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    Prior to 2016, I wasn't politically astute.

    Wrongly figured being aware of "current events" was also being politically aware.

    I've just returned from a final trip to Barnes & Noble prior to Biden's inauguration.

    This B & N, at least, has a definite political slant (Leftism).

    Prior to 2016, I wouldn't have noticed.

    So I walked around.

    Slowly glanced over all the sleek / slick books with eye-catching covers about (secular writers) forgiveness, love, letting go, positive thought, etc....

    ...which at one time (Protestant years) did pique my interest.

    And now I fully see how human wisdom is generally human folly.

    Most of these books have apparently done scant good, considering the murderous rage plaguing this country the past four years. :whistle:

    I'm very grateful for the vast literature of the Catholic Church. It will be my mainstay from now on. (y)

    Walking out of B & N without a purchase would've been inconceivable even five years ago. It no longer is. Aside from one title (too expensive / about the real St. Nicholas), I walked out without regret.
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    I love your posts. You are so honest and down to earth.
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    I actually haven't paid much attention to some of those books at Barnes and Noble. I usually go to the "religion" section to see about Max Lucado books. Of course, the last time I was in there, I also got one by Stormie OMartian. I'm starting reading on the second book (out of three) of hers I've recently gotten. There is a new Christian bookstore here in town I haven't been in yet, and I plan on going there as soon as I can. I try to stay away from secular books, unless I know it doesn't go against what the church teaches.
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    I try to order my books straight from the publishers i. e. Baronius Press, TAN, Mediatrix Press &c. and avoid big companies like Scamazon, Barnes & Ignoble and the like. Granted if there's a local book store in my town that I'm not aware of, I would support them, and there's also this online site call ThriftBook which I'm checking out, mainly because they seem to sell a lot classics; they might have a political slant (and/or maybe what happened on the Epiphany will cause or encourage that) but I'll wait and see for now.
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