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  1. First off I believe that the Consecration of Russia as requested at Fatima has been done..perhaps not perfectly or on time but still completed. Of coarse no promise of an immediate, complete conversion was ever promised.

    Since many are speculating that the threat of a new, sudden Russian Communist aggression foretold at Garabandal is really not lead by Russia, and more absurdly that it is not really a Communist threat, let us go to the prophecies...

    From Garabandal...

    2. The Great Tribulation of Communism: During the first of the “nights of the screams” the young girls (then ages 12 and 13) were shown the “sudden and unexpected” Tribulation of Communism led by Russia that will have an effect on the whole world, and which will happen before the Divine Warning to the entire human race. No one expects this because the world has been lulled into the false belief that Communism has died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
    It seems that the greatest trauma of this Tribulation will be felt in Europe. St. Padre Pio is reported to have said that the great Miracle to occur at Garabandal will be paid for by the blood of the Europeans—oceans of blood. Our Lady told Conchita that Communism will “come back” and that it will also come to Spain, but Spain would not suffer as intensely as the rest of Europe apparently because it had suffered Communism in the 1930’s. Conchita’s Aunt Antonia testified that she heard the girls say, while in ecstacy, that “if we don’t amend our ways, Russia will take possession of the whole world. Our Lady told the girls that during the time of this Tribulation the Church would seem to disappear, the Sacraments would be difficult to receive and the Priests would have to go into hiding. [Apparently many Priests will be killed.] When things are so bad that all hope seems lost, then God will send the Warning to all mankind. The Great Miracle will follow within 12 months, and there will be conversions of many nations, including Russia.


    Blessed Elana Aiello, stigmatic and mystic...

    “If the people do not recognize in these scourges (of nature) the warnings of Divine Mercy, and do not return to God with truly Christian living, ANOTHER TERRIBLE WAR WILL COME FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST. RUSSIA WITH HER SECRET ARMIES WILL BATTLE AMERICA; WILL OVERRUN EUROPE.

    The river Rhine will be overflowing with corpses and blood. Italy, also, will be harassed by a great revolution, and the Pope will suffer terribly.”
    Blessed Elana Aiello, stigmatic and mystic...

    GOOD FRIDAY — 1961

    The Sorrowful Madonna speaks: “People pay no attention to my motherly warnings, and thus the world is falling headlong evermore into an abyss of iniquity. Nations shall be convulsed by terrible disasters, causing destruction and death.

    Russia, spurred on by Satan, will seek to dominate the whole world and, by bloody revolutions, will propagate her false teachings throughout all the nations, especially in Italy. The Church will be persecuted and the Pope and the priests shall suffer much.”

    Sister Elena Aiello speaks: “Oh, what a horrible vision I see! A great revolution is going on in Rome! They are entering the Vatican. The Pope is all alone; he s praying. They are holding the Pope. They take him by force. They knock him down to the floor. They are tying him. Oh, God! Oh God! They are kicking him. What a horrible scene! How dreadful!”
    Many who follow another apparition site believe the Blessed Mother said that Russia will come to glorify God the most. This statement can be completely consistent with a new persecution by Russia. The glory of God would be shown forth if Russia persecuted the Church, and then was suddenly converted by the Warning. Rather like the way St Paul glorified God.
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  5. Byron

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    I believe that if the consecration did not happen with JP II, we would have had a major problem with Russia. But what we are seeing today is the fall of America and Europe by their own fault. The riots have begun from Spain, to America. The division is already happening. Russia does not need to invade Europe. Why would she want the headache? It's falling without her. ​
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  6. There is evidence (testimony of the visionary) that the consecration of Russia stopped a nuclear war in 1985.

    Perhaps the fulfillment of Our Lady's triumph foretold at Fatima happens thru the events prophesied at Garabandal... A Communist persecution led by Russia halted by the Warning and Miracle.
  7. Besides the Consecration, has Our Mother's requests at Fatima been fulfilled?
    Are our churches filled on the first Saturdays?
    Are the confession booths filled?
    Have people amended their lives?
    For the most part do Catholics say a daily rosary?

    Then what is it that holds Her Triumph back?

    Why should we expect the complete fulfillment of Our mother's promises when we as Catholics have not done these things?
    The consecration was only one of her requests...

    "To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world. In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved . . . " "When you pray the Rosary, say after each mystery: ‘O my Jesus, forgive us, save us from the fire of Hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are most in need.’"
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    You see I view communism clearly atheistic. Why would a communist nation rebuild its churches, and bring back obedience to God's laws? It wouldn't. And that's what makes Russia different today than our own Western culture. The Soviet Unions errors of sin have spread worldwide, but Russia is still glorifying God.
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  9. So then you do not believe in Garabandal?

    By the way..
    Russia (the first country to legalize abortion) still has the highest number of abortions per woman of child-bearing age in the world according to UN.
    So I am not sold on it being touted as a model of Christian virtue.
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    Well maybe if RUSSIA was consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart in UNION with all the Bishops of the world you would have a good point.
    But that has never happened.
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  11. We will disagree on that point. I will side with Saint John Paul II and the visionary, Servant of God Lucia.

    My point still stands even if the consecration had not been preformed.
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    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    We will have to disagree.
    I will have to side with St John Paul II and what I know he definitely said also.
    I dont know what youre quote from him would be though?
  13. Byron

    Byron Powers

    The Soviet Union, not Russia, legalized abortion in 1920. But between Putin and the Orthodox Church there is a strong pro life movement, and restrictions have been made. They are on the road to eventually illegalizing abortion. Which is more than the West is doing.
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    These prophecies, especially the prophecies made at the unapproved private revelation at Garabandal, are conditional prophecies and are not set in stone. The whole point of private revelations is to change the course of minds and hearts for the better, not to make absolute predictions of the future that constrain the free will of mankind. And, as Cardinal Ratzinger stated in his commentary on the private revelations made at Fatima, private revelation is limited by the times, circumstances and imagination of the seers and must be not be taken as a vision set in stone that ignores the free will response of mankind:

    “...the importance of human freedom is underlined: the future is not in fact unchangeably set, and the image which the children saw is in no way a film preview of a future in which nothing can be changed. Indeed, the whole point of the vision is to bring freedom onto the scene and to steer freedom in a positive direction. The purpose of the vision is not to show a film of an irrevocably fixed future. Its meaning is exactly the opposite: it is meant to mobilize the forces of change in the right direction. Therefore we must totally discount fatalistic explanations...”
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    Sadly, some here are under the mistaken impression that private revelations are absolute prophecies that will happen just as they were originally foreseen or written. Nothing could be further from the truth. The point of private revelation is to change the course of human history, not to to set it in stone. Those who think Putin is going to overrun Europe seem obvlivious to the fact that Freemasons (aka “Communists”) have already overrun the West, have implemented their satanic agenda, and are the ones pushing for war with Russia, not the other way around.
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    Steve79 Archangels

    For me there is no contradiction to believe in Garbandal (what I absolutely do) and to consider how the statements in the different prophecies about Russia could be understood.

    For me is obviously that the russia from today has nothing to do with communism.
    A few examples to illustrate this:
    So many new monasteries and churches are being built.
    Also a law was passed to restrict homosexual promotion. By the way which is strongly criticized by the EU.
    I don´t know in detail but abortion is restricted too (which is criticized by the EU also).
    Russia also has laws to prevent blasphemic actions. Remeber that “Pussy riot” had to go to prison for a few month (or weeks) after they desecrated a church.

    There is no doubt that russian laws are far more christian than those of Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and so on. By the way Hungary and Poland the former countries of the Soviet Union are also very Christian in comparison to Western European countries.
    So it is obvious that the mistakes of communism have already reached (western) Europe countries.

    Another thing are the different prophecies in which it is spoken about a war between Russia and Europe. There is also one of a german seer called Alois Irlmaier. He died in 1959. Some of his predictions have come true. Others will still be true or not. For me the most remarkable prediction he made is, that he said, that so many foreigners will come to Germany (Europe) as never before. I think he meant the refugee crisis.
    He also predicted a russian invasion into Europe. I think this is possible. More precisely, I think it is very likely and then it does not matter why. But I could imagine that russia is pushed into the close so that war becomes unavoidable.
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    Interesting Steve. Padre Pio said when asked in the 1930's about Russia's communism replied that he did worry about Russia because the soul of Russia is deeply immersed in Christ and she would throw off this horror and return to Christ. He was more worried about Nazi Germany because it was a mystical cult religion that tempted the Germans to embrace it instead of Christ. I am of the opinion that the west is filled with cultural Marxism and has taken up the essentials of communism but not yet the economic model although strongly leading that way.
    Catherine Doherty who fled the communists as a child has several wonderful books about Russian spirituality but one of my favorites is Not Without Parables. I highly recommend it. It will build up your faith! It certainly had that effect on me.
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  18. AED

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    Oops. That should read "DIDNT" worry about Russia.
  19. Steve79

    Steve79 Archangels

    Thank you for the book tip. For me reading a whole book in English is too exhausting. I'll look for a german version :)
  20. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    I have only read a small portion of Desmond Birch's book, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph, but the following is the summary that he includes for the Minor Chastisement which proceeds the Era of Peace. Birch does state that this minor chastisement will only occur if not enough people convert....

    The Minor Chastisement will occur if not enough people convert by turning to prayer, sacrifice and penance, it will be mostly a man-made tribulation:
    • the church will be afflicted by heresy and schism
    • civil wars break out in France and Italy at the same time, a sign that the minor chastisement has begun
    • this spreads to general wars resulting in famine and pestilence
    • civil wars break out in most of the world, total chaos, including in England
    • earthquakes, tidal waves, floods and other natural disasters
    • Moslems will cause great trouble for the Church and Europe in general
    • an army of Russians will invade Western Europe, just when everyone thinks this is impossible
    • the Pope flees Rome with several Cardinals and is found cruelly murdered
    • a man who will be later known as a great saint will be elected as Pope near the end of the minor chastisement
    • the new pope will have great influence on the acceptance of a new great leader, a Great King, by the French
    • this Great King will lead his army to a victory in Cologne and a final victory in Westphalia against Russian and Prussian forces, it will be apparent that Christ through the intercession of his Blessed Mother took direct miraculous intervention in this victory
    • at some point the Great King will chase an invading Moslem army back to the Holy Land
    • near the end of the minor chastisement God sends the Three Days of Darkness
    If the world is in total chaos, IMHO, it becomes very difficult for anyone to predict what will happen next and it is quite possible that "an army of Russians" may invade Western Europe for a multitude of different reasons. This army could be of the government or it could consist of rebels. The army if backed by the government could be defending Europe against an invading Moslem army.

    I pray that most of this Minor Chastisement from Birch's book won't happen but I have a feeling that a lot of will.

    PS - The following two articles do make me wonder what Russia has been up to in the past few years... Does anyone know???
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