message of above. Oddly enough, reading the bolded message back today, I don't recall the part about the lamps in that message so am quite shocked to read that part now and remember my dream. All I recalled from the message was the part about The Lord will come soon. I am amazed now about the part about the lamps in that message.

    Mathew 25:
    [1] Then shall the kingdom of heaven be like to ten virgins, who taking their lamps went out to meet the bridegroom and the bride. [2] And five of them were foolish, and five wise. [3] But the five foolish, having taken their lamps, did not take oil with them: [4] But the wise took oil in their vessels with the lamps. [5] And the bridegroom tarrying, they all slumbered and slept.

    [6] And at midnight there was a cry made: Behold the bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him. [7] Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. [8] And the foolish said to the wise: Give us of your oil, for our lamps are gone out. [9] The wise answered, saying: Lest perhaps there be not enough for us and for you, go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. [10] Now whilst they went to buy, the bridegroom came: and they that were ready, went in with him to the marriage, and the door was shut.

    This is the lamp I was dreaming about and trying to find:


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    Thanks to whoever it was that directed me to this thread! I just read it through.
    Some basic hings to keep in mind when interpreting dreams;
    any building or vehicle including horses are YOU. You are the familiar but strange mansion, you are the mazaratti, the bicycle and the train.
    Water is usually sexual desire.
    You are every character in the dream, every aspect of you.
    None of this applies to prophetic dreams however.

    Some amazing stuff in here.
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    I was once invited by my brother to join him and his family on holiday in America. As soon as I got off the plane it was obvious that his wife did not want me there. I was shocked and surprised as I thought we got on fine. I am God-father to their eldest boy. I said I would find a motel but my brother pleaded with me to stay at least overnight. Sometime during the night I found myself sitting at the bottom of the bed looking at two women in long cotton gowns. The lights were on and I had no fear. They both looked about 30. One stood slightly behind the other and to one side. She was my granny who had died some years before. She must have been in her late 80s but I had seen photos of her when she was younger. It was the way she stood that made her so recognizable. One hand folded over the other looking slightly down with her head to one side. She nodded and smiled but said nothing. I remembered her smile. The other one looked about the same age but was somehow senior. I felt I should know her. She said "I have not prayed for you for a long time but I will pray for you now." I felt overwhelmed by love and stood up to give them a hug but as I approached they disappeared. As soon as they were gone I knew in my heart who the other lady was. She was my great grandmother. I stayed with my brother and his family for the next two weeks and nothing got to me. I was able to help with the boys and I felt protected the whole time. I told no-one about my grannies as I thought they would send me to the funny farm.
    Some time after I had returned to England I had taken the train from London to Glasgow to visit my old mum. I was looking around her elegant dining room where I saw a dirty scruffy old chair in the middle of her beautiful furniture and asked mum what it was doing in her good room. She told me she had found it in the garage loft that used to be a hay loft, the garage being the old stables. She said had decided to have it restored and reupholstered because it was her granny's nursing chair, a type of chair used when breast feeding babies, designed to make the mums feel comfortable and supported. Then I told my mum the story.
    She said she though there may be a photo of my great granny somewhere in the trunks in the loft, We had a quick look but found nothing.
    In 1998 I settled in New Zealand. My first letter from mum arrived. In it was a photo of my great granny. I had never seen this photo before. I recognized her immediately as the the other lady in my visitation and felt that warm glow all over again. Here she was in New Zealand to keep an eye on me. I have never been aware of her presence since then but look forward to seeing her again in heaven.

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