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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Lee, Jun 29, 2008.

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    I'll be praying for you all at mass this morning, Lee. Its a pity you couldn't have some of the Irish rain and we could have some of the West Coast sunshine, but I think you would all be drowned with our water. :D
  3. maryrose

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    This sounds aful. I hope you are all O.K. I have been complaining about all the rain we are getting here. I will pray
    that you and yours will be safe in the hearts of Jesus and Mary.

  4. Lee

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    We are far removed from all the fires set by dry lightening, but the inversion layer has kept all the smoke right here.
    Do you remember the TV show THE BIG VALLEY? Well that's where we live, in the BIG VALLEY and unless the Delta breezes blow it's hot and still, so we sit and breath the small particles, yuck.
    A long time ago I had a dream where my father came and told me I had weak lungs...I think now he's proving correct. What has not bothered others has me in a coughing spell. This too shall pass, and boy am I glad of that.
    What is of great concern is that it's only the end of June and we have over 1400 fires blazing away...our fire season doesn't even begin until SEPT!
    I think this is a real showing to many who might not pay attention, that God is in control, not man. Unless there's a huge earth quake somewhere, or the state is set ablaze, Californians are isolationists and forget He's in command.
    Thank you for the prayers, we certainly need them.

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