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    When did this 'inching' towards Russia's borders by NATO occur? The Baltic states who had been invaded by Russia twice and who suffered significant population losses by transfer of 'suspect' types (including many Catholic clergy) to Siberia, naturally wanted protection from their aggressive neighbour by applying to join a DEFENSIVE pact when the USSR collapsed. At that time the Finns were firmly opposed to joining NATO (65% against) as were the Swedes but since the invasion of Ukraine, their positions quickly changed and majorities in both countries supported an application to join. Who is extending NATO membership? It is Putin, of course. This does him little harm as he can point to the results of his own actions as confirming his pretence of a 'western conspiracy'.

    The theory that the Russians are sending in ill-trained conscripts and using obsolete materiel to lull the Ukrainians and the west into a false sense of security is partly true in that it appears that this is all, or most, of what they have. Their army relies significantly on the bi-annual conscription and they have only a small force of long-serving regular servicemen. The conscripts are treated as 'ready for action' after only one month's training when most western armies provide around 6 months basic, weapons and tactical training. Conscripts in the Russian army cannot legally be sent into active service (for $14 a month!) without general mobilisation and a declaration of war and Putin assured the public that this was the case but many of the prisoners of war state that they ARE conscripts who believed that they were 'on exercise' when the bullets started to fly and then realised that they were no longer in Russia.

    As to equipment, the tyres on many Russian vehicles failed on the initial supposedly decisive push for Kyiv because they were cheap Chinese tyres and they had not been rotated regularly and so deflated. This is only one small example of the results of the inefficiency and financial corruption that is rife in the Russian government and armed forces and which has caused many of their problems. Even some prominent Russian supporters of Putin are now becoming angry at the lack of progress in the war, if Putin had some secret plan, don't you think that he would have quietly assured them? The Russian army and its equipment have been exposed as being of very limited effectiveness.

    As the Germans retreated in WWII, their newsreels reported that all was going to plan and the German public 'swallowed it'. The soldiers on the eastern front knew this to be nonsense and only threats of drastic punishment prevented them from reporting the true situation in their heavily censored letters home. The Russian soldiers have their phones and are more ready to report the real situation and these conversations are monitored and publicised by the Ukrainians, they want to go home.
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    You have made some very good points. My husband agrees with your views.
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    Ok its been so long that I dont even know how to start a new thread… Hello and love and prayers to all- i was a contributing member from about 2013-2017 and then just lurked. You are all so familiar and in my prayers everyday, but I wanted to say hello again as this forum changed my life. Padraig hello and welcome me back dear one!
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    I remember you. Hello again!
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    Oh thank you so much HH! It means so much for just one to remember me as this forum seems like family. I have been following you for a long time as well as weird as that sounds lol. This forum and members families are always in my prayers.
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    Hello Charity! Lovely to see you back on the forum.:)
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    Thank you for your prayers. We have been brought together by Our Lady, for sure. I’m glad you have returned and I hope you will stay.
    Lol, I have a hard time remembering how to start a thread, too.
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    Same, lol.:confused:
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    Hello Charity!

    I have also turned into more of a lurker. I guess I just feel like I have nothing to say that would be better than what someone else has already said!

    Welcome back!
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    I kind of hope you are wrong - only because if Russia is weak conventionally, they will be more likely to use tactical nukes. I also hope that you are right, and based on what we are hearing, you are absolutely right. That would mean that we are on the way to victory. As I said, Russia and Putin are corrupt to the core, and their recent history of crimes against humanity are unthinkable. A few years back, I read a book by an expat Russian journalist about Putin's actions. He is a horrifying dude. For some reason, in this situation, I am inclined to think of the Art of War - when you are strong, make your enemy think you are weak. It just feels like Russia is pulling all of the strings here. This will not end well. Plus, we cannot set aside that the sanctions were the obvious response from the West, and Russia was ready for them. They (the sanctions) are weakening the west and nothing more. Lastly, the U.S. is guilty of installing regimes close to Russia's boarders. Zelensky is a U.S. / NATO puppet. Not to mention the chemical weapons manufacturing in Ukraine and as yet "unproven" corruption of U.S. politicians at the highest level happening in Ukraine. But, it is absolutely true that both sides have defied treaties and agreements. I tend to think Russia did first, but I lack the trust in the U.S. and NATO leaders to say that definitively. Plus, the Great Reset hanging over our heads makes me question just about everything. When this first started, I thought about the Cuban Missile Crisis. To avoid that conflict, I believe Kennedy agreed to pull nukes out of Turkey - then the closest to Russia I believe. It was the right move then, and I think it would be the right move now. Peace first. To me, the heart of the problem truly is that there is no Good Guy anymore. The power seekers are thinking on a global scale for the first time in history.
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    Hi Charity, welcome home. :)
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    It is a certainty. Numerous Catholic Prophesies attest to this. However before this, rivers, oceans of blood must flow...
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    There is nothing wrong with being a lurker. I suppose by definition Contemplative Prayer is a Lurk and Contemplatives are Lurkers.

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    I heard a prominent Russian politician on BBC Radio 4 this morning . He seemed a polite, thoughtful, moderate man. So when he said quite few voices in Russia are now talking about using Tacticle Nuclear weapons (As a kind of short range artillery) in the Ukraine it pulled me up short.

    It does not seem like things are getting less dangerous, but more dangerous.

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    A cornered animal is dangerous.

    I fear the Ukrainian advances may force Putin to contemplate using tactical nuclear weapons.

    Much prayer needed especially the rosary the umbilical cord to heaven.
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    My fear is that the elites in the west want to provoke a war. God have mercy.
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    Our Blessed Lady has mentioned this on several occasions. That a small group of totally evil, Satanic Folk are moving us all about like Chess Pieces and intend our Destruction.

    What a wonderful chance a limited use of Nuclear Weapons would give them for the Great Global Reset.

    How terrified people would be.

    We would be like Putty in their Hands, they would be able to do with us just as they like.

    The So Few of us who still ask questions , the Faithful Remnant, would be flattened in screaming stampede to Slavery. The very Bishops who rushed in a Blind Panic to close our Churches and Halt the Public Sacrifice of the Mass during the little virus problem, will once again be leading the Church to make the World a Prison Ship once again.

    Though this time on a far vaster and more permanent scale.

    Corinthians 4:4
    4 Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

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    can tactical nuclear weapons cause geological instabilities in some parts of the earth?
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    Wow! That would tie in . I must look and see. The Russians used to have a Strategic Weapon called, 'Satan'. I must check if they still have it up for use..

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