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    I recently began re-reading the TLIG messages and have been reminded that Our Lord has spoken often in those messages of Garabandal. Here are just a few excerpts:

    September 5, 1987: "Garabandal is the sequel of other signs; Garabandal's apparitions are authentic, believe all you who have not seen; believe, believe, daughter...I have manifested Myself through you to lift this doubt of Garabandal; Garabandal's apparitions are authentic and My children have indeed seen My Mother and heard Her Messages;

    Sept 20, 1987: "... Garabandal's apparitions of Myself and My Mother should be authenticated"

    December 4, 1987: "daughter, beloved, sanctify Garabandal; I have appeared in Garabandal, giving My Message; My Message was not properly diffused

    December 19, 1987: "Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima and My reign will reign forever for I Am; I am the Alpha and the Omega"

    December 26, 1987: Fatima's Shrine cries out for the sanctification of Garabandal; I have taught you to read the Signs of the Times, are you looking for those Signs? how can you not tell the Signs? have you no perception? why are your minds closed? why do you refuse to see? why do you refuse to hear? have you forgotten My Words? why repeat your mistakes? beloved, why all these venomous attacks on the Message of Garabandal given by your Holy Mother who is the Ark of Alliance of My Word to you; the opposition My sacerdotals have towards Garabandal's apparitions and message are all manoeuvres of Satan; once again as in Fatima, he is trying to prevent My Message from becoming universal;"

    December 28, 1987
    : "blessed are the simple in heart, blessed are those who will pray the Rosary on the day of Garabandal's sanctification2 and whose knees are bent and hail My Mother; "

    Jan 26, 1988: "Garabandal is the amplification of Fatima's Message"

    April 27, 1988
    : "Garabandal shall not be buried; Garabandal's graces shall re-live"

    You can read the full messages here and use the search engine to find the messages that relate to Garabandal. If I'm not mistaken, all the messages are from 1987 & 1988 with one entry in 1991 when Vassula met Conchita.
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    Can someone clarify something for me. I don't recall Jesus appearing at Garabandal other than in His infant form. Now I know Conchita had locutions with Jesus after the apparitions ended but don't remember Him appearing at Garabandal just Mary and St. Michael?? Unless of course his appearance as a baby counts in the message above of Sep 20, 1987.
  3. Jon

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    I think you answered your own question.... The Blessed Mother would not have presented a "fake" or "false" infant Jesus to the girls in Garabandal....
  4. Glenn

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    Actually Jacinta did see Jesus as the Sacred Heart
    .JUNE 29,1961
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  5. Andy3

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    true. Thanks Jon and Glenn!
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    Its an interesting question in mystical theology though...I believe it may be possible that this was not really Jesus but that does not mean Mary was doing anything fake.

    What is the "state" of inanimate objects in heaven (eg clothing)?
    The new heaven and the new earth (where the resurrected will dwell) has not come about as yet.
    Only Jesus and Mary are bodily resurrected, the rest of the material world is not.

    So what clothing exists in heaven at the moment (and is "physical" clothing really even necessary in the original innocence of the new heaven/earth when we get there).
    I don't want to take that any further lest things seem disrespectful.

    What about Joey Lomangino, does he have his physical eyes back in heaven at this moment?
    Strictly speaking I do not believe that is possible until the final resurrection.
    His soul is surely with God, and he no doubt sees as much as any other creature in heaven.
    Only Jesus and Mary could be said to have "physical eyes".

    To continue, what about angels?
    We all know they have no physicality whatsoever yet when "seen" interiorly our imaginations are compelled to associate physicality to them otherwise we could not communicate with them spiritually at all.
    This is straight from Aquinas. It is how human understanding works. In this life we must always have some form of sensible internal imaginative representation (a "phantasm") of a spiritual communication or idea - otherwise no awareness whatsoever.

    What I am trying to say is that spiritual beings cause our imaginations to respond with images or words or smells etc that invoke in us the same feelings we would have as if we could actually "see" the spiritual with our senses (which is of course impossible in this life).

    Therefore the angels do not really have physical wings, but they certainly have powers and freedoms way beyond us - which knowledge is evoked in seers by these representations in imagination.
    The same for clothing and other things seemly and appropriate for the personage in question.

    Which finally gets back to the infant Jesus the children played with.
    Even though Jesus is there his presence does not seem to outshine or dominate that of Mary in the experience of the children.
    Yet when an angel and Mary appear together the seers clearly experience the greater glory of Mary compared to Michael.
    And other visionaries, when truly before both Jesus and Mary seem to feel the greater presence/glory of Jesus.
    This leads me to believe that the actual person of Jesus may not be fully present in the infant Jesus accompanying Mary on these occasions.

    It may be possible that Mary is able to "project" to the imagination of the seers all that is hers by reason of her history and motherhood.
    This is not fake, it is her glory.
    Just as Jesus's wounds are his glory.

    Of course I may be completely wrong wrt the actual occasion at Garabandal but I believe the above possibility is not in contradiction to mystical principles well enunciated by Aquinas.

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