Restoration of St. Mel's Cathederal

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  1. I watched a very interesting programme by rte recently on the restoration of St. Mel's Cathederal in Longford, which was destroyed by fire on Christmas Day 2009. It is truly a credit to those involved. I'm not convinced though that using crystals which had been lying in a sacred lake in Pushkar in India and which have been cleansed and prayed over, were the most suitable form of decoration on the Tabernacle in a Catholic Church.

    The video can be viewed on rte player, called The Longford Phoenix
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    I saw it also and found that bit strange.
  3. Torrentum

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    Well friends even stranger is what I heard on New Years Day:
    Over dinner I was informed that the Church is under consideration to be opened for use by all faiths.
    Any truth in that?
  4. Torrentum

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    Yes it's true:
  5. Julia

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    Have they lost the plot in Longford too.

    Look what happened in that church in Washington when they invited the muslims in to have a prayer meeting. They placed themselves with their backs to the High Altar and their backs to the Crucifix and said one of their mantras which effectually insulted everything held sacred to the faith ie naming their prophet the only prophet etc etc. I think that must be the closest thing to an abomination of desolation to date.

    When you consider, these people pray with their heads on the ground and their bums in the air, the scenario that comes to my mind is a load of people with their bums in the air towards the Crucifix claiming their prophet is the only prophet. So what message does that send up to God.
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