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    Praying the Warning stops the plan to use it.
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    I believe that I made a mistake in my original post. I said that even some prominent Putin supporters were beginning to publicly question the wisdom of this 'special military action'. It appears that this is not really the case. Every commentator on the state-controlled TV in Russia was for several months in total support of the war and no counter arguments were permitted or heard. However, this has changed in the past few weeks and apparently dissenting voices are being heard on the same televised 'news' discussions. These 'brave' voices who seem to risk arrest, disappearance or 'accidental' death are being lauded in the west when they are in fact at no risk at all. The 'dissenters' appear to support exactly opposite solutions. One set claim to want an 'end to the bloodshed' and early negotiations while the others demand a declaration of war and total mobilisation. So, what is going on?

    Of course, Russian TV has not suddenly become a medium on which all views are heard and respected. Nor are the 'dissenters' at any risk. This is an exercise in 'finding a way out' by Putin and his lackeys. They have a preferred solution (which one of the two we don't know) but they want to appear to put the choices before the public and then 'test the water' by polls to see if they can get away with their preferred exit strategy (whichever it is). The last thing that they want is mass demonstrations against 'their' way out and know that there exist only two realistic options. They can then point to the polls to claim that they were only responding to public opinion. How democratic!
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    It is good to hear that there are dissenters - whether plants or not. It says that there is a desire for another way out. I really hope that there is a good solution. I still do not think there are any good guys left - at least who are making the decisions right now. Hopefully, that will change too. There are enough people who want a better way for sure - all over the world. All things being equal, I fully believe we are headed to a time of chastisement, if not already in one. Saints, Mystics, and the Queen of Heaven have pointed at Russia as being at least part of that chastisement. It is easy to see how this situation escalates and the conflict leads to more. Russia is not a good guy, and from your reports, they do not have this under control. So maybe there is a better way. I hope that is the case.
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    I keep wanting to provide more a “correction “of sorts which is that Russia has retreated from the Kharkiv area though but I think that most of you know this since it has been all over the news.
    Luan, I suppose that if a fault line was targeted it would probably have this result.???
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    my doubt is if a nuclear attack at high altitude *(to generate an electromagnetic pulse ) would generate an artificial geonagnetic storm, reproducing its worst effects; and in this case being the exception to the rule.
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    ahh...but this has not happened historically?
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    good question; I don't have the scientific knowledge to answer but I imagine so; maybe some kind of laser gun heating will have the same effect?
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    There is no empirical proof I think.

    If ever there was widespread use of even Tacticle Nukes the goodness knows what would happen.

    Economic collapse for certain. Mass flight from the affected areas to places like South America and the Pacific.

    Complete collapse of civilisations.

    It goes on and on and on...

    Including Nuclear winter.

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    Add this : Illness, burns and disfigurement and death from radiation sickness.
    You are right, Padraig.
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    The worse thing of course would be radioactivity of course. Correct.

    I was so relieved to hear in one of her apparitions Our Blessed Mother speaking of a cure for this.

    This is why all out Nuclear War will not would be the End of the World. This we are going through is the Great Chastisement...the Tribulation...The Apostasy..not the End of the World.

    So we are talking about Limited not Generalised use of such Weapons.

    In a real way the End of the World might be a lot kinder.

    As Scripture informs us, in this World those who do not Fear the Wrath of God will fear the Wrath of indeed we will.
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