Saint Nicholas

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    Will obtain a copy of this book and read it:

    You know him as the rotund merry-maker in the red suit. But set aside the childhood myth. In this portrait, you'll encounter the true St.Nicholas, a figure revered for his astonishing miracles and a humility that redirected all attention to God's glory. You'll be amazed to find St. Nicholas always turning up at just the right time-rescuing sailors from the certain death of a violent sea, saving three young women from a life of prostitution,and guarding an infant from the burns of a boiling bath.

    A tireless defender of God's truth and His people, St.Nicholas's wonderful and mysterious deeds illustrate, time and again, a heart for the weak, the poor, and the endangered-truly "the patron saint of practically everybody" and one of the most fascinating figures in all of Christian history.
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    Oh, yes. Our "Santa Claus" came from a misunderstanding, I think it was the Dutch term for St. Nick. They called him Sinter Clause or something like that. I can't remember for sure. Anyway, his feast day is Dec. 6th I think. It got "changed" to our Christmas for the sake of whatever and whoever. The kids liked the idea anyway. Santa Claus, who magically brings toys on Christmas eve when everyone is asleep. I'd like to know how they got the flying reindeer into the story. And his living at the North Pole.
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