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    The article discusses the possibility of China attacking the USA simply because of thier military build up. Why does the title of this thread include Russia?

    Also there is always a possibility China could attack, but there doesn't seem to be any indication it is imminent.

    I guess I am out of the loop. What day has come? Did China attack?

    I know of several warning about Russia attacking, other than Maria Esperanza saying something vague about the yellow race standing up I don't know any credible prophets warning of an imminent attack by China...

    Do any approved seers do so?
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    another one who needs exorcism!
    the war that will soon take place will be in Israel. probably iran will attack them.

    this war between China and the USA will not happen.

    false prophets and locutionists will not be vindicated!
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    And which prophet told you Israel? And why is he/she more valid?
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