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    Last night before bed, I sat down and started watching the first episode (which was a double episode). This time I paid attention to the backgrounds -- the people in the crowds, the cars moving on the streets, the buildings, and I have to say I was REALLY impressed! It would not look so good compared to today's CGI, but I can see why they spent so much money on this, and how it got to be a money pit after the first few episodes.
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    'He has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
    He has put down the mighty from their thrones,
    and has exalted the lowly.
    He has filled the hungry with good things,
    and the rich He has sent away empty.'

    Our lady’s own words to comfort those of us who have suffered much humiliation in this short life. We have actually been blessed for accepting this “honor”. Our Lady was rarely quoted in scripture, but her words on humility were clear. The Spirit of the Lord spoke within her! A proud heart might have rejected her, but the peasant children had hearts that were open to the words of our Lady because of their gift of humility.

    Our Lady reminded St. Bernadette that she would not find happiness in this life, only in the next.
    I'm betting they all have a very.beautifulI life in heaven now with a abundance of everything good that they did not have in this life!

    Thank you Padraig
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    The wisest words on seeing Mystical Phenomena , or praeternatural phenomena such as ghosts came from St Joan of Arc, just before they burnt her alive.

    One of the dreadful clergymen who were examining the poor young saint suggested to her that her visions might just be the work of her imagination, to which the saint replied,

    'Of course they are! How else would God talk to us?'

    So St Joan speaks of imaginative visions long before even Doctor of the Church St John of the Cross ever did.

    Now imagine ten people saw a bank robber got clear sight pf a person robbing a bank. the police interview them . Now no matter how clear their sight and how ell they saw and how good their descriptions there will always be significant variations.

    Imagine you were to interview ten people today about the Vice Presidential debate last night and give their impressions. Each will be widely different , though they all listened to the same deal.

    The imagination is the paint and palette which are the voice box of God. People , as in ordinary sight can sometimes see and hear better than others. We this at Fatima were St Francisco could not see Our Lady till he prayed harder.

    Pope of prayer see and hear these things better and clearer. But this does not mean they see the same things the same.

    Nevertheless we have hundreds of thousands of descriptions of, 'Ghosts' and they do have certain common themes. Such as generally they don't speak. They are cloudy, nebulous, grey, white or shinning and so on...

    I must tell a wonderful true ghost story that happened to my grandmother are a young girl. This happened I suppose almost a hundred years ago...

    to be contd...

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    In case the original poster is still reading this thread...

    General people-shaped apparitions can be:

    1. Angelic. As they are messengers, generally they are not quiet when they appear. They quickly reveal why they are present.

    2. Diabolical. Cause division, no peace, etc. May initially appear in a "good" form but the act doesn't last long, especially when confronted with holy water, holy names of Jesus & Mary, blessed objects, etc.

    3. Purgatorial. Well established cases historically to people like Maria Simma, Maria Lindmayer, Eugenie von der Leyen, etc. Forms can appear clearly as people, shadows, or animal-like (to reflect sins committed in life... ie. pig for gluttony...). Oftentimes they are silent. If they do speak they are to the point and request specific prayers for their release and don't offer more information than God allows.

    4. Medical. Can result from a brain tumor or mental illness.​

    When assessing a scenario, start with the natural (#4) and move to the supernatural (#1-3). Once medical tests have been completed and rule out psychological and physical issues, test for #2. If passes that test, #1 will let you know whereas #2 you need to offer prayers and Masses for the soul.

    I hope this will help you assess. A doctor will support with #4 and a good priest with 1-3.
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    I love ghost stories, only if they're tree and especially around Hollow'een.:)

    This one is true and happened to my grandmother about 100 years ago in the sleepy Irish border town of Clones outside there lovely Church there of the Sacred Heart. Her mother (my great grandmother) was very ill and sent my young grandmother to fetch a priest from the Sacred Heart Church. It was dusk and the light was fading when she saw a old priest walking up and down outside the Church praying from his Breviary. She approached him begging him to come but he kept on waking and reading as though she simply was not there.

    Giving up she knocked on the door of the Parochial House. When the housekeeper came the lady said that the priest was not there. My young grandmother told her about the Father outside and they both went round to see him but he was no longer there. The house keeper asked my grandmother to describe hi and when she did brought her in and showed her a large picture of an old priest. My grandmother agreed it was him, the former Parish Priest who had died a few years earlier. Several people from the Parish had also seen him after his death doing the exact same thing.

    It was only later my grandmother realised it was too dark for the old man to have been doing any reading, though he was.

    I suspect he was doing the Office to make up for negligences in this regard while he was alive.

    Please pray for his poor soul.


    Sacred Heart Church, Clones

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    The Clones council want to remove the high cross in your picture as it is 'unstable' Some say that the real reason they want to remove this ancient Christian symbol is to avoid giving offence to the "new Irish" in the town. Shame that in the 21st century a method can't be found to stabilise this simple stone structure
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    Cultural Marxism is like a virus it gets in everywhere and poisons and kills the truth. It seems to work most through the Media, Education and Culture. It is the death of Faith. A red Miasmic fog that gets gets in everywhere.

    The only remedy?

    Prayer. Loads and loads and loads of prayer.
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    agreed. It's a shame.
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    Sometimes it's appropriate to "stand up and be counted" and speak out against obvious deChristianisation. If we don't stand for something then we'll fall for everything
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    Dreams of Purgatory


    All who die in God’s grace, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven (ccc -1030).

    I feel compelled today to tell you of a dream I had a few years back. The reason I feel compelled to tell it is because first, it was so clear to me that purgatory is a real process of purification and second, because the dream was about a Priest and I feel we are at a crossroads. Priests and lay people alike need to decide whose kingdom they are serving.

    Of late we have seen many Priests who will not preach the full truth and some who defy it, and some who even defile it.

    Priests, in particular, have a greater responsibility to preach the truth because they are “in persona Christi.” When a Priest is scared to do what he is called to do, when he defies what he is called to do, or when he defiles it, he puts not just his own salvation in jeopardy, but the salvation of his flock whom he is leading. Priests must take their duty to the Gospel seriously.

    I believe God has compelled me to pray so much for Priests because their responsibility is so great. I tell this story as a motivation for us to keep praying for our Priests, and to help them be strong in the faith.

    I once knew a Priest who did not preach truth. He flat out told me to have my tubes tied and stop having children. At the time he said it, I didn’t even blink (save for the voices of my mom and dad in the back of my head which I had buried down), as I was immersed in the world myself. It wasn’t until after Veronica’s murder that God revealed to me how true the church teachings are and how twisted my thinking had been – and that Priests had been as well.

    When the Priest passed away, at the exact moment of his death a parishioner was at his bedside praying a chaplet of mercy for him. Praise be to God.

    “It pleases me to grant everything souls ask of me by saying the chaplet. When hardened sinners say it, I will fill their souls with peace, and the hour of their death will be a happy one. Write this for the benefit of distressed souls; when a soul sees and realizes the gravity of its sins, when the whole abyss of the misery into which it immersed itself is displayed before its eyes, let it not despair, but with trust, let it throw itself into the arms of My mercy, as a child into the arms of its beloved mother. Tell them no soul that has called upon My mercy has been disappointed or brought to shame. I delight particularly in a soul that has placed its trust in My goodness. Write that when they say this Chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My father and the dying person, not as the Just Judge but as the Merciful Saviour.” (Diary of Saint Faustina, 1541)

    Shortly after this Priest died I began having dreams about him. They were so vivid.

    In the first dream he came hobbling into the church office and fell to the floor. He barely made it in the door from the outside. I was looking at him on the floor asking him if he was okay. He said no. He said, “please help me, you are the only one who can help me, I cannot make it into the church.”

    I said, “I cannot be the only one to help you, you are too heavy.” He responded, “no, it has to be you, no one else will help me.”

    At that moment a line of Priests came through the office door. Each Priest looked down at him and stepped over him. I started yelling at the Priests, “aren’t you going to help him?” They all just ignored me like I was crazy and continued to step over him. I realized his own brother Priests were doing nothing to help him.

    I looked down upon this Priest. He cried for my help, pleading with me. I told him even if I was the only one, I would help him get into church. My heart ached for how much he was suffering and how many ignored him. Then I woke up.

    I began to pray for the soul of this Priest that day. I had several more dreams about him. They were always along the same lines, but not as desperate as the first. At some point I had earned a plenary indulgence and I asked the Lord to give it to him. I did not know at the time about Gregorian Masses. If I had, I would have gotten him some.

    The dreams stopped after I offered the Lord the plenary indulgence. I don’t tell you that to be like – “oh look at me I did a great thing.” I tell you so you won’t forget the souls in purgatory. I tell you so you won’t forget to pray for the deceased and to pray for our Priests everyday. I tell you because in my prayer the Lord told me to tell you.

    I cannot describe the immensity of the suffering this Priest was in. I would never want to see anyone suffer like that. At the same time, knowing he was in purgatory, what a mercy. His purification means he can make it to heaven and I believe he did.

    As we approach all souls day in November, let us not forget the holy souls. And for us, let us remember make our yes be yes and our no be no. Remember always whose kingdom you want to serve.

    Therefore, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever obeys and teaches these commandments will be called greatest in the kingdom of heaven. I tell you, unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:19-20
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    This powerful. What is the name of the movie.
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    As my penance after confession, the priest once told me to offer a decade of the Holy Rosary for the most needy priest in purgatory. Such a beautiful sentiment , it has remained with me ever since
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    I love this woman’s blog:love::coffee:
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    I do too! Another link in Padraig's post was Veronica’s murder a very powerful piece on sin and the sanctity of life.
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    Will read it, thank you !
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    I just read it. I highly recommend it. You are right, it's very powerful.
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    That is a lovely idea.
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    Thank you, HH! This talk was posted last year on the Feast of the Transfiguration. It is thorough and marvelous! My wife and I always go to Holy Mass together that day; it falls on our wedding anniversary.With the destruction within churches the last few months, the image accompanying the talk grieves my heart. Let us always find refuge in the Two Hearts! Let us plead God's Mercy upon ourselves and the world!


    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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