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    WOW Carmel....what a dream!!
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    I shared this I think on Charlie's blog but I am pretty sure it happened while the board was down and just now remembered to share it here. I had quite the day the Saturday after the board shut down. We had family coming into town so I knew I was not going to be able to make it to mass on Sunday morning so went Saturday evening to a church that was not my parish. I don't normally do the Saturday evening mass. So early in the mass I had one of those mind drifting prayer moments where I basically asked God if I was on the right track with all I have come to know and do for the Lord this past year in a half. I was basically looking for an at ta boy from the Lord a pat on the back so to speak. This thought came and went in an instance and I thought nothing of it. After I had received communion, I has sitting on the end of the pew kneeling with my head down in wonderful harmony and giving thanks to the Lord. All of a sudden I felt 3 pats on my back. I looked up and back as the person was now behind me and there staring back at me was probably a mid 40's man who you could tell had downs syndrome who I did not know and have never seen in my life. He was just glancing back at me and gave me the biggest smile and a wink of his eye and was on his way. It was AWESOME!! I love the little things like this that come along from the Lord.

    Later that night I went to bed and was saying my evening prayers before sleep and all of a sudden I heard as plain as day in a loud deep voice my name. I opened my eyes thinking for sure someone would be standing there, and in that instance I realized that I was not wearing my St. Benedict medal to sleep as I always do. As much as I have had issues in the bed with the tricks of the evil one I can't help but wonder if I did not hear the voice of St. Benedict himself...hmmm?

    Today I had another wonderful little reminder right on cue. I love to take a walk in the trails of the woods close to my work when I can break away for a much needed lunch break. I spend this entire time in prayer or listening to wonderful Catholic music or instrumentals. Today at one point I was talking to the Lord and asking for mercy and I said something along the lines of asking for forgiveness in my venial sins of the day and of course help remind me if I have any mortal sins to confess because quite I honestly I don't even know if I completely remember all that is mortal some times but do know them for the most part. I asked the Lord saying hopefully I was not in mortal sin at the present time so I can be in full communion with Him possibly tomorrow at mass if I can break away from the busy work schedule. No sooner as I finished the prayer, the song changed on my Ipod to "Taste and see" so of course I took this as a sign.
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    I thought of a John Leary message reading your friend's dream. People say to me, Leary is not true. I don't know, we shall see. I like John's messages, they are clearly written and the sequence of events is repeated over and over for years with more detail in the last couple of years.

    The celestial at the time of the Warning, it is called a "comet" in John Leary's messages and will come around again at the time of the Chastisement. I would have to check, it is repeated in other Leary messages, when the comet of the Chastisement hits, we will be lifted up into the air. Hmm, Rapture sounding a bit.

    March 25, 2014 (Feast of Annunciation)

    Jesus said: “My people, on the day of the Warning, or life review for everyone on earth, there will be a very frightening comet that will pass close to the earth. Some could die of fright from this celestial experience, or from seeing their sins as I see them. I have told you before that this comet of the Warning will miss the earth, but its trajectory will be changed by the earth’s gravity. The next time that this comet comes around again, it will be the Comet of Chastisement that will strike the earth and kill two-thirds of the people. This vision is another sign that the Warning is not far off. I have warned My people that you need to come to Confession to avoid any visions of hell as your mini-judgment.”

  4. Reminded me of this! My kids showed me a while back...:X3:
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    Unfortunately, I do not have dreams or visions, which at some points has caused me distress. I wanted to share a dream my daughter had 2 nights ago..

    She told me she dreamt she was walking in a beautiful garden in our back yard (We don't have a garden in our back yard as a point of reference) and our house was a mansion (again my no means is our house a mansion).

    She said there was a statue of Mary in our yard looking in a certain direction, but as she walked in the garden the statue turned it's head and looked at her... She said she "freaked out" and woke up (understandable she is a 15 year old girl)

    She told me she believes the dream meant that Mary is watching over her and she called it an "epiphany"
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    Sounds like a good dream at her age and maybe one for you to occasionally remind her of. Hopefully at an age when teens are thinking they are invincible and independent, she was reminded that she is not alone, nor are her acts unheeded. God sees all things, and children that are taught this learn better to control their actions and discipline their thoughts and desires in a more Godly way. Also since she saw the Virgin, she can be reminded that she is a beautiful daughter of Mary, chosen by Mary herself, and rejoice in that.
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    Thank you Carmel333

    My daughters name is Mary, she goes to an all girls catholic school and believe it or not, she was one of only 4 girls that attended daily eucharist in catholic school during Lent last year..

    We are blessed!
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    I don't know if I've ever shared this dream on the forum or not but Kclark's daughter's dream reminded me of it. Three years ago when I was pregnant for my 5th child (a mom's calendar is based on her pregnancies! haha) I had a very vivid dream unlike any other I've ever had. The colors were so vibrant and everything was silent. I walked into a cathedral and was walking down the center aisle of brilliant red carpet. The church was empty and I looked up to my left and on the wall was a huge picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary but she was alive and said "victoria" to me. That's it, just "victoria". When I awoke I thought maybe God was giving me a name for my unborn child and held onto that until I found out I was having a BOY.
    The name Victoria means "victory" so now I believe our Mother was reminding me that she (by the grace of God) will be victorious in the end.
  9. Lily

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    Or maybe the Blessed Virgin was telling you that YOU would be victorious Little Me, because you were on, "the red carpet"
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  10. lynnfiat

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    I don't want to discuss my background, but suffice it to say I was a disgusting sinner until Our Lady brought me to Her Son (Jesus once told me, "It was My Mother who picked you up from the gutter and brought you to Me."). In 1993, I came into the Catholic Church after being a non-practicing Lutheran most of my life. I had never read Scripture and was unattentive the few times I did manage to step into Church. One night in July, 1994 , I had a dream (this cannot be described - not a normal dream that you dream during sleep, but one that was very real like you were seeing it with your eyes and hearing with your ears). I saw myself standing in a very long corridor or hallway filled with light. I was standing next to a bride who wore a beautiful, very large, glowing white gown (I remembered thinking to myself what an incredibly large gown she had on!). As I tried to look at the face of the bride, I saw nothing. Then I heard the sound of many other people who seemed to be on the other side of the bride. I felt them present but did not see anyone. Then from a large arched doorway to the right of the hallway (which seemed to be carpeted in red) entered a majestic man who I immediately knew was Our Lord. I felt quite excited on seeing Him come towards the Bridge who was standing next to me on my left, hoping he would glance at me, but he never looked my way. It was as though he didn't know I was there. I heard Him say to the Bride that He would soon be with Her and that she would not have to wait much longer. It was a few days after this that I read this in a book by St. Catherine of Siena (Praying with St. Catherine of Siena, Meditation #9, The Mystic Body of the Church) "And I heard what seemed to be the voices of a huge crowd like the sound of the ocean or the great roar of thunder, answering, "Alleluia! The reign of the Lord our God Almighty has begun. Let us be glad and joyful and give glory to God because this is the time for the marriage of the Lamb. His bride is ready and she has been able to dress herself in dazzling white linen, because her linen is made of the good deeds of the saints." (Rev. 19:6-9) Years after this in Feb., 2009, I was reading the Book of Heaven (Luisa Picarretta) from Vol. 24, "It waits for the one who must give the strongest knock, which, forcing the doors with invincible strength - the very strength of My Divine Will - will open wide the doors, and with her sweet chains of love, will bind the Eternal Will to make It come and reign in the midst of creatures. She will be like a bride who, bejeweling the groom with her loving chains, will carry him as though in triumph into the midst of creatures."
    May the Kingdom of the Divine Will come soon! Fiat!
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    If there's anybody here with a gift for interpreting dreams, I had a most strange one last night.

    I was at home and it was night time, everyone had gone out of the house and I realised I hadn't locked the doors. It wasn't the house I actually live in, or any other house that I'm familiar with, but in the dream it was familiar. So I went downstairs to lock the doors and as I went into the kitchen I got the most horrible smell. I looked around and saw a creature crawling slowly across the floor, so I went to take a closer look. It looked and smelled like excrement and I could see that it was some type of reptile, like a large lizard. I then noticed that my mother had gone out and left the back door wide open, so I went and closed it before deciding how to deal with the creature. I then, of course, realised that I was now in an enclosed space with the creature, which was now making its way out of the kitchen and into the main part of the house. I grabbed a long-handled dustpan and brush and approached the creature, which was now on its back with its legs waving in the air. Thinking it was dying, or at least harmless, I tried to brush it into the dustpan, but as I touched it, it turned over and began to fly up into the air. I swung at it with the brush but missed (I have a terrible aim) and it began to fly straight at my face. I was afraid it was going to breath fire or something nasty at me. Just as it was about to make impact with my face I woke up with a start.

    I've never had a dream anything like this before. I'm thinking the reptile might represent some particular sin/evil that I have let creep in "the back door" and which I am having difficulty eradicating. Any thoughts??

    Update: Now that I've read back over this some other thoughts are coming to me. The reptile that stinks of excrement is sodomy; the gay agenda, that has slowly crept in the back door of our homes and which tries to appear harmless but when confronted turns nasty and is literally flying in our faces.
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    I believe it is the enemy trying to frighten you. Thanks be to God it was a dream. I have had several battles with him - and they were not dreams, but real. In these battles I have learned to call out to Mother Mary and he immediately leaves. Do not let him bother you whether in dreams or physical. He cannot harm us!
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    Your interpretation seems right to me...
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  14. Adoremus

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    And the reptile got in, how? Because my mother (the Church?) went off and left the back door wide open. Now this creature isn't going to leave without a fight and I am sadly ill-equipped to deal with it. YIKES!
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    This is the Lord's battle. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world!

    For several months over the past year I was led to dive into the Old Testament, and explore the prophets and the exploits of the armies of God. The theme running through it all is how God uses obedient vessels who are small in the eyes of the world to show the enemies of God His supremacy. He truly is a God of surprises, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Our battle cry is "Who is like unto God?" This world is about to find out.
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  16. Adoremus

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    Just as well; because if it were left to me flailing around with my dustpan and brush I'm afraid we'd be in big trouble.;)
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    So I just now remembered my dream from last night. Before I went to bed I was saying my prayers and for some reason I called out to any or all the priests in heaven to hear my confession knowing that I wouldn't be making it for awhile (I try to go ever 2-3 weeks but this new job I have is getting in the way a bit of my daily church life). Sure I know this does not count but for some reason felt compelled to just confess out loud in bed before going to sleep any way. When I awoke this morning I remembered only one dream. In the dream I was confessing to a priest I never knew before and he seemed to be of European descent. Oddly enough, I am pretty sure though the memory on this dream is getting a bit shaky right now, my confession was the same as what I had just confessed before going to bed. I confessed, waited to hear what the priest said, which I don't remember now and then waited for my penance. He said I did not need to do a penance in this case because I was not in a state of mortal sin. That is all I remember and then I awoke. Strange timing but I still want to go to confession soon ha ha.
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  18. lynnfiat

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    I relate this story only for the Glory of God and for those who will read this will come closer to His Divine Heart through His Words. (I relate this from my notes) For your discernment:

    March, 1995 (two years after coming into the Catholic Church): During Adoration while praying with my eyes closed, my vision was filled with a incredible bright light. From within this light, I saw what appeared to be a very large chair with a high back and side arms. It was as though looking through a fog of light. I then saw vaguely an outline of a person engulfed in the light. As the light was very bright, it was hard to see clearly. While looking into the light, I began to think of our Heavenly Father and a prayer welled up within me to Him. Then I said, “How can people not know that you are their Father, their Daddy. How can they think of you as being anything other than that. “ (people at that time had been calling Our Father – Father-Mother, and it bothered me – which is probably the reason for my saying what I did) Continuing to see this vision before me, I was startled to hear Him say, Love them as I love them! A little while later I heard, The veil will soon come down.” For some reason I didn’t want to listen anymore as I felt within me that He was going to say something else, so I began praying again so as not to listen, but again He spoke saying, “The veil will soon come down. Then you will see wonders as you have never seen.” Moments later He said, “I Am (slight pause) Yahweh” All of this must have taken about 20 minutes (I was in the Adoration Chapel at the time), and was as if in slow motion. The voice speaking to me was so loving and tender! He spoke very slowly and clearly. My body felt as thought I were no longer in the Chapel, but when someone came in the door I was aware of their presence. After leaving the Chapel for Mass, I felt such incredible peace which I continued to feel throughout the day. During Mass at the elevation of the Host, I saw a bright light come out of the back of the Host facing the Priest. After communion, very bright lights were flashing in my head – mostly coming from the right side and many shadows appeared. Late the next night, my husband asked me for this message and while reading it said he didn’t understand what “The veil will soon come down” meant (which I also didn’t understand) He had just prayed for an answer, and while we were watching EWTN there was a Bishop who was showing a picture of Pope Leo XIII. In the picture there was a lady who was wearing a veil on her head. Her hands were on the veil looking as though she were going to pull it down over her face. The Bishop went on to explain that this represented a death approaching or that Rom or a civilization was coming to an end – or that there was going to be a new time approaching.
    I have had many other visions and messages which I will relay if it be the Will of God.
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  19. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Read the The Maccabees!
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    hi I had this one about a month ago so I just make the main points on it, I told my parents they said probably something I ate you know cause you to have bad dreams anyway here it goes the main points on it. Where I live is on a hill and our church the church of the resurrection is at the top so trying to explain is that there is a main road from the top down to the bottom of the hill. In the dream our president was on TV Michael d Higgins I could see him next an air raid warning went of outside not that strange cause they had one in the Harrington's paint factory down from where I live but has not been used in years anyway it went of it looked like stars in the sky outside but they changed into like ufos or hovering jet fighters anyway next part people started coming down the hill in droves and there seemed to be military in black helmets checking out some houses . Next thing some people came into the house to hide and this light came through the house like it was searching for people.
    Now this is the sinister part which felt real I was in the crowd going down the hill and these kids where giving out orange paper bags to people on the front of the bags looked like those drawings of the old coke Bootle at Christmas a child on the front smiling looked like sweets inside the packets . anyway at the end of the hill there is Blackpool shopping centre you can see on Google maps the railway line is not far from it this is the disturbing bit for me all the children where been taken away by nurses and doctors and there thousands of Gardaí in riot gear behind barriers and I could see people handcuffed onto the barriers to and then I woke up anyone got anything to say on this it was a strange one
    Anyone got any ideas on this

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