Ralph Martin - Putin's startling warning

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Nov 10, 2021.

  1. garabandal

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    Ralph Martin - A Startling Warning from a Surprising Source

  2. AED

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    I saw this!!! Excellent. Also check out Matt Fradd's interview with Ralph Martin on Pints With Aquinas. Came on yesterday. Really good.
    One more I know you will appreciate. Fr Ripperger just posted a talk on Mary Mother of Fair Love. It is so profound. So deep. I've listened 3 times and must go back yet again.
  3. Richard67

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    "When Communism comes again...."

    Wasn't that what was said at Garabandal?
  4. garabandal

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    Yes. An amazing prophecy.
  5. josephite

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    It is indeed startling!
    Fancy the president of Russia, stating that.... 'what is happening in the western world at this time with mandated vaccinations, is not only reminiscent of the former communistic Russia but is in fact far greater in its control of its citizens!
    Communism has come to the West however it seems Russia (which may have been the catalyst for communism originally) is not responsible for the Wests embrace of communism in 2021!
  6. josephite

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    Thank you Ann for this link to Father Ripperger's talk on Our Lady of Fair Love, it is full of many spiritual insights into our Lady. Her particularity, her singularity, her unsurpassed role as the favoured Daughter of God the Father, the beloved mother of God the Son and the only spouse of God the Holy Ghost.
    Being the Mother of God she was given by God the Son Jesus as our mother also! she is resplendent in all virtues and never thought of herself in any sacrifice that was asked of her!

    Our dearest Mother Mary is beyond all celestial Love, beyond all heavenly Love, beyond all earthly love!, in fact the purest of creatures is only second to God Himself because She is nothing but His Mirror! and this is why she is so exalted by God Himself, she reflects Him perfectly!

    May God always be praised, in His masterpiece.........The Most Blessed Virgin Mary
  7. AED

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    Yes!!! That was my reaction. Such joy and gratitude for the gift of our extraordinary Mother. One could unpack these insights over and over.
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