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    My heart sings reading that, but it only spurs me on even more in the fight. Unfortunately rituals like this give the evil one more strength especially in times like for the upcoming referendum in Ireland. I am going to offer a full Rosary against this.
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    There should of course always be at least one person present while the Eucharist is exposed, but I have often spent my adoration hour alone in our remote church... and I admit it has crossed my mind to wonder what I would do if someone came in to attack or steal the Eucharist. I'm not a particularly brave woman but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't let them go without a fight! Luckily a new recruit now shares my hour.
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    I know of a church that had the crucifix from the alter table stolen. What the thieves did with it I don't know, but hearing stories like the one above chills me and makes me wonder who stole it.
    The same church had lighted candles arranged in circles around the alter table. Nobody knows who did it. A local woman had arrived to pray in the church, and was mystified by the candles burning on the floor in really strange patterns.
    The priest of the parish was disturbed by this, and didn't know who lit them or why they were arranged in circles. He blamed somone under an evil influence and asked for prayers.
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    I am not sure why we are not made aware of which church this happened in. Surely if it was made known faithful catholics could go there any make a public solemn act of reparation. On a side note I have just this evening been informed by a dear priest friend of mine, also in dublin, that his orders house was broken into on sunday morning. Chalices stolen, tabernacle emptied and other strange assortments of things taken like fabric cleaner, blankets, pillows, as well as laptops and mobile phones. The last is to be expected I suppose but fabric cleaner!. The police suspect homeless but in light of this revelation perhaps not. It is not unheard of for junkies, homeless etc being paid by occultists/satanists to steal hosts for use in their diabolical ceremonies.
    God forgive them
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    Well.. all I can write is, this is kind of stuff will get you sent straight down to hell.....straight there
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    Also the priest in the above article has asked for a litany of reparation for Jesus as there is a link to the litany in the article above.
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    One day during Easter Sunday Mass two young men and a mother were acting strange in church. They were loud, talking, fidgeting and acting like they didn't care. Because the church was so full, i was forced to sit right behind them. Ruined my service. During a reading one gentleman was laughing with his brother and looking at a phone. I didn't have guts to say anything but the 6ft 5in parishioner next to them, told them to stop. I thought to myself what a very brave thing to do. I wish I had that faith and resolve. So, the mass continued and they continued acting up. It was time for communion and again I am stuck behind them. I am very observant (wierd) type of person. I noticed the older one take the Holy Eucharist and put it in his pocket. I recieved the Holy Host then chased him down. I looked straight in his eyes and asked him to return it. Some harsh words were needed but he finally took the Holy Host out of his pocket. Because of the words i said...the mother chased me out of church. But i did give the usher the Holy Host and told him to return to priest. This story i have never told...i only do this for two reasons.

    1. When the time arrives and your faith is put to the test...Christians/Catholics will do what is necessary and right.
    2. The knowledge that the Eucharist is being attacked everyday...especially on Holy Days.

    Ardemous, just the point you are thinking what you would do...leads me to believe you would do the right thing. Doesn't matter your age, size or gender. When God is attacked, you/we saints will be brave and follow the Holy Spirit. God loves us and as saints we Love God. We might live in a country that is relatively safe and our faith hasn't been tested. But our connection to Our Lord Jesus Christ makes us much stronger and braver then one actually knows. When the time comes lets not worry about what we will say or do. Be comforted that the Holy Spirit will take over.

    "And when they shall lead you and deliver you up, be not thoughtful beforehand what you shall speak; but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye. For it is not you that speak, but the Holy Ghost. "

    Blessings to you and your family

    May Gods Will be Done

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    There are two biggies Satanists appear to offer up Sacrifice all over the world.

    1 The downfall of the Catholic Church.

    2 The overthrow of Catholic priests.

    In fact , I believe this is exactly were the spiritual fight is most fierce at the moment.

    I went to confession on Saturday to a busy Catholic city parish. I was the only one who showed up, to a Church were, when I was young there used to be queque a mile long.

    Not only this but my impression from the Parish Priest when I spoke to him was that the poor man was under immense spiritual pressure. There were five or six ladies there waiting for evening mass to begin and I just thought their behaviour was odd for people waiting for Sunday Vigil Mass to begin, standing about talking in Chapel in full voice the whole time.

    It is hard to weigh up the effects of a invisible spiritual war, but my impression is we have our backs right to the wall.
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    I don't think the Church has even begun to recognise how bad things have gotten. I don't write this to be depressing it is just the way things are. Our Lady is not been sent from heaven as a tourist, things are very,very,very bad indeed.

    We must pray much for our priests.
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    This thing of talking and chatting in the church before and after mass is reaching ridiculous levels where I live. Even at daily mass. What to do? I've been sorely tempted to approach people and ask them to stop but sadly I just don't have the nerve. They are mostly elderly people who have probably been attending daily mass since before I was born so I don't think they'd take kindly to being asked to stop.
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    I always pray to their Guardian Angels to put a stopper in it. You'd be surprised how often it works.:D The angels are dying to get an innings. They like it much less than we do. It gets worse when priests join in.

    But it is not the talking in and of itself that worries. It is an indicator of a lack of prayerfulness. For if we go to Chapel to mass to talk and socialise the question is..when do we pray? The mass becomes not a sacrifice but a social event. In addition it is a sin and a source of much sin. Sins of the tongue are the most common of all sins. The fact that these are done in front of the Blessed Sacrament make them much worse. Which of even the best of us can talk for say 6 minutes without getting carried away with ourselves and loosing peace? How much of our talk is ever really necessary?

    Talk is the great killer of prayer. In Church it is deadly. We were taught from childhood that talking in Church is a sin. We have forgotten. Our angels have not. If we did not talk in Church it would make the task of Satanists who enter much, much , much more difficult. Perhaps impossible.
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    When the Satanists in the US held a Black Mass last year this man lead a charge to prayer.....maybe he may shed some light in how to organize others

    John Ritchie
    Tradition Family Property, Student Action
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    Someone told me this story in confidence a couple of months back so I have altered it a little to conceal identity.

    A quite famous mystic, a gentleman who can read souls , do healing and prophecy, etc and is on the preaching circuit as a speaker went into a Church one day to hear mass. As he looked at the altar during mass and saw tow dark figures, very powerful demons at each end of the altar. It seems to me, from what he said that these demons were kinda covering or draining the good coming of the mass. Fr Malachi Martin one time spoke of grace 'Draining from the world', well this is one of the ways grace is draining. It just occurs to me that for the devil to kind of smother the mass like this he would have to be very,very ,very powerful indeed.

    In either case this gentleman went to his Parish priest who said the mass in the sacristy and told him what he had seen, as he did so the priests legs buckled from under him and he nearly fell over. Apparently an old nun had come to him a couple of days earlier and described exactly the same thing ay his masses.

    To put in my penny's worth. :) One thing I have noticed recently is concerning young people. Perhaps it is my imagination but it seems to me that the devil is gaining huge ascendancy amongst them . I hope I am wrong.
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    I actually had an usher approach me after Mass this past Sunday (a very sociable woman), after noticing my several attempts to keep my children quiet and focused, and say to me that she "doesn't understand the fuss about keeping kids quiet during Mass".
    (She literally flits, hugs, and chats all throughout Mass). When I replied "Reverence to God" (just one of many reasons), she looked as though I had just slapped her across the face, and then proceeded to tell me that she "doesn't believe in stifling children's creativity and individualism"! I replied that one hour of silence and prayer per week during Mass would do no such thing! (And truth be known, many more hours would not be stifling either!!)

    I was floored by the whole conversation. This is another church going Catholic.

    Maybe I shouldn't be too surprised though, she has tried to initiate conversation with me in the past while I was kneeling in prayer with my eyes closed after receiving the Eucharist.

    So many people to pray for...:confused:
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    You are very brave saying anything, I would be afraid too. I heard a wonderful sermon from a very wise Redemptorist priest on pride a few years back that has stuck with me. He commented that we are, all of us full of pride to the gills. He mentioned that even in his own community no one might make the smallest criticism or they would be savaged. I think that is why hardly anyone ever comes to our doors to point any fingers; they would be afraid to get them bitten off. :)

    I think in fairness to people who do talk a lot of it has to do with a changed conception of what a Church is for and what the mass is all about. The mass is seen as a social gathering and the Church itself as a kind of social meeting point. No one directly says this, I suppose but it is pointed too clearly in how we conduct ourselves. For instance at the start of the mass it is wrong that the priest should say, 'Hello' or 'Good morning' or such like. It seems to me that the mass in perfect in itself, that nothing should be added to it and nothing taken away. That the priest as an Alter Christus should stand aside and let Christ enter in. Instead of which the priest is often interjecting himself at any and every chance.

    So people often don;t honestly know any better. The Spirit of the Age. When my father was getting buried they had the funeral mass in the Tridentine Rite. I couldn't help noticing that with a very large congregation how prayerful they all were how reverent. I think the old rite gave less chance of turning things into a talking shop.:)

    But I heard something interesting thing a couple of weeks ago when three old farmers were talking before mass right in front of me. They were telling a ghost story about a soul in purgatory who had recently shown up in the cemetery looking for prayer. I nearly fell off my seat listening so hard. :ROFLMAO:
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    Don't get me wrong, I include myself and my family on that ever growing prayer list. It wouldn't be prudent of me to have too much of a "holier than thou attitude". It's such a fine line between righteousness and self-rightousness. ;)
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    Actually when I was a Satanist I did look at getting into the priesthood/monastry, but I couldn't praise Jesus Christ let alone pray to him. But who succeeded where I didn't?

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