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    St Paisios was not the only one to mention things in this direction.

    There is a whole prophetic literature in Orthodox Prophecy that points towards this .

    Multiple sources
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    I read your link, Padraig. There is a huge
    commemoration of his death today. !!!!
    In Greece. Very timely post! July 11-12.
    My great grandfather’s family lived in Asia Minor which is now Turkey. Almost
    all of that area of the world was Greek. The family was driven out to the island of Lesvos, now known as Mytilene. My family came through Ellis Island in 1920 to escape the persecution. I noted with dismay that Mytilene was overrun with immigrants a few years ago and Pope Francis visited there.:(
    Thank you for posting these prophecies. I would love to see them come to fruition. I can understand the history. Thank you again:coffee:
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    This is interesting because in the War of Gog/Magog, the region now controlled by Turkey will be destroyed by fire from heaven while they are attacking Israel. There is some question as to whether or not Russia will suffer the same fate, or if that will be reserved for the current Islamic states on the southern border of Russia. (It depends on whether or not Scythians lived in the southern portions or if they also settled in the main part of Russia, becoming one of the ethnic groups that form modern Russia.)

    If in fact Russia is spared, then they may take this opportunity to fully decimate Turkey aka the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. Russia has had a LONG history of fighting with the Turks, which is what made their cooperation in the last 20 years so remarkable. But Russians never let a good crisis go to waste, and would definitely take this opportunity to destroy the Turkish Republic before it can reform the former Ottoman Empire (which is a stated goal of Ergodan). So, yes, the Hagia Sophia would again become a Greek Orthodox cathedral, the seat of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.
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    I think these Prophesies may very well be true! So many Eastern Saints prophesy the exact same things.

    Also the present Schism in Orthodoxy, it all seems to tie in together... plus the demand at Fatima for the Consecration of Russia.

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    good video. Amazing how the cantors sing, not a sour note!
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    The Holy Spirit.(y)
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    Russian Orthodox, same way.:)
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    A while back, a group of scientists got permission to stay in Hagia Sophia after closing, and did acoustic mapping of the entire structure. They then plugged that acoustic map into a computer and got the group Capella Romana to sing some of the traditional music for an orthodox mass. The computer processed the voices and modified them to sound as if they were singing in the Cathedral. The result is a perfect (as far as we can tell) reproduction of what you would have heard if you were in attendance. The CD of the collaboration is "Capella Romana: Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia", and here is something from a live concert they did to show the work they had done.

    Here's something they did to show the result:
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    How wonderful a doorway to heaven!

    I see at least the Holy Father spoke out against the Great Crime in Instanbul, to his credit.:)

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    Signs don't get much more obvious than this. Things are picking up speed.

    Pope ‘deeply pained’ over Turkey’s conversion of Hagia Sophia from museum to mosque

    By Associated Press
    July 13, 2020
    2:21 AM
    UPDATED3:57 AM
    Pope Francis says he is “deeply pained” over the decision by Turkey’s president to change the status of Hagia Sophia — which was originally built in Istanbul as a Christian cathedral — from a museum to a mosque.

    In a brief improvised remark, Francis noted that the Roman Catholic Church marked Sunday as International Day of the Sea. “And the sea brings me a little far away with my thought, to Istanbul,” the pontiff said, speaking from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square. “I am thinking of St. Sophia and I am deeply pained.”

    Francis said no more but was clearly referring to the move by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to formally convert the monumental building back into a mosque.

    The colossal Santa Sophia cathedral, an iconic structure that now attracts visitors from the world over, was turned from a place of Christian worship into a mosque after the Ottomans conquered the city in 1453. The Turkish secular government in 1934 decided to make it a museum.

    The European Union also criticized the decision to turn the building into a mosque. “When I see now what is happening with Hagia Sophia, that is a blow,” Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said at a meeting Monday of the bloc’s top diplomats.

    The pope and the EU added their voices to strong objections by the head of the Geneva-based World Council of Churches. That organization described its “grief and dismay” in noting that Hagia Sophia has been “a place of openness, encounter and inspiration for people from all nations.” The council’s membership comprises Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican churches.

    Erdogan, who counts many observant Muslims as supporters, declared the monument open for Muslim worship last Friday after a high court annulled the 1934 government decision.
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    Yes they all complain, but none of them actually do anything about it.

    It is rather like a householder who finds a burglar in his house and writes a letter to his local newspaper to complain. It won't do much good or change anything. But gives the mistaken impression that he has actually done somethng about it.

    The present generation are excellent complainers.
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    I have felt that frustration myself, often, Padraig.
    All talk and no action.
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    If you look at the history of the Church and Europe it used to be so different.But now it's all go along and get along. As though they have lost the Will to Live.

    So sad.
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    Yep. Pretty much.
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    the video is not about Saint Elder Paisios but about the priest Sofian Boghiu ;I shared it here because he is also orthodox.

    Nothing related to prophecies; just a catechesis on the grace of God.
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    Yeah! New radio controlled keyboard and mouse!

    If the dogs break this I am getting them vaccinated, masked and sending them on a Tour of the Vatican, with a personal meeting with, 'Whats not to like about being Gay?', Pope Francis.

    That should slow them down.:):)

    I believe this prophesy for several reasons.

    Firstly the guy was very,very holy.

    Secondly it coincides with numerous Orthodox Prophesies.

    Thirdly it is logical and makes sense. Why would God want Islam to control Turkey..a cradle of Christianity... or anywhere else if it comes to that?

    Firstly the Muslims get their ass kicked out, then the Schismatic Greeks take over. Then the Schismatics come back to their senses and come back to Rome.:):)

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    It also fits in with the Ukraine thing going on at the moment.

    It also seems like Russia will go on to attack Israel. Russia never had it with the Israeli State. Right from the beginning.

    I don't mean to be nasty, but there is a deep, deep strain of anti Semiticism in Orthodoxy.

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