Sacred Heart hymns

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    I thought perhaps, another thread could be added to this.... the Feast of the Sacred Heart this year on June 11th:

    O Sacred Heart O Love Divine with Lyrics

    Sweet Heart of Jesus lyrics sung by Daniel O Donnell

    Catholic Hymnal: O Sacred Heart - Hymn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Himno al Sagrado Corazón | Hymn to the Sacred Heart: COR ARCAM LEGEM


    That last one, "Here I am Lord", this one is certainly heard in our churches. And a very lovely version. I think this version again comes from the Far East, Philippines or Vietnam. Very moving. Perhaps, not exactly a Hymn to the Sacred Heart.

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    I'll listen to them all. Thank you. :)
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    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}--

    (By the way, can anyone identify especially the first music in this?)
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    That is a beautiful video! Thank you for posting!
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