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    Is God speaking to us in our dreams right now and letting us take back fragments sometimes or larger pieces of information to remember and possibly even share? In Acts 2 it states:

    [17] And it shall come to pass, in the last days, (saith the Lord,) I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

    I have seen visions and had interesting dreams and I wonder what yours may be like as well. There are a great many holy people on this board and I am sure God is talking to many of us through visions and dreams. I will be sharing some interesting ones of mine in the past year that always seem to come either right before something I learn about or shortly after connecting some dots. I am going to put them in order of what I can remember in when they came over this past year and a few months now. These dreams are very lucid and I still remember pretty much every detail of them still.

    1. Father in Law Visit from Purgatory? April 2013: The short version of this dream since I have mentioned this before was that in the dream my wife and I were hosting the family over for dinner. There was a knock at the front door of my house and standing there was my deceased father in law who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2003. He was younger man in his 20's but his hair remained the white color it was when he died. I knew he was dead in the dream and that this visit was quite unique. I asked him why his hair was still white and the rest of him was young. He told me it was a reminder for him of his life in the world and the work he still needed to do. I invited him in and he said he could not stay and was just here to speak to me. He asked me to pray for him and I said I would and that was the end of the dream.

    2. The Evil Mist Attack January 2, 2014: I too have spoken of this dream that turned into a real experience so will try to be brief. In the dream part many were gathered on the pacific coast as there were natural disasters going on and people were trying to evacuate. There was a large volcano about to erupt and I knew if I could get to my boat and out to sea all would be fine. I get my wife and friends on the boat and away we go out to sea. All of a sudden on the horizon there is this green light mist coming and in the mist there is a sweet voice claiming it is the spirit of Art. I instantly get images in my head of the arts like ballet, theatre, etc... I know this mist is evil. Next the dream flashes away from me on a boat with the mist hovering over us in the boat to me in my head in my bedroom with the mist now there in the room. I am pretty much awake at this point but eyes are still closed and yet I see it and feel it. It moves over my sleeping wife and moves in a perverse sinister way to begin to seduce her. I spring up in my head and grab it then it is on top of me holding me down at my chest with what feels like 1,000 lbs. I begin to pray the Hail Mary and it is gone after saying Mary's name. I open my eyes and am calm with no fear which I find to be strange.

    3. Woman in my room before Bed March 2014: This was actually not a dream and I was still awake with my eyes closed before bed saying prayers. All of a sudden to my left I see a woman of Spanish decent standing next to me. She appeared to be in her 60's. I heard her voice in my head and not my own say, "Please Pray for Me"

    4. Nuclear Explosion NYC end of April 2014: I was standing on a hillside over looking the Manhattan skyline. I remember my dad there and another presence but can't remember now if it was an angel or possibly a saint. I turn to the east and look at this missile streaking towards the city. As it gets over the center of the city I see the flash and then mushroom cloud. Next thing I remember I am on a train north of the city trying to tell everyone what was going and and who was behind this and that this was all allowed to happen by the president selling the country out to the Russians and Chinese since we were broke as a nation. I knew this was the precursor of more horrible things to come and no one would believe me or listen to me. I remember then needing to figure out how to get back home to my family in Kentucky then I woke up.

    5. Visit again from Father In Law May 2014:
    About a year after I had the dream of my father in law come to me this time I had a different dream. It was a beautiful happy dream. We are all visiting with my father in law who now was still alive in the dream and was his happy old self. We were at a new home he and my mother in law just bought on the beach in Florida. It was so peaceful and full of joy. He was full of joy and I just felt he was letting me know all was good now for him. The next day, my mother in law in the real world now posted this picture on her facebook page from Venice, Fl of the sun anomaly that was so beautiful with this huge ring around it. It was all over the news down there and people were quite alarmed of it actually. To me It was a wonderful sign I think again of what my father in law wanted me to know especially since the picture came from his spouse here still alive from her beach home.

    6. I heard Mary's Voice! June 2014: This just happened last week. I was not asleep yet at all and was saying my evening prayers. I had all these overwhelming spiritual feelings and quick flashes of images occurring like cars or trains or faces, etc but nothing substantial. All of a sudden I just kept saying in my head, "Jesus I love you, Mary I love you!". On probably the 4th or 5th time right after I said, "Mary..." I heard in my head in the sweetest, most loving voice, "Andy". I was overwhelmed with joy and grabbed the scapular around my neck and honored her with her prayer, The Hail Mary.

    7. Purgatory?? July 1, 2014:
    This just happened last night and was a dream sequence but I only remember pieces of it now probably what I was supposed to remember or allowed to remember. This was a typical strange dream where the dream moved all over the place to different locations like my home or old business. Then I was at my old job in a large building in Cincinnati. This time there was a sense of dread all around like bad things were happening. Next the building completely changed like the veil was dropped and everything was darker. The people were now in a sense of agony. All of a sudden where I am standing I am next to a very large open door with this brightness coming from it and a large being or rather Angel though I can't recall the details any more was standing before it. At this point I knew I was in Purgatory and the opening was to hell. There was another there with me and I recall that I felt like I was going to have to enter through this opening now. I had this horrible feeling about doing so and felt ashamed because I was going to hell. All this I thought I was doing to make it to heaven and now I was being judged and my sentence was hell for my sins that I had not had a chance to confess. I then remember though the angel before the opening letting me know that Our Mother would be coming soon though to see me. I instantly had some hope in seeing Our Mother. I felt that she would help me stay at least in Purgatory and not be damned in hell and in my head I just knew that and begged to be spared to being the last person to ever leave Purgatory versus going to hell. I never saw Mary come but I knew she was on her way and I could see or rather feel others were hoping for the same thing. That is all I remember. After this dream this morning on my way to work I was listening to Father John Riccardo talking about sin and God's forgiveness. This was a random selection I made and it was of no coincidence for me. He was saying that in order to strive to become sinless in our life we first need to know how God view sins. It is very serious to God which is obvious since it only takes one sin to be cut off from God and damned to hell. It was one sin that made the angels fall and one sin that made Adam and Eve lose paradise. One sin for us in our lives will damn us and we have libraries full of books full of our many many sins. But....what is greater than God's wrath or Judgement is what God delights in more, mercy! God loves us and forgives us and cleanses us then forgets it ever happened.

    These are my memorable dreams so far. I hope to hear some of yours. This at least for me is a way to have a record of them in case I do ever forget some of the details. This is in a way our virtual dream journal.
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    More than ten years ago, I had the most vivid dream of my adult life. Its the only dream that has ever stuck with me and readily comes to mind, even all these years later, in minute detail. It was brief but very troubling. I do not necessarily think this dream was "prophetic" (at least I hope not) but I relate it here regardless.

    My wife and I were walking onto a boardwalk on the east coast. There were oceanfront boardwalk shops on our right, and a long arcing curve of many tall condos, apartments and hotels to the north, on our left, arching out into the northeast. It seemed as if we were on an outer banks island, but I do not know the state. My three children were not with us, but were back home in PA (and I have always been puzzled as to why they were not with us). As we entered a wider area of the boardwalk there was a ticket kiosk in front of us and a large amusement park with rides, a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel on the boardwalk reaching out into the ocean to our right.

    As my wife walked along suddenly all the people on the boardwalk started screaming and running away from the ocean. I turned and saw a massive tsunami racing towards us, towering at least 200 feet, higher than the tallest apartments and hotels to our left. My wife began to scream and run, and I grabbed her by the arms and yelled, "Kneel down and pray!!!"

    The tsunami struck and everything went black. I awoke in the dream an indeterminate amount of time later, and was on the bay side of the outer bank island. The ocean front town was gone, with only debris and uprooted trees as far as the eye could see. I wandered aimlessly and cried, searching and shouting for my wife. I saw no other living soul.

    In the dream everything once again went black. I awoke in the dream an indeterminate amount of time later, and was inland in a wooded hilly area, wandering aimlessly. An African American family passed by on a trail on a hillside. They saw me and said, "We know a place of refuge up north. Follow us."

    I awoke from this dream very shaken. Eventually I fell back asleep and later that night the dream seemed to continue. We were overlooking a large expanse of water, one I somehow knew was newly formed, and hilltops with trees dotted the horizon as newly formed islands. The group I was walking with simply said, "The place of refuge is over there, across the water," which in the dream I knew to be north.

    That was the end of the dream. I do not know its meaning, I just know that I was so shaken by it that, even though I love the ocean, I had severe anxiety every time I went to the ocean for years, and I subconsciously look for that boardwalk scene every time I'm at the ocean. If it is a real place I will know it when I see it.
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    Have had many also. I will give a brief overview just in case anyone else is going through this and is alone like I was because trying to juggle this kind of prayer with a job and laundry and driving and not having any guidance (at least human guidance) it can be overwhelming. In Feb 1997 I had 2 apparitions of Our Lord, a day apart. Big warning for me and conversion at that time. Two weeks of tears and extreme grief for my sins followed.
    Back to confession and Mass. I then became pretty much a hermit for about 9 months and was constantly in deep prayer. I could actually feel Jesus directly over my right shoulder. I could hear His voice and conversed with Him constantly. If I said His name or even thought His name I would immediately go into ecstasy. I could not move during this time, and was so filled with joy body and soul that I thought I would die from the intensity. This would happen anywhere and anytime, even at work. Once at work it lasted 15 minutes in the middle of typing a letter and I begged Jesus to take it away lest someone come in my office and find me frozen there with my head thrown back. LOTS of mystical stuff happened during that time, and then boom, I was basically thrown into a dark night of the soul. There was nothing, all was gone. If not for a nice lady at the Catholic bookstore who gave me a book on St Teresa of Avila, I would have probably gone into despair and back to the "world". NO one at that time in my life understood what was happening to me, and I had no one to even go to church with. I had became so very dependent on Jesus and my guardian angel that I really kind of closed myself off from everyone. I was alone except for my dogs, but of course I wasn't alone at all as I had Jesus right with me. Then I was mad at Him when it all disappeared because I felt abandoned and no longer believed He loved me anymore. I thought I had done something wrong and He left me. After a few months I then started having a different kind of locution where I would hear His voice in my heart or soul. During all this I prayed the Rosary every day without fail (I still do) and I believe Our Lady was the one who sent me her Son. If not for the Rosary I believe the demons would have gotten me when they began their attacks. They tried to bring me to despair and kept telling me that I was no good. That even Jesus left me along with my husband, etc.. etc...
    So if anyone is experiencing mystical prayer, please get some good books on prayer and these experiences and don't ever stop praying, no matter how the devils tempt you.
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    Like Brian I have only ever had one dream that remains with me: again discernment is needed as it may be a collage of possible future events:

    19 January 2008

    Muslim terrorists make a systematic attack throughout Europe,
    A wave of thousands of suicide bombers blowing up people in streets,
    all over. I get the impression that these are Muslim extremists already
    resident in Europe.
    So many one cannot count – like a tidal wave of attack,
    The news cameras are out and a lot is captured on film but
    Some cameramen die in the explosions live on T.V.
    Infrastructures are attacked, people are attacked and terrorized,
    People running everywhere in an absolute panic; running from
    one explosion into another.

    Some of the attacks are also in the Middle East, as
    well-known BBC middle-east correspondent Jeremy Bowen continues
    His broadcast with blood streaming down his face.

    My impression is that Ireland remains untouched as there
    Are few extremist Muslims residing here.
    England gets it bad because of home grown terrorists.

    I sense that this is the beginning of the war – that these are like
    foot-soldiers whose aim is to weaken the infrastructures and
    terrorize the people.

    I hear clearly the news headlines that evening on the BBC –
    ‘ONE MILLION’ people killed throughout Europe in this wave of
    attacks. My wife cries in depair at the loss of life and out of fear for
    what will happen next.

    I sense that this initial attack will be followed by invading armies of Muslim
    Nations, who will find it easier to attack because of the destruction
    caused by the home grown terrorists. But it seems that the two are connected
    It is as if the Muslim nations knew that the home-grown terrorists were going
    to strike - one is the hand the other is the glove, there is a close relationship
    between the two.

    I see people herded to a great river in Europe that if they get across that
    River they will be safe. The Muslims stop at that river and are happy that
    they have conquered Europe and they will leave Christians alone who reside
    at the other side of that river (I do not know the name of the river).

    Ireland is not touched by the Muslim extremists; they are not interested
    in coming that far.

    This was the most powerful dream that I have
    ever had and I woke at 4 in the morning in a panic thinking that it was
    all real.

    On reflection the most powerful aspect was the news headlines,
    I clearly heard ‘one million killed’ as a result of the attacks.

  5. Indy

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    I have had a number of vivid dreams but will share one here from 30 January 2012. This was a dream as I was waking. I had a very vivid vision of Our Lady directly below me with her blue mantle wrapped all round me. I was not looking down but was asleep and lying facing upwards but could clearly see and feel her sky blue mantle all around me. I then woke up fully, feeling a beautiful peace almost like a child in the womb, a peace which I feel very rarely and when I do I know its usually true and from a divine source.

    This was part of a serious of occurrences that convinced me the Our Lady was helping me on my journey home.
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    My favorite lately was about a year ago. I was put under for surgery and Jesus was there the whole time just looking at me and I was looking at him. It was just a white background like we were in a cloud and I knew I was having surgery and that I was under but didn't want to wake up. I woke up and remembered all of it. I've had 6 surgeries in the last few years and usually the second they put you under in the next second it seems they are waking you up again. I had 2 more surgeries since that one but no vision. Same drugs too so I don't think it was the drugs.
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    Brian all I could think of was this scene in your dream. Chilling and could happen easily by a meteor like wormwood for example or when the La Palma volcano collapses into the Atlantic.

  8. BrianK

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    Yes, and its still difficult for me to watch that video segment, even all these years after that dream.

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  9. Denmomof3

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    As for myself, I had a very powerful dream which I can say helped with my conversion. I will never forget this dream and often replay it in my mind. I often get emotional when I think about it and now I have no doubt in my mind about GOD's love for us and how he tries to reach out to us in different ways.

    First a little history: I grew up in a Catholic family and my parents, especially my mother are extremely devout. My husband and I were married back in 2000 and due to certain hurried circumstances (moving, job transfer, etc....) we ended up getting married by the law. My mother was very happy we made the commitment but was unhappy that we had not married by the church. She often pressured us about getting married by the church and would often pray Novenas to St. Teresa for her intercession. As the years went on, I became more and more stubborn. I would attend church sporadically (because my husband insisted that we go) but was only there in body, distracted and paying attention only to the baby that was crying or the person who walked in late. During the fall of 2012, my niece asked me to confirm her. Of course I knew I would need to talk to the priest and he would tell me that I can't unless me and my husband marry through the church. Well, my husband is even more stubborn than I am so to him (also Catholic) we were already married and that is all that counts. In January, 2013 I finally gathered the courage and told my husband that we need to speak with the priest. At that point he said he said that he would not participate with me and didn't see a need. Well of course I became extremely upset and told him that I would no longer go to church with him and saw no reason due to the fact that we can't even receive communion.

    About two weeks later, I had a dream. In that dream I was being held hostage by an evil entity in my home. It was a male but I couldn't see the face. People would try to help me escape but no one could because this entity would hurt them. I didn't want anyone to get hurt anymore so I just gave up and was allowing myself to be held or controlled. At one point the evil being started to carve some letters in my skull. I could just feel the blood dripping down my head and my sister tried giving me a towel so that I could wipe myself. I refused it because I was afraid. For some reason, this evil thing had gone somewhere else and at that point my sister couldn't take it anymore and was trying to help me escape. Suddenly we were outside and Jesus appeared. My sister and I were speechless as we saw him approach towards us. He passed by us and walked towards that evil being who was also outside by this point. As he got close to this evil being, it suddenly left because Jesus had banished it. I could see Jesus standing up on a large mound or rock pointing and looking off towards the horizon and there was a beautiful sunset. All I could think of was that Jesus had banished that evil thing and now I was free. After this, I woke up.

    I had never seen Jesus in a dream and I could see him very clearly. I don't know for sure what this dream meant but I think he was trying to tell me that I needed to stop living in the darkness of sin and allowing it to control my life and the only way to get out of that darkness is through him. After this I got the strength and courage to stand my ground with my husband and talk to the priest. We got married by the church last year of April 2013. Ever since my dream, I go to church as often as I can and I love it (1-5 times a week), receive communion, confession, daily rosary and also I recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I want to do more fasting but I am weak in this area. Hopefully I will get there soon. Sometimes I sit by a statue of St. Teresa at church and I am almost sure she smiles at me every once in a while. I think all of those novenas that my mom prayed to St. Teresa were answered.
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    I'm sorry, I should have probably included this in my last post. I had another dream a few months back. It may have even been sometime around the beginning of the year. Anyhow, I had a dream that me and two of my children were driving down the highway during the day time. It was very cloudy and I was looking up at the sky as I drove. Suddenly, I noticed that the clouds started parting and from behind it came a very large, very bright cross. As the cross was being revealed, I could feel this intensity within my chest. By this point, I had already stopped my car and we were just staring at that cross in awe. At that point my husband started waking me up because I was moaning or talking in my sleep. I can still see this cross really vividly in my mind.
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  11. Fatima

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    I am not a man of dreams or visions, but I can't help thinking that what you describe here Andy is what Father Malachi Martin said when referencing the 3rd secret of Fatima "Keep you eye's on the skies".

    "Which countries will be hit hardest? He (Father Martin) said the chastisement would be worse in some places than in others, but that no one will be able to avoid it. And will it be possible to live through the chastisement? He said thoughtfully, “Yes, but in the greatest misery.” And how are we to tell when these things are about to happen? “Keep your eyes on the skies,” he said, an admonition he would repeat many, many times". (anyone interesting in reading the whole article on Father Malachi Martin can do so starting on page 23 of this link
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    I had an interesting dream while napping yesterday afternoon. I got a text message that said, "Caroline said to spend extra time with patients today. The Blessed Mother is giving out extra graces for this." I read it several times, wondering who sent the text because I didn't recognize the number. There is someone named Caroline at work, but I barely know her and she's not Catholic.

    When I woke up, I realized the text was a dream, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

    Last night at 10 p.m. I was called to see a patient, and when I arrived, I found the patient comfortable, with no reason for the visit that I could see. The family seemed a little embarrassed for calling me out for nothing. I kept my irritation to myself, and consoled myself with the thought, "At least it will be a short visit, since there's nothing to be done." But then I remembered the dream text. So I spent an hour with the patient's wife and daughter, answering their questions and telling them stories about angels and the cloud of witnesses and the amazing grace that surrounds the dying person. When I left the wife said, "Now I have peace."

    Anybody on the forum named Caroline???
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    My friend and I were going through Revelation last week after I wanted to search and read about Wormwood and came to some interesting thoughts on it trying to fit it into timeline of events like the Warning or how Verne laid it out. In Revelation 8 we start the trumpets:

    [6] And the seven angels, who had the seven trumpets, prepared themselves to sound the trumpet. [7] And the first angel sounded the trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast on the earth, and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

    These seems to be literal fire falling from heaven at the start of the chastisement. I feel that some of these trumpets are divine and heavenly and others could be utilized through man. I feel this start of chastisement is to show the world that this is not natural at all so must be from God. Fire falling from the sky after all does not happen in our world other than a volcano which I feel comes later.

    [8] And the second angel sounded the trumpet: and as it were a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood: [9] And the third part of those creatures died, which had life in the sea, and the third part of the ships was destroyed.

    Now I think we are talking about a meteor or comet striking the earth possibly how I mentioned above that could begin a chain reaction of terrible geographical events.

    [10] And the third angel sounded the trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, burning as it were a torch, and it fell on the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters:
    [11] And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

    Wormwood sound nuclear to me. This bright flash like a star falling over land since we are talking about rivers and the fountains of waters. This star poisons the water as radiation would.

    [12] And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that the third part of them was darkened, and the day did not shine for a third part of it, and the night in like manner.

    I think now we are talking about super volcanoes now going off blocking the sun's light and creating this darkened world not to mention the amount of stuff in the atmosphere from the meteor impact as well as the radiation etc. The trumpet chastisements are terrible to think about but he question always remains when in the timeline of events do they come? Do the trumpets come in order or at different times. Are they pre or post warning or could some of them be? These I just don't know but it seems like what they are sound both divine, as well as man. We always hear of a conditional chastisement but how can this be conditional when we already know of the chastisements to come as seen by John.

    [13] And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth: by reason of the rest of the voices of the three angels, who are yet to sound the trumpet.
  14. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Powers

    I seem to have a lot of dreams to do with demons, and in the dreams I am always taught to call on our Blessed Mother which dispels them. One of the most amazing dreams was years ago. I had a new neighbor who was also called to be a 3rd Order Carm, and we entered at the same time. We had taken to attending daily Mass together also. She was involved in this dream. Anyway, one night I dreamed that her and I were praying the Office together at my house, and suddenly the room was filled with demons. They were so strong in their evil aura that we were literally shoved up against the ceiling in our attempt to escape them. Suddenly my friend started yelling out titles of the Blessed Virgin, and I too started proclaiming them, even though I had never even heard of most of them at the time! We did this in a litany. For example, my friend: Our Lady of Good Help, pray for us! Then me: Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, pray for us! and so on. Each time we did this the demons cringed and then they were literally trying to escape US instead of the other way around! We named dozens of titles of Our Lady during the dream, and as I said most I had never even heard of. I never knew she had so many! So the amazing part is, the next morning I picked up my friend to go to Mass, and the first thing she said was, "I had a dream with you in it last night! It was so scary." Turns out she had had the exact SAME DREAM! That really showed us that it was truly from God and that perhaps He was preparing us for something.
  15. Adoremus

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    My first thought was to look up a St Caroline... there doesn't seem to be one, but there are two Blessed Carolines/Karolinas, one Polish and one German. The German one is the patroness of learning; the Polish one is known as the Polish Maria Goretti. Maria Goretti's feast day was yesterday, July 6.
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  16. kathy k

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    Or maybe there's a St. Caroline, known to God alone, who wants to make friends with me? She can text me any time!
  17. kathy k

    kathy k Guest

    The Lord only rarely speaks to me in dreams. But I had one early after my conversion that was like the one you mention - to teach me about spiritual warfare.

    I was in a rosary group at the time, and one of the men was quite proud. In the dream, I was in his house with him and his wife, and we looked out the window and saw a handsome young man in the front yard. We all knew it was the enemy. The man said, "I'll take care of this." We tried to stop him, but he went outside and confronted him. The young man went into a frenzy and attacked my friend so viciously, I ran outside to his aide. I planned to shout, "I command you, in the name of Jesus, to leave this property!" All that came out was, "I..." and the enemy reached his hand into my belly and twisted, causing the most intense pain I've ever experienced. I can still remember it. I started calling out the names of Jesus and Mary and woke up. I had physical problems in that region for almost a year afterward.

    The lesson is seared into my memory. I encountered a demonic at mass about a year ago, and when he threatened to strike me, all I could think was, "Whatever I pray, it can't start with "I"!" -

    A priest friend told me to pray, "Jesus Christ, son of the living God, commands you to the foot of the cross where you are defeated!" The enemy also can't bear the name or titles of the Blessed Mother or her rosary.
  18. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    ^^^I guess that explains why the evil went away in a hurry from me upon saying, "Hail Mary!"

    Thanks Kathy for sharing that is a great way to know how to start a prayer in the future when in the presence of evil!
  19. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Years ago I decided to change my life, business man in the middle east for years and after a week of nightmare, I decided few weeks later, to go back with family to my country France.

    After This week of nightmare, I installed a small place in one of the corner of my private office in our Villa where I was working then I added a prayer mat, a picture of Jesus Christ and his Mother the Virgin Mary, I decided to Pray but I did knew how to Pray, so I knelt as I could see on Tv but did not knew what to say, so I started with these words : You Jesus, son of God as they call you and You Mary, Mother of Jesus….suddenly I started to smell a kinf of Perfume, it seems to me like a perfume of Rose, my 2 hands smelled this perfume strongly as my office.....

    I became angry and called my wife, shouting to her, reminding her that she was not allowed to access to my office in any case and asked her what was the reason, she told me that she never went to my office as she was not allowed and has always respected it, I replied, please don’t lie to me, there is a strong smell of Perfume in my office and don’t tell me it’s my perfume, it’s a smell of flowers, Rose or I don’t know what, her reply was : I never had any perfume of Rose, this is not my type and you should know it then she started to question me and how come a perfume of Rose arrived in your office, can you explain it to me ! I replied to her, I can’t explain it to you, all my office has this smell and since I prayed today, her reply was, so you are praying now but what’s wrong with you? I just said, you have to find for me a Catholic Church as soon as possible, a Church she said here in a muslim country ? yes and a Catholic Church only….after few days, she came back to me and told me that there is 1 Catholic Church in Dubai only called Saint Mary Church, there you can go to Pray your God….

    During this week of nightmares, I had a dream linked to my childhood, this dream reminded me when child (5 or 6 years), I found a gold necklace with a medal of Jesus on his Cross, a medal of the Virgin Mary and a medal of a fish in precious green stones, so a necklace with 3 medals found in the sand of a beach where I was playing and making sand castles, I found it in a hole that I had dug to build my sand castle.

    I took it in my hand and went to my Father who was taking a nap next to my mother who was watching me, I woke up him shouting, Father, Father, look what I found, a treasure Father, a treasure and it shines, my Father was surprised and he asked me where I found it, I explain and show him the place, he said to me but how can you find this necklace in this hole, somebody has lost it but how can we know who was now.

    I said to him, I give it to you Father, there is a man on a cross, a lady and a beautiful fish, those are holy people, the God of Christians was his answer, my Parents have always respected any religion but as there were not practicing, they decided to leave their children free to choose a religion if they wanted but when they will become adults only.

    My Father wore this necklace until his death, as to the years, he lost first the Cross with Jesus then few years after, the Fish but I still remember when I was 20, a long time ago now, closing his eyes on his deathbed, but still having the medal of the Virgin Mary around his neck.

    Few years after this week of nightmare and after a long preparation and a travel in Garabandal, I asked Baptism and became Catholic.

  20. kathy k

    kathy k Guest

    Update: The patient I went to see Sunday night died early this morning. (His name is John - please pray for him.) When I went to pronounce his death, the wife grabbed me and wouldn't let go. She said, "You can't imagine what you did for me Sunday night. Those stories you told me, they brought me such peace, and it's still with me." She kept praising me, and I stopped her. "Do you know how much the Lord loves you? You are the apple of his eye! He gave me a dream so I would spend time with you and tell you those stories."

    You can't imagine what a blessing it was to deliver that message! In the midst of her crushing grief, she was praising God for his goodness to her.
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