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    I found this site a few months ago and thought it was very interesting considering Ron Conte does not believe that there are people out there who might possibly be running the world behind the scenes. Personally I think there are. There has to be a reason for all those funny handshakes, winks and nods! :wink:

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    I think , Siobhain, just as Mary gathers the very little one's round her robe for the battle ahead so Satan gathers the children of Darkness. These are not little but the rich, the clever in the ways of this world, the powerful the successful. I do believe they meet but only those at the highest level truly know what is going on. For instance I suspect they have a huge hand in the present economic chaos. Those lower down the chain think this chaos is to give them more power, however this is only partly true it is to cause pain and hurt for hurt's sake, in other words purely the desire to hurt for hurt's sake pure evil in fact.

    I also believe that just as there is a path of prayer, mystical at its heart for it incorporates us into Christ, just so there is a path of evil mysticism which initiates into a mystical path of evil. So as we fast so too do pure Satanists who have been taught to do so. Just as the follower of Mary gives themselves to Christ , just so the follower of Satan can give themselves to Darkness so that they are perfectly possessed. So perfectly in fact that to look at such people from the outside they look perfectly normal. But to stand near such a one is like standing beside a freezer, they draw in the light of love like a black star. I also believe these dark stars and the bright stars, as it were can recognise each other even at quite a distance.

    You may have met someone sometime like this and had a feeling of disquiet around them. They may be very attractive in many ways, but there is a feeling of cold which you cannot quite out your finger on...prayer makes you more open to sense the presence of evil, especially real evil around well as light.................
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    So true.


    Patti Mansfield was a member of the retreatants back in 1967, who, when praying before the Blessed Sacrament at Duquesne University, experienced the spontaneous outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Thus was birthed the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Some years later, Patti related the following instance she had while on an airplane trip. She was seated next to a fellow traveler, a woman, when both were approached by a stewardess serving meals. Patti declined because she was fasting. Surprised that the woman also declined, Patti inquired if the woman was fasting, too. Her reply was mindboggling, "Yes, I am- for the destruction of marriages!" :shock: :shock:

    As you say, Mary has her cohort and satan has his. Jesus instructs us to, "Watch and pray!"

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    I read somewhere on Ron Conte's site that people were not going to be microchipped anytime soon-and also asked the question "do you know of anyone who has been microchipped" or words to that effect. I had read about the rfid microchips last year and yes people are getting them implanted. It's funny that you don't hear anything about it on the news....heres an article about a family who all got implanted ... 99,00.html

    I once had a dream about 20yrs ago but I will never forget it- it was about the end times and how no matter how hard people tried to hide from satan, government troops were always able to find them and haul them off to state camps. There was no hiding place. I was in a village and all the lights were off-so the place was in darkness, and I was hiding in a house when the state troopers came in and found me. I remember being amazed that they had caught me, well now I know how did it! id chips!

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    I was thinking about this today Terry and the following scripture passage came to mind:

    Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

    So that we see that the Children of Light are encouraged to do their deeds out in the open ,were the world can see.

    Whereas John tells us as to the Children of Darkness:

    John 3:19

    And this is the basis for judgment: The light has come into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light because their actions were evil.

    So the children of the dark do their deeds in the dark.

    I think thats why usually we just do not know. I have feeling in your story the Satanist was not just name dropping, as it were, she knew exactly who she was talking to ,somehow. However Satan is defeated so he cannot scare us. Satanists however can hurt us.

    I suppose Siobhain the day may come when we are put to the test. I believe Jesus encouraged us to pray not to be put to the test. When we say 'lead us not into temptation , maybe its against great tests we are praying. But when we find the hour comes we have God's promise, 'My grace is sufficient unto you'.
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    Thank the Lord!!

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