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    Could it be that Putin has overly relied on his nuclear arsenal as a deterrent to nato from getting involved in border conflicts and over the years has maintained a really efficient nuclear arsenal in the belief that Russian conventional forces would not be continually eroded as is happening now?
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  3. Luan Ribeiro

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    If putin uses its nuclear arsenal against NATO at high altitudes to cause electromagnetic pulses and is successful in the initial attack, will NATO react or focus on helping populations deprived of basic services such as water supply, electricity, food production, hospitals, banking systems, etc (...)?
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    He presumably thought that he had 'maintained a really efficient' army when he invaded the Ukraine, but this has proven not to be the case. In a society of limited competence (as also was the Soviet Union at the time of Chernobyl), how confident can one be that they are capable of maintaining a technology as complex as a nuclear arsenal and its associated delivery systems? Is Russian military capability real or is this perception partially a consequence of the various politically-derived conspiracy theories attributing to Putin the power to influence elections in the West? Is Russia yet another Potemkin facade, as is possibly also China, facing into her own ruinous property collapse?
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  5. Carol55

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    Luan, I read that Russia has a far greater arsenal of tactical nukes then NATO does.
    That Monkey Werx YouTube channel’s latest video shows that it is actually Ukraine that appears to be retreating from the Donbas area. He uses satellite imagery so it appears to be accurate. He also mentioned that there maybe a nuclear armed Russian submarine off the coast of Italy currently. I’m using a different computer today and I’m having trouble posting links, I apologize.

    Are you familiar with the guy whose Facebook link you posted? He is just making a educated guess, correct?
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    is the father paul kramer author of some books and articles about Fatima and the third secret, I believe he spoke this as a personal opinion based on prophecies about the scourge of Russia and also on strategic lessons throughout the history of wars.
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  7. Luan Ribeiro

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    I believe that Russia can still effectively fight the West with equality of forces (alongside the Muslims) based on what Malachi Martin told us about the third secret of Fatima.
    At approximately 16:10 of this 1989 video; Father Malachi Martin who knew the secret of Fatima talks about the words of John Paul II that the publication of the secret would give a strategic advantage to the Soviets that the West would not resist and that there was vital information in it for the defense of the West.
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  8. Carol55

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    Thank you Luan. I thought I recognized the name but I didn’t see a title, I must have missed it. I think that his opinion is worth posting, I’m sure that he is watching these things closely. Thanks you again.
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    Outstanding research Luan.
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    Luan, are you saying this aforementioned Paul Kramer is a priest with knowledge of Fatima...which would make quite a difference?
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    Look up Fr Paul Kramer. Make up your
    own mind. I think he has some wonky ideas about the true Pope.
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  12. Luan Ribeiro

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    making a prediction about Putin's next steps always brings a very uncertain result but considering Malachi Martin's revelations about the Third Secret; the prophecies of Sister Elena Aiello; Our Lady of Lipa (about the scourge unleashed by China) and the complementary revelation that Sister Lucia had in 1944 about global punishment (destructive war and change of the earth's axis) I consider the scenario described by Father Paul Kramer in that post possible.
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  13. Luan Ribeiro

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    Albrecht Weber, a German author, interviewed Conchita along with her mother present at Garabandal in Spain in 1965. He produced a book in the German language called in English, "Garabandal, The Finger of God".

    When asked about when the Warning would come, Conchita replied:
    "The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe."


    Another quote from the same book:

    Then Mrs. Christine Bocabeille asked Mari Loli: "If you are not allowed to tell me the exact year of the Warning, perhaps you could tell me approximately when it will happen."

    Mari Loli replies, "Yes, it will be that time when the world will most need it."

    "When is that?"

    Mari Loli: "When Russia will unexpectedly and suddenly overrun and overwhelm a great part of the free world. God does not want this to happen so quickly. In any case, the Warning will come when you see that Holy Mass cannot be celebrated freely anymore; then it will be that the world will most need the intervention of God."
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  14. Patrick

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    Just based on observation of Putin and Russia's actions in the past several years, it seems to me they are playing opossum and the West is playing right into their hands - whether willingly or not, I do not know. The writing has been on the wall for Russia. The West has inched closer and closer to their boarders with NATO troops and allies. To effectively fight a war with the west, they needed the access that the Crimean Peninsula offered them. At the right time, they invaded Crimea. They also took note as to how the west would respond. Sanctions. Those first rounds hurt Russia I believe. But, now he knew what the response would be. Predictably, he invaded Ukraine. The sanctions followed. Only this time, the only ones who are suffering from the sanction are Russia's enemies. They had already found other outlets for their goods and knew that the West needed them and Belarus (and Ukraine for that matter) for Potash for fertilizer and for grain exports and natural gas, of course. Why would they want to win the conflict in Ukraine right away? They are destroying a much larger foe without armed conflict. I believe they are slow walking this conflict to draw it out. The sanctions remain in place, and they toy with the West. Along with prophecy, they are instigating the civil unrest in Europe and the world that is to precede their invasion. This winter is going to be very rough, and the spring will see food shortages (if not before). Once the West is sufficiently weak, they can waltz in whenever. A good reason for the Pope to visit Moscow is to plead for them to help feed the world and release the natural gas so that the poor do not freeze to death this winter. Also along with prophecy is Russia's Secret Armies (I am not sure of the prophecies that declare this, but I know I have read/heard them). I do not think they have sent their "A game" to Ukraine. They have used conscripts and old technology that are expendable. I do not believe that a war hawk like Putin would allow their armed technology to fall as far behind as the West reports they have. They are using up the expendable weapons and old tanks in anticipation of the real conflict to come. Just my opinion, but I believe this is what is happening. This is also why Putin did not attack during Trump's presidency. He did not know how Trump would respond to an attack on Ukraine. I also do not think Trump was pushing the global agenda to expand NATO right to Russia's front door. Once Biden (the Obama puppet) was installed as president, Russia knew EXACTLY how the West would respond. Like clockwork. What I wonder is how many of these nations are working together to bring about the great reset. Is Russia involved? I tend not to think so. I believe they do not want to be ruled. But, only time will tell. Also, to be clear, I am not a Russian apologist. Putin's crimes against humanity are numerous. He is a bad dude. Not to be revered.
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    Interesing in this video Malachy Martin talks about his status in the Church re priesthood.

    - I was a Jesuit for 25 years
    - Pope Paul VI gave me permission to leave the Jesuits - kept my vow of celibacy -
    - Left my vow of poverty and obdience as I did not want to be under any Bishop or any religious order or preletauture
    - The ArchDiocese of New York (where he lived) did not want him to wear clerical collar
    - I am not a cleric
    - I am a man in orders who writes books about the Church

    It is his word that Pope Paul VI gave him permission to leave the Jesuits etc.

    Straight from the horses mouth!

    What ye all think?
  16. Luan Ribeiro

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    I think that if he remained in the clergy he could not write half of what he knew because the duty of obedience to the hierarchy would prevent him.

    whether this justifies leaving the priesthood is debatable.
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    Wow that's interesting.
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    I am astonished to see anything from
    Marie Julie come to pass in real time.
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    A Catholic England! God willing.
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