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    Drones circle the skies over the city announcing,

    'Control your soul's desire for Freedom!'

    'Do not sing from yours windows!'

    While the poor people scream below.

    Hell on Earth. Brought to you by the Chinese Communist Party of China.

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  3. AED

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    Chilling. Utterly chilling.
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  4. padraig

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    It is, they even have Robot Dogs running the streets warning people. I am sure my own dogs could fix them.:)

  5. padraig

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    It all reminds me of the Sci Fi film, 'Blade Runner':

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    You are right. Hell on earth. On a massive scale. All those poor souls.
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    Well that's all guaranteed nightmares tonight!
  8. Beth B

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    I saw a report on tv last night and heard these screams…is this for real? It seems impossible….

    Is this prep for the rest of us? To get us to accept this as a remedy acceptable for us…is this a possibility? I’m so skeptical of anything from China.
    It just doesn’t sit well ….is this actually true?
  9. AED

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    This is so dystopian I can't even get my brain around it.
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  10. AED

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    My questions too. ...over the boundary of the map "where there be dragons ...."
  11. Beth B

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    I believe that there is a global scheme, so I really am suspect of much of late….
    As it turns out, conspiracy theories have been found to actually be true as they have been lately, so we have ample cause for our suspicions.
    Klaus Schwab might know…?
  12. padraig

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    The Omincron Variants are at least 15 times more infectious than the original Chinese Virus. It is like a Genie you let out of a bottle and cannot put back in again. It travels at the biological speed of light there is just no stopping it.

    However because it is a Far less harmful form of the virus the rest of the world has ,very wisely allowed it to let rip. It naturally vaccinates people and dies out.

    The Chinese however are still going for zero Covid. This is rather like a two year old child standing on a railway line , waving her teddy bear attempting to stop an ongoing locomotive which has no brakes.

    In other words pure lunacy.

    Shanghai is a city of some 25 million inhabitants. They have locked it down so firmly that the drivers who should be bringing in food are themselves locked down. In addition older people tend to have no Smart Phones. Smart phones are being used to arrange food supplies. So the older folks are starving to death.

    In addition reports coming in from the confinement centers were folks who have the bug are sent are a horror picture.Virtual Death Camps.

    Why is the Leadership of China doing something the rest of the World is not? They are not stupid..I suppose.

    But if they continue on their current path they are, effectively committing Mass Suicide. This is what a Zero Covid Policy will lead to . Mass suicide. Yet they are going hell for leather doing it.

    How weird. It reminds me of putting out a fire with gasoline.

    They are not old, doting, men like Joe Biden, they are all fairly young.


    What on Earth has got into them?

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