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    How selfish humankind has become, a world of Im ok, so what, look at me and sloth.

    When covid first lit our TV screens fear spread around the globe, first instincts from the elite was to keep it out not how can we help,

    Next we saw how "we are all in this together" spread a sign of hope and community dare I say love, they sent forth their Health workers as soldiers into the war zone, those people did so with pride and with love for their fellow humans, its what they signed up for to help and protect the vulnerable, they did so as hero's they had no immunity or vaccines to protect them, so into the fight they went, their people and leaders applauded them and shouted from the roof tops hey they even sang from their balconies and beat pots and pans.

    then the people got bored they screamed give us back our freedom the leaders listened , lets vaccinate them, they lined the streets with arm exposed two little jabs let us see how this unfolds.

    we want our clubs back we want to dance a covid pass at least a chance,

    so they opened the clubs and they had their dance just as salome did did they forget the past.

    the illness spread throughout the land its the anti vaccer's get them if you can.

    no jab no job they shouted even more, sack them show them the door.
    They have came for my head now herod has sealed my doom. Ill spend time with Jesus now just like him there was just no room.

    How selfish they are do they not even care it was me that stood there as they clapped from their lair's...

    When death just lurks and no ones around to help with the work will they beg me to help out or give me a shout, they will scream the vaccines didn't last.
    well hey I no my reply,, You can go kiss my ass.

    But my soul will stair and Ill jump to the task cause they will need me they just have to ask,

    Forgive us they might say as I put on my mask, what made you come back to help us at last,

    My reply will be simple to show them the plan

    At baptism I received my own Jesus Pass
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    The unvaccinated are the new Untermensch
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