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    Yes I am a descendant of Irish immigrants from Kerry to the US in 1847. There are more but don't know all the histories, Haley, Hanlon, Murphy, Lynch, Ahearn, etc.
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    Funny thing Padraig the story we were told as kids was that he and his brothers emigrated to Australia and worked in the mine. He came home with the gold nugget. Some years ago a cousin investigated the family tree and discovered that the visited Australia at her majesty pleasure. It must have been seen as shameful so it was covered up. It's now seen as a badge of honour
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    I remember this as a young fella growing up:
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    Very special.
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    Wow so lovely
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    I think maybe one of the reasons why the mass became so important was that they died for it in thier thousands. For many centuries it was prhibited by Penal Law. They used to have to go to say the mass in remote spots using large rocks, 'Mass Rocks' as altars. I got a shock one time when I went up a hill to see one in a very remote hill and found a plaque there. The English soldiers had found the priest and congregation saying mass there and killed them all on the spot. I was shocked because there was only this little tiny sign to mark it out. With around two hundred martys killed there at mass, including the priest, I think there might have been a btter marker.

    It was the blood of all these dead saints that nourished the CHurch and made ia giant, really.

    But now the Faith is rapidly dying. I suppose that is why we must have new blood to nourish the Garden of God's Church. Many who read this will die for the Faith. I always thought it was bargain basemnt to get to be made a sant so easily, just to shed blood. I think to live for the Faith in Dark Days like this is much harder.

    I have no TV but I happened to look very lightly at a few new TV series on my computer and they appalled me. In my younger days they would have been regarded as hard Porn, now they are just part of the everyday. I am not saying impurity is everything but it is a big, big part of our decline.

    I don;t think secular society wil ltolerate us much longer. We are by the manner of our lives too much of a reproach to the way people around us live their own lives.

    Here are pictures from the Mass Rock site, where they all died, very remote and beautiful:



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    The Kingdom of Kerry is very wild and beautiful . As far as I recall they shot the film, 'Ryans Daughter' down there...and of course now it is even more famous since they shot some of the scenes of the recent Star Wars film from Skellig Michael in Kerry.

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    Garabandal, that video with your dad singing is beautiful. He sings so naturally, it reminds me of my own father RIP who used to sing from time to time. And I can tell you, the memory of daddy singing around the house is still stamped fondly on my memory. That will be a wonderful memory for you one day long after his time. God bless him where ever he is, and thank God for his beautiful voice. :)
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    Thank you Padraig. Yes I figured the Penal laws and having mass in remote areas were the reason they loved the mass..
    It's the same here now grey heads in church except for a few young ones.
    Wexford Inniscorty. That's where some of our ancestors came from.Doyle Obrien Tompkins etc.
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    There are mostly grey heads here in mass too. When I converted back to the Faith I was 26 and going to mass every day I noticed I always seemed to be about the youngest in the Church.

    However in recent years I seem to notice a couple of new things. The young priests recently ordained seem to me to be far, far more devout and impressive that I remember. In fact I look at them and they so young and think to myself, 'However did you get to be so holy in such a short space of time?' I suppose this was the way things were always supposed to be but it amazes me. Of course there have always been holy young priests but I can only say I am kind of amazed by the calibre I see. There must be something wonderful going on in the smeinary. Actually I met the Spiritual Director there a few years back and he realy impressed me, it seemed clear to me that he was into Contemplative Prayer.

    Another thing delights me is that now I do see some young families and young people at mass every day. I also notice many of them have a very Traditional dress code and Devotional expression. Again it is like a throw back to me to the days of childhood.

    Of course one swallow doth not a summer make , I suppose. But I have read reports from other places and countries that there may well be a kind of Second Spring.

    I hope so anyway.
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    They are the generation who are the spiritual children of John Paul II.
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    Another Good-One for "These Days"!

    Heartlight Daily Verse - 20 January

    James 1:2-3:
    Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

    Thoughts on today's verse:
    "Hang in there!" There are few traits more important than perseverance. Most important accomplishments in life happen because of perseverance. Most luck occurs when we've perservered long enough for the "magical moment" to come along. Edison said it best, life's greatest feats, the world's greatest discoveries, his own most fantastic inventions were "1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." "Hang in there!" and see the glory of God come through in you!

    Unchangeable and Unshakeable God, through the friends you have sent into my life and by the power of your gift, the Holy Spirit, help me to stand up under trial and prove my character true with perseverance when under fire. Give my faith courage and endurance so that my life shows forth your enduring strength. Through him who remained faithul unto death, I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more

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    Oh so beautiful! I'd be so proud!
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    Just watching the American stock market plunging....again today,,,,.bound to happen...down 470 points just this morning...
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    Yes, I think the fruits of a fight backl against the devil, Bobby. He pretty well siezed hold of an entire generation
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    ' me to stand up under trial and prove my character true with perseverance when under fire'.

    Amen. Amen Amen.
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    How terrible to face these things with no Faith. Poor people. Hard enough to face with Faith; impossible without.

    Lord I believe. Lord increase my Faith.
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    Mammon will collapse as in a heap of dust.

    Idols always do.

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