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    I came across this old movie which is a joy to watch again. :):)

    Clifton Webb & William Holden Were Fantastic
    whpratt119 January 2005
    Always enjoyed the great acting of Clifton Webb,(Father Bovard),"Cheaper by the Dozen",'50 and his great performance in "Stars & Stripes Forever,",'52(John Phillip Sousa Story). In this picture, Webb plays an elderly Priest who is very strong willed against the Chinese Communists and the way they hurt the people and missionary's in China. William Holden,(Father O'Banion),"Picnic",'55 gives a great performance as Father Bovard's assisting Priest. There is comedy and also very sad situations in this film which made the film very entertaining for a 1960 film. Unfortunately, Clifton Webb made this film his Swan Song and gave one of his best performance in his career. Great Classic film actors made this film a film for all generations to view.


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    Its wonderful. Leo McCary directed. He was a wonderful director from the 40's. Bells of St Mary and the Quiet Man and Going My Way. Thsnks so much for posting.
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    Ahh these old films you can't beat them.

    I suppose Fulton Sheen must have watched it in his day.:)
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    Back in the day, Hollywood and friends tread very carefully when it came to productions connected with the Catholic Church; never daring to criticize or worse, attack.

    This came to an abrupt end when in 1963, playright Rolf Hochhuth work, The Deputy, addressed the allegation of Pope Pius XII's indifference to Hitler's Holocaust extermination of the Jews in WWII.

    It stirred up international controversy - and years of more / continuing emnity between between Jews and Catholics -
    ,,, - when Pius XII, Catholicism/Christianity and even the New Testament was/is presented as -> Hate and the origin of AntiSemitism.

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    padraig Powers

    I think the Catholic Church did an awful lot to maintain high moral standards in Hollywood for a long time.

    It was the KGB made up the bad stories about Pope Pius XII. I think they started of the rumours by a play that had wrote.


    KGB smear campaign against Pius XII exposed
    Published: 29 January 2007
    The Vatican's Secretary of State has presented a spirited defence of Pope Pius XII's role during World War II in protecting Jews as a former KGB spy reveals a deliberate super-secret Soviet plan to smear the Pope as an anti-Semitic Nazi sympathiser.

    Catholic News Agency reports that in a recent issue of the National Review Online, Lt General Ion Mihai Pacepa, who eventually defected from the former Soviet bloc, recounts how the KGB and the Kremlin designed the deliberate campaign to portray the Pius XII "as a cold hearted Nazi sympathiser".

    In February 1960, Nikita Khrushchev approved a "super-secret" plan, codenamed "Seat-12", for destroying the Vatican's moral authority in Western Europe, writes Pacepa.

    Eugenio Pacelli, by then Pope Pius XII, was selected as the KGB's main target, its incarnation of evil, because he had departed this world in 1958. "Dead men cannot defend themselves" was the KGB's latest slogan.

    The KGB used the fact that Archbishop Pacelli had served as the papal nuncio in Munich and Berlin when the Nazis were beginning their bid for power against him.

    "The KGB wanted to depict him as an anti-Semite who had encouraged Hitler's Holocaust," says Pacepa.

    Using documents provided by Pacepa, the KGB used these documents to produce a powerful play attacking Pope Pius XII, entitled The Deputy.

    It eventually saw the stage in Germany in 1963, under the title The Deputy, a Christian Tragedy. It proposed that Pius XII had supported Hitler and encouraged him to go ahead with the Jewish Holocaust. The German director claimed to have 40 pages of documentation attached to the script that would support the thesis of the play.

    The play ran in New York in 1964 and was translated into 20 languages. The play then led to a flurry of books and articles, some accusing and some defending the Pontiff.

    Pacepa says the truth has finally begun to emerge with the canonisation process of Pius XII, which was opened by John Paul II.

    Meanwhile, Catholic News Agency reports that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, speaking at a Rome book launch, strongly defended Pope Pius XII's wartime actions and said he had coordinated church efforts that saved the lives of many Jews.

    He said the Catholic Church as an institution played a part in this effort, working under Pope Pius and following his directives. The church aided all during World War II, but specifically sought to defend and save persecuted Jews, he said.

    "They were to be helped in any way possible. This is the premise on which every action of the Pope and his aides was founded, as is demonstrated by the existing documentation," Cardinal Bertone said.

    Lisa Palmieri-Billig, the Rome representative of the American Jewish Committee, also spoke at the book presentation. She said there was no question that the Vatican had helped save the lives of Jews, sometimes hiding them inside the Vatican itself.

    She noted Pope Pius' strongly worded Christmas appeal in 1942 on behalf of those persecuted by the Nazi regime on the basis of nationality or race.

    Pictured: Pius XII's future papal nuncio in Berlin, Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo, pays a courtesy call on Adolf Hitler
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    Frankly Archangels

    Well then, they certainly fooled lots of Israelis.. From whom emanated years of serious allegations complaining against Pius XII

    Yad Vashem, the state of Israel's official Holocaust memorial, has been critical of Pope Pius XII, the pope during The Holocaust.

    Prior to July 2012, Yad Vashem affixed the following caption, in English and Hebrew, to two photographs of Pius XII in its Jerusalem memorial:

    In 1933, when he was Secretary of the Vatican State, he was active in obtaining a Concordat with the German regime to preserve the Church's rights in Germany, even if this meant recognizing the Nazi racist regime. When he was elected Pope in 1939, he shelved a letter against racism and anti-Semitism that his predecessor had prepared. Even when reports about the murder of Jews reached the Vatican, the Pope did not protest either verbally or in writing. In December 1942, he abstained from signing the Allied declaration condemning the extermination of the Jews. When Jews were deported from Rome to Auschwitz, the Pope did not intervene. The Pope maintained his neutral position throughout the war, with the exception of appeals to the rulers of Hungary and Slovakia towards its end. His silence and the absence of guidelines obliged Churchmen throughout Europe to decide on their own how to react.[1]

    The caption made reference to the following controversies concerning Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust:

    In July 2012, the museum "slightly softened its rhetoric" and changed the wording in a way that "incorporates views of those who defend the Pope."[2] An excerpt follows:
    The Israeli newspaper Haaretz provided some excerpts from the revised language. The new text cites the pope's defenders, who maintain that his "neutrality prevented harsher measures against the Vatican and the Church's institutions throughout Europe, thus enabling a considerable number of secret rescue activities to take place at different levels of the Church." However, "until all relevant material is available to scholars, this topic will remain open to further inquiry," the new text reads.[2]


    In 2007, the Vatican ambassador to Israel, Msgr. Antonio Franco, refused to attend an annual memorial service in Jerusalem in protest over the aforementioned caption.[10] Yad Vashem responded that it was "shocked" by Franco's actions and called on the Vatican to open its wartime archives to researchers.[10] Yad Vashem defended the caption but stated that it was "prepared to continue examining the issue".[10] A spokesperson for the museum stated: "The Holocaust history museum presents the historical truth on Pope Pius XII as is known to scholars today. It is unacceptable to use diplomatic pressure when dealing with historical research."[10]

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    padraig Powers

    I visited Vad Vashem in Jerusalem. Not surprisingly it is a depressing place, they build it rather like an underground bunker. Sure enough they had the lies about Pope Pius XII up for all to see. I recall when the Pope Visited (I think it was Pope Benedict) the Vatican insisted that the slander be removed and after a lot of dickering too and fro they took them down until he left.

    At the time just at the end of the Second World War International Jewry praised Pope Pius like he was the Second Coming. The, 'New York Times', for instance did a front page spread saying how wonderful they thought he was , complete with quotes from leaders of the Jewish Community from all over the world praising him to the hilt.

    I must see if I can get an image of that front page, I think it is out there somewhere.

    It wasn't until the KGB got to work with their lies and slander in 1963 that things started to sour.
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    padraig Powers


    The New York Times Admits It Was Wrong About Pius XII


    When Sister Margherita Marchione died recently, at the age of 99, the New York Times, to its credit, published a lengthy and sympathetic obituary. Less to its credit was the clumsy anti-Catholic mistake in the obituary. A mistake the newspaper then, surprisingly, corrected.

    Best known for her works defending Pope Pius XII, Sr Margherita was also a gifted teacher, lecturer, literary scholar and dedicated member of her order, the Religious Teachers Filippini, which she’d entered in 1935. Her autobiography, The Fighting Nun, is a wonderful read. The American nun wrote eight books in defense of the pope, after retiring as professor of Italian language and literature at Fairleigh Dickinson University. When she died, her life and achievements were celebrated not only by the Vatican and Catholic media, but major secular outlets as well.

    The Clumsy Anti-Catholic Mistakes

    After noting Sr Marchione’s acclaimed academic career and prodigious research on behalf of Pius XII, the Times noted that “Yad Vashem, the memorial in Israel to victims of the Holocaust, which also recognizes those who saved Jews from genocide, has been highly critical of Pius XII.”

    [​IMG]The writer reports that “In its museum, beneath a photograph of him, a statement reads: ‘Although reports about the assassination of Jews reached the Vatican, the pope did not protest either by speaking out or in writing. In December of 1942, he did not participate in the condemnation by members of the Allies regarding the killing of Jews. Even when the Jews were being deported from Rome to Auschwitz, the pope did not intervene’.”

    In fact, this statement was replaced by Yad Vashem in 2012, based on better research, and in a way far more favorable to Pius XII. The revised statement highlights Pius XII’s 1942 Christmas address, which condemned mass murder based upon one’s nationality or race; notes how the pontiff appealed to Nazi-occupied countries on behalf of persecuted Jews; and acknowledges research indicating that Pius XII’s wartime strategy “enabled a considerable number of secret rescue activities to take place.” (The old quote still appears on Wikipedia.)

    The Times itself wrote about these welcome changes in its story, “Israel’s Holocaust Museum Softens its Criticism of Pope Pius XII,” published on — July 1, 2012. Do its reporters consult the newspaper’s own archives, or the notoriously unreliable Wikipedia?

    The Times Corrects Itself

    I immediately wrote a letter to the Times, complimenting them for devoting generous attention to Sr Marchione’s achievements, but pointing out this serious error, and requesting a correction. A day later, on June 2nd, the Times did publish a corrective.

    [​IMG]The newspaper’s obituary, the editors admitted, “included an outdated reference to a display about Pius in a museum operated by Yad Vashem, the memorial in Israel to victims of the Holocaust. A panel beneath a photograph of him says that he ‘did not publicly protest’ the deportation of Jews from Rome. It no longer says that ‘he did not intervene’ to try to stop the deportation; that language was revised in 2012.”

    Yes, the language was revised, but the Times didn’t explain why. Pius XII did intervene to rescue many Jews during the Nazi raid on Rome’s Jewish community. He certainly wasn’t going to publicize that fact, as the eminent historian Owen Chadwick observed, lest that trigger the Nazis to invade the papal sanctuaries in Rome and seize all the Jews then being protected by the pope and countless religious.

    But the Times did not end its correction there. A short time after this statement appeared on its “corrections” page, a fresh obituary appeared, with a key new paragraph, with important hyperlinks, commenting: “Yad Vashem, the memorial in Israel to victims of the Holocaust, which also recognizes those who saved Jews from genocide, has been critical of Pius XII. In its museum, beneath a photograph of him, an initial statement said he ‘did not intervene’ in the deportation of Jews from Rome. The language was softened in 2012, based on new research, to say he ‘did not publicly protest’ their deportation. Last year, the museum urged caution in drawing any conclusions until the pope’s archives could be thoroughly examined.”

    A Lesson for Catholics

    The Times deserves credit for noting and amending its errors. I have been involved in the “Pius Wars” for almost two decades. I’ve published extensively in support of the pope, for example in Pius XII’s Duel With Hitler and History Redeemed: Justice for Pope Pius XII, and a nearly comprehensive bibliography of writings on Pius XII.

    I’ve written many letters objecting to highly inaccurate stories about the wartime Pontiff. Rarely has this ever resulted in a major correction or revision. But in this case, the Times acted swiftly and conscientiously.

    There is a lesson here for Catholics: Because of the anti-Catholic bias one often encounters in the mainstream press, it’s easy to become cynical and not even attempt to counter poorly informed articles about the Church. Yet there are still many writers and editors who really do care about the truth and, when presented with evidence, accept it.

    That was what gave Sister such hope in her efforts to vindicate Pius XII. It is why she was convinced, as so many others are, that it is only a matter of time, as new archives are already indicating, before the full truth of Pius XII is established and he is beatified and canonized for his heroic virtues.

    William Doino, Jr, is a writer on religion, history, and politics and a contributor to First Things and Inside the Vatican. His previous two articles for The Catholic Herald were The best saints to pray to during a pandemic and America has never seen anyone like Fulton Sheen.
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  9. Frankly

    Frankly Archangels

    As they should.
    Pius XII is responsible for saving the lies of upwards of over 800,000 Jews in Europe during WWII.
    For some influencial Jews to blame the Holocaust on Christianity is an enormous lie - borne b/c of the complicity of Jewish Leaders in the Death of THE Messiah of Jews and Gentiles - JESUS
  10. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I hope it's not deliberate. It reminds me of something my mother used to tell us Kids, 'If you believe all you hear, you'll eat all you see'.:)
  11. Frankly

    Frankly Archangels

    Which reminds of the KGB.... . Around the water cooler one can hear: "Sure! Putin did it while flying his plane!" - followed by howls of laughter... [​IMG]
  12. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I suppose people really believe what they want to believe.

    Though bad people are more inclined to believe bad things about others and good people; good.
  13. AED

    AED Powers

    And sadly many people with an axe to grind wanted to believe the lies. And you can't argue them out of it. Even though the chief rabbi of Rome praised him for what he did for the Jews and later actually converted to the Church.
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  14. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I remember my Spiritual Director telling me years ago not to listen to the Mass Media for a few months and think about things for myself.

    He was so wise.

    Most of it is lies from people with an agenda.
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  15. Frankly

    Frankly Archangels


    The relations between Pope Pius XII and Judaism have long been controversial,
    especially those questions that surround Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust.
  16. Frankly

    Frankly Archangels


    And as previously noted, only a smither of the slander was removed.

    July 2012, the Holocaust museum "slightly softened its rhetoric" and changed the wording in a way that "incorporates views of those who defend the Pope.

    The Yad Vashem Slander has naught to do w/the KGB..

    Pope JPII spoke at Yad Vashem..

    This part of his speech is oft-mentioned:

    "As bishop of Rome and successor of the Apostle Peter, I assure the Jewish people that the Catholic Church, motivated by the Gospel law of truth and love, and by no political considerations,
    is deeply saddened by the hatred, acts of persecution and displays of anti-Semitism directed against the Jews by Christians at any time and in any place."

    It's often falsely painted as if JPII apologizes for the Catholic Church.. Nay.. It's an apology for individuals/Christians - and not The Catholic Church.

    What rarely if ever gets mention is this part of JPII's speech.

    "Let us build a new future in which there will be no more anti-Jewish feeling among Christians .. or.. anti-Christian feeling among Jews,
    but rather the mutual respect required of those who adore the one Creator and Lord, and look to Abraham as our common father in faith."

    Why do you think this is? Only Catholics commit bias? Only Catholics admit faults? Only Catholics ask for forgiveness? Only Catholics are honest?

    The Pope Pius XII / Holocaust brou-ha-ha fueled continuing emnity between some Jews and Christianity..

    .. Whereby Pius XII, Catholicism/Christianity and even the New Testament has been presented by some Jews/Rabbis as a Hate Crime, and, the Origin of AntiSemitism!

  17. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Powers

    Pius XII knew how to govern the boat in the midst of the storm that was the meeting of the two main satanic political ideologies of the 20th century, nazism and communism, he also witnessed the beginning of the war in the first year of the pontificate that was initially marked by the alliance between two of the greatest precursors of the antichrist in the last century (Hitler and Stalin) such a troubled period as this seems to be a harbinger of the pope's pontificate that precedes the era of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.
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  18. Frankly

    Frankly Archangels

    Without Stalin's assistance to the Allies, which cost Russia almost 30,000,000 Christians, Hitler und der Nazis would have easily won.

    Russia annually puts on a huge show re: the Defeat of Nazism!

    Russia royally hates Nazis .
    Including those involved in running Ukraine's show and its supporters.
    And the Nazi elements within Ukraine's Military
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  19. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Powers

    first your favorite genocidal Stalin only fought Hitler because he betrayed him by invading the Soviet Union the fact that you try to soften the image of this monster along with the Chinese government's persecution of the church shows that you are just as concerned for the good of the Catholic Church as a fox in protecting a chicken coop.
  20. Frankly

    Frankly Archangels

    I can think of several other so-called genocidal nations..

    And No matter what anyone thinks of Stalin - or why he did what he did?

    Without Mother Russia's involvement bearing the brunt of Hitler's military machine - all Jews would be long gone dead.. and any others who still remained alive would be speaking German, Ja?

    Let the nation without blood on their hands - cast the first stone..!

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