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    Yes. He knows he will lose in an all out war against NATO. He is not interested in invading NATO countries. What he’s been saying for years, is that he does not want NATO expansion on his border.
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    Then why does he ignore the Pope's plea to come to Moscow to talk ?
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    That may be, but if Pope Francis gives Kyrill II. one of the official statue of Our Lady of Fatima as a permanent gift after the consecration, he may have a reason more to go to Moscow/Russia. Kyrill II. is always happy to receive gifts as souvenirs.

    I also believe that it could be that Pope Benedict Emeritus may go home to the Father soon after the consecration. He would then remind me of the biblical Simeon, who said: ".... I have had enough! I have seen him, my faith has pressed Jesus to my heart; now I wish to depart this very day with joy."

    The intercession of the pious Pope Benedict will be so powerful that Pope Francis will come to Moscow. This combined with the prayers of the visionaries of Garabandal, Padre Pio, Joey Lomangino and many more, makes me feel very confident that everything will happen as Fatima and Garabandal predicted. This would make Fatima and Garabandal impossible to take apart.
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  4. Byron

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    It’s not the right time. Once he gets the Donbass secure, maybe he will invite the Pope.
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    Hello. Please forgive me if this came up already.

    A friend of mine shared this from Daniel O’Connor’s blog about Pope Francis visit to Russia. He is speculating that if Pope Francis visits a Russian embassy in Rome, does that fulfill the prophecy. His take is that when you visit a country’s embassy, isn’t it like visiting that country?
    The Pope and the Trip to Moscow
    By way of reminder (as I discussed last year): a prophecy from the Garabandal seer, Conchita, states that the Warning will follow “hostilities breaking out in different parts of Europe,” itself immediately preceded by the Pope returning to the Vatican from a trip to Moscow:


    (Source: )

    Dismissed as nonsense at the time – Popes simply don’t go to Moscow; it’s never happened! – an announcement just a few months ago vindicated the prophecy. Both Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill planned to meet in Moscow in the year 2022.


    Since that announcement, however, I assume that the plans for the details of that trip have been put on hold due to the present Ukraine/Russia war. In relation to this prophecy, therefore, I see a few possibilities:

    • Pope Francis still will go to Moscow – and very soon, despite the apparent imprudence of such a thing – to try and quell tensions and bring about peace. This would, of course, be a very dangerous trip. But perhaps it will occur in the context of a cool-down of the Russia/Ukraine war. Although, as I’ll argue in an upcoming section, I see current events as undeniably heralding WW3, that does not mean the lead up to the explicit breakout of total, global war won’t see any brief periods of easing of tensions. These things sometimes happen in fits and starts. Perhaps some of the scheduled Russia/Ukraine talks will generate some temporary reprieve that the Pope will take advantage of for his trip.
    • The total and literal fulfillment of this particular prophecy has been “skipped” due to the rapid acceleration of events. Accordingly, the mere fact that the trip was publicly and specifically planned should suffice to assure us that the Warning is imminent, though the actual execution of the trip could not be fulfilled due to the other Warning-harbingers swirling about.
    • The – apparently completely unprecedented – February 25th, 2022 Papal trip to Moscow’s embassy in Rome satisfies this prophecy and heralds the Warning. It is not all that much of a stretch to consider the Russian embassy near the Vatican as a sort of “mini Moscow in Rome.” Moreover, Conchita’s prophecy does not simply refer to the Pope “returning to Rome,” but rather, it refers to him “returning to the Vatican,” which is precisely what he did after visiting the Russian embassy – which, though in Rome, is not within the Vatican itself. Finally, take note that Pope Francis’ visit to this embassy took place on the morning of Friday, February 25th. Although the hostilities began the day before, they increased drastically immediately after that trip. Admittedly, however, they have not really yet spread to “different parts of Europe.”
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    I personally think it’s a stretch to equate a visit to an embassy to an actual trip to Moscow. Imho
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  7. Byron

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    :LOL::LOL::LOL: Agree. But anything is possible with how heaven communicated with the Garabandal seers. Look at what ended up happening with Joey.
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