Roses and wildflowers

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    Some would see a rose, and another its thorns. Some would see a weed and another a wildflower. Both are gifts of the Lord both will bring for some a smile and the other a frown. Do we choose to see the beauty of His creation or feel the prick of our wrong perspective? What perspective do we choose to see in Gods creation of mankind? We all posses the beautiful rose along with the thorns. Choosing to see only the thorns, you yourself with only show your own. To see the beauty of the rose in people, will bloom one in yourself. God works through people and treating them as a rose will make them bloom as well.

    I write this for reasons that more than likely we mostly all understand. There are many that need the touch of a rose and not its thorns.

    There is a man, maybe you heard, it was on the news. His plan was to end his life by jumping off the golden gate bridge. As he was riding there on the bus he said all he needed was a smile or a kind word and this would have changed his mind, but that didnt happen and people just looked the other way. He did arrive at the bridge and did jump, but just as he went over the side he had instant regret. He did survive along with terrible injuries and after healing decided to help others in the state he had been in and also began a funding in california that would erect a suicide net covering all of the underneath of this bridge which will be completed in 2022.

    We need not understand people entirely to give them the touch of a rose. It is what God expects of us and we can never tell what course we have saved another from taking including our own.

    May God bless us all.....

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