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Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Andy3, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. garabandal

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    I had a very short dream concerning the future that Rolls Royce car manufacturers replaced the bonnet ornament sculpture (the spirit of ecstasy) with a simple cross.
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  2. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

    First dream: I'm led into a work space with a rough desk, computer, and a small bench. I'm to transcribe reports. However, this set-up is in a large shed with a slatted roof through which a cold slow rain is falling. :( I tell whoever led me in there that I'll catch pneumonia. Hillary Clinton appears. She's carrying a warm sweater, offers to let me use it. Okay (???) but the sweater will get damp. Can I have a coat to place over the sweater? She leads me into a different room, where I make a critical comment about her politics. Figure I've blown her good-will gesture of sweater & coat, but no. She brushes off that comment.

    Second dream: Husband and I are in Ireland. o_O Because of Irish folks here, I presume. :) I notice a very expansive "roundabout" (vehicles) shaped like a triskelion, filled with colorful vehicles. (n) This configuration and its colorful vehicles resemble a (moving metal) flower bed. We decide on a restaurant for lunch. It has a limited menu and only offers certain dishes at particular times; we're 15 minutes "late" for salad and a drink. (n) Tell husband, "Let's try and find an American restaurant." We find the American (franchise) restaurant, in which is displayed The Rising Sun (Japan) flag.

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  3. Muzhik

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    Hmmm ... I dunno. I'm not getting anything re: this dream.

    Now, if your dream also had giraffes filling sinks with brightly colored power tools, I might be able to help, but ...
  4. Donna259

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    I love your sense of humor!!!!!
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  5. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

    :ROFLMAO: Totally agree!!
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  6. Katfalls

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    I had a very unusual dream last night. I went to visit an old friend and his wife. We were in the woods near a lake. He got up early and went fishing with his daughter, when he came back he showed me a stringer of twelve fish. Then he said I want to take you somewhere. We ended up at a house very secluded, went inside, there were about twenty people. They were having a breakfast, kind of like a potluck. Everything was very informal, there was an older man sitting in an overstuffed chair, surrounded by other men. He had a thick accent, someone said he was a Priest from Germany. He started to say Mass, I stood up but was the only person to do so. He held a small book like a bible, or missile in his hand and was starting to read the gospel. The other people were kind of like spectators, my husband was hovering in the background. The place was not like a formal church, but a living room kind of place. End of dream.
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  7. Muzhik

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    Sounds like a hidden church, like during a persecution.
  8. padraig

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    It has been said that our angel will stand alongside us in our Choir in heaven. Before we are even born our Eteranl destination, is set, whichever choir we were made of. Our angel then comes from the same choir, which means he is very similiar to us. You can see why this would be as it leaves him in a better position to look after us. In the same way the devil who opposes us fell from the same choir we are meant for. We are to take his seat if we make it to heaven. Or Fall into the same place in Hell if we are damned.
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  9. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I would imagine a lot of people are getting feed back dreams rippling down from the future at the moment. The future changes are so gigantic, so enormous the ripples from them are sure to pulse back into our dreams.
  10. Booklady

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    Kathy K posted this message in 2014, how right she was. Prophetic.
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  11. Mary's child

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    My first thought too.
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  12. AED

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    Mine as well.
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  13. garabandal

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    Englishman Joe Greco had a dream in which Padre Pio appeared to him -- here is his story

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  14. Jo M

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    Wow. How truly blessed were those who had the opportunity to meet this great saint in the confessional, and in their dreams!
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  15. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I have listened to Joe tell his story several times down the years. Wonderful man. It is so clear he is honest and telling the truth. Their is a child like transparency about him..

    I hope he is still alive and doing well. Great Catholic.
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  16. Booklady

    Booklady Powers

    Wow, Padraig, I have never heard that we are intended to take a Seat of a Fallen Angel. Is this in the scriptures?
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  17. AED

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    Tradition of the Church back to the early Church fathers i believe.
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  18. Booklady

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    Thank you AED.
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  19. HeavenlyHosts

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    Which would explain further their hatred
    of us.
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  20. Seagrace

    Seagrace Archangels

    Thank you for sharing this, Padraig.
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