Saints Adrian and Natalia

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    Often during the Latin Mass there appear to be quiet Contemplative pauses.

    During one these periods I often love to google obscure saints whose Feast Day it is out or pure pious curiosity to discover whose these complete Heavenly strangers are.:) I would not recommend it to others but I find it helps me Celebrate with a little more devotion, though for others it might merely be a distraction. It works for me but.:):)

    Anyway last September 8th, the birthday of Our Mother I found buried away and totally overshadowed by the Great Feast that it was also Feast to a very romantic story of a young husband and wife, which would make a great film.

    I read this a couple of weeks ago but it has stuck in my mind, it being so touching.:)

    By the way St Adrian is Patron Saint of Protection from Plagues.

    (In Orthodoxy Celebrated 27th August rather than September 8th. Also these are Universal saints rather than simply Orthodox)



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    Nicomedia is modern Izmit in Turkey, about 80 miles from Instanbul.


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