Ralph Martin: the World is in Danger/ the Return of the Lord

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Blizzard, May 11, 2022.

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    Thanks for sharing this Blizzard.

    I'll share this link to an episode in the Gospel of matthew series that I am watching on Shalom World because of the signs of the times in there. It struck me in listening to it that the Lord gave Israel 40 years after His death to repent from their sins before allowing the complete destruction of everything: the Temple, Jerusalem, millions of its citizens and the nation too. By continously rejecting Jesus, the nation made a choice and the Lord proceeded to His Judgment which was the consequence.

    Now we have had 40 years of Medjugorje and today this great conflict in Ukraine that opposes Russia & Nato which is punishment for sins as Ralph says - so from this angle it seems the time of judgment for the Church and Christian nations too.

    I recommend the entire series on Matthew which starts here. Frances Hogan is an excellent teacher because she makes constant links with the OT books, in particular the prophets whom she often cites.
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    I heard this early this morning. Serious and sober warning I'd say--from a very no-drama evangelist.
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    Indeed. Not a man I'd be quick to dismiss.
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    I think a Prophecy was given one time that it would be the lay people who would save the Church..I think Fulton Sheen may have said something along those lines. Listening to Ralph Martin , I can believe this to be so.
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    After all we are the church :D
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    So they tell us.:)

    Until we become old stick in the muds for the Traditions and Teachings of the Church and hold by the Word of God and the Ten Commandments.

    Then we become a big, big problem. I believe the Holy Father is fond of using a Latin phrase that describes us a shit eaters.
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    The we are church crowd are perhaps the most easily profiled people in history. Generally speaking when you know a person's position on one hotly contested issue you know there position on every issue. That is my experience and what a terrible indictment of the human race it is.
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    The same thing happened in the early Church with the Arian heresy. Over half of the bishops and priests had fallen into this error. The Church was saved only because the laity held fast to the truth.
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