Saint Rose of Lima

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    The Life of St. Rose of Lima-illustrated Edition:

    I'll be reading this soon. :love: Contains 74 images.

    "The sketches in this biography are taken mostly from Michael A. Fuentes, Lima, Sketches of the Capital of Peru and are intended to be evocative of Lima as St. Rose would have known it. Therefore, the persons sketched are types rather than persons known to St. Rose. The paintings devoted to her capture her spiritual life and Heavenly destiny, but Lima was -per the sketches- a very earthy place, the place where she nevertheless became a great saint."

    We've Santa Rosa de Lima parish about 10 miles distant. I might pay a visit.
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    Song of St. Rose

    St. Rose, like many saints, had a special relationship with nature. She had a natural talent for singing and she composed a song in praise of God. The family she stayed with would listen at her door each evening for a unique duet sung by St. Rose - yes a duet! At sunset a small bird came and sang (chirped?) with her the song she composed. They sang alternately for an hour. Then at her signal the bird would leave. Here are some of the verses of her song-prayer:

    Tiny singer, flit your wings;
    Bow before the King of kings.
    Let your lovely concert rise
    To Him Who gave you songs and skies.
    Let your throat, full of carols sweet,
    Pour them before the Eternal's feet
    That we His praise may magnify
    Whom birds and angels glorify.
    I shall sing to Him who saved me:
    You will sing to Him who made ye.
    Both together, we shall bless
    The God of love and happiness.
    Sing, sing with bursting throat and heart!
    In turn our voices will take part
    To sing together, you and I,
    A canticle of holy joy.
    {As the bird flew away:}
    The little bird abandons me:
    My playmate's wings ascend.
    Blessed be my God,
    Who faithfully Stays with me to the end.
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    So beautiful.
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