Questions for those who lived through Vatican II

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    Quite possibly
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  2. PurpleFlower

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    I was as well, by my mom. I believe she read somewhere that it was more reverent than chewing. I still to this day never chew the Host.
  3. RoryRory

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    I agree
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  4. Mario

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    Though I've only been married just short of 38 years, Josephite, we both have the same number in heaven. Nathan and Elizabeth never saw the light of day, though I trust they behold the light of God's Face. I have mentioned before somewhere that my Patrick, at the age of 6, found out that he was conceived just 3 months after Geralyn miscarried Nathan. He did the math and for almost a year would include Nathan in his night prayers, "Thank you Nathan for dying. If you hadn't, I wouldn't be here!" The fruit of homeschooling: doing math at a young age!:D

    God brings life out of great loss!:):coffee:
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  5. Mario

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    A mortal sin at a young age- the nuns told us never to let the Sacred Host stick to the roof of our mouths.:)

    O Saving Victim!
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  6. PurpleFlower

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    Oh man, that's definitely happened to me several times :oops:
  7. AED

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    We were taught to never chew the sacred host but to allow it to dissolve. Also to never ever touch the host. If one fell to the ground only the priest could retrieve it. I remember confession every Saturday for Sunday Mass. It seemed obligatory.
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  8. Dolours

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    Yes we were taught no chewing or touching but they didn't tell us to let it dissolve, and we weren't told it was sinful to chew or let it touch our teeth. We were taught the same as you should a host fall to the ground, but that never happened thanks to altar cloths and patens. We were brought to Confession from school - boys on one side of the church and girls on the other. I think it was monthly in preparation for the children's sodality.
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  9. Carmel333

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    Lately I have witnessed things at communion that my good Nun teachers would have turned in their graves. The last was a mother with two young girls came up to communion. Her oldest received communion but the young girl only being about 3 or 4 got a blessing from the priest. The mother took the host in her hand and turned away from the priest and immediately stuck it in the young girls mouth. She obviously had been told this would happen as she was ready. They both immediately giggled, mother and daughter. I did report it to our Deacon as I am assuming it was a lack of education on the mother's part. It was right after we started filming Mass on You Tube and I believe our Deacon found it on video and talked to the mother and of course I prayed for them. I have seen persons put the host in their pocket, and flick it on the floor. (I usually sit up front where the communion line is because I'm on crutches) For these reasons alone I wish the Church would require people to receive on the tongue again.
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  10. HeavenlyHosts

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    I agree with you. I actually pray that Communion in the hand will be abolished.
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  11. Jo M

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    Yes, same here. I recall being horrified when the Sacred Host did get stuck to the roof of my mouth, or touched my teeth! :eek:
  12. Jo M

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    :eek::( No words.
  13. lynnfiat

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    I lived near Mother Angelica’s Monastery and Shrine, and she was very strict about the dress code when attending Mass - in fact, even just visiting, the Shrine. She taught everyone very well. If you went through the doors of the Shrine with no sleeves, you were handed a smock or long sleeve shirt to put over you, and no shorts or short dresses were permitted. I miss her so much!
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  14. Ananchal

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    I was raised never to chew or let the host touch your teeth. The times that the host seems to cleave to the roof of my mouth - I like to think that’s Jesus way of impressing on me his desire to stay with me:)
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  15. HeavenlyHosts

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    I take medication that dries out my mouth. I have to endure that situation but the Lord understands.
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  16. Jo M

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    Lynn, what a wonderful blessing to have lived near the Shrine. Mother Angelica always reminded me of my fourth grade nun, Sister Mary James...nobody got away with anything in her class. :D I wonder if they still enforce Mother's dress code at the Shrine?
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  17. PurpleFlower

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    That's exactly what I always think! :D I just hug Jesus mentally until the Host finally does dissolve and dislodge.
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  18. PurpleFlower

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    About 5 years ago, I was on a road trip visiting my grandpa in Alabama, and I had forgotten to pack a dress for Sunday Mass, which was the day we were leaving. So i didnt realize until it was last minute. We learned from my grandpa that Mother Angelica's shrine was only an hour from his house, so we decided to attend Mass there on our way out of town. I had never been there before and honestly knew very little about it, from occasionally watching EWTN at work (we don't have cable at home).

    So I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, feeling pretty awkward, and assuming I'll just slip in the back and go mostly unnoticed, but when we walk in, it's a tiny chapel, and everyone is facing the entrance I just walked in! They're all dressed in very modest dresses and veils, and there I am looking like a heathen... I'm sure my face was beet red.

    Throughout Mass I felt and saw some pretty scorching, judgy looks that made me feel about 2 inches tall. After Mass, a bunch of them rode in an elevator with us to get to the exit, and I'll never forget it. I was so embarrassed, looking at the floor to avoid the open stares...When one sweet older woman, who probably was following some spiritual advice to think of the one kind thing she COULD say, said, "I like your shoes!" I was just wearing a sturdy pair of flip flops (my only option in my suitcase besides sneakers). I looked up and thanked her, and her smile was balm to my soul. She probably has no idea what that small gesture of kindness meant and still means to this day.

    Because of her, I always make an effort to smile at those who may not be dressed as appropriately as they should at Mass. They get enough judgment; they don't need it from me.
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  19. Jo M

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    Well at least you were covered up, and you avoided the embarrassment of being handed a smock. :D Seriously though, it was very kind of that woman to recognize that you were in an awkward situation. :)
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  20. josephite

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    Hi Mario,
    Please forgive me, for not responding sooner;
    Your above post is touching and beautiful. I on the other hand need much prayer to eradicate spiritual pride and my want to say the right things all the time! Hence my reluctance to answer yesterday.
    I know I suffer from the sin of Pride of sensitivities and the pride of timidity, please pray for me.

    I agree with you, I believe both my children, Erin Therese and Joseph Mary, like Geralyn and your Nathan and Elizabeth are before God enjoying the beatific vision.

    Our Erin was born full term and was baptised 2 weeks before her unexpected death on Christmas day 1987, she was 5 weeks and 1 day old, the death certificate said she was, 1 Month 1 Week and 1 Day old, I liked this reference, the three ones! it made sense to me!

    On the other hand I miscarried Joseph on Sunday 7 th November 1993 when I was 11 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding before Mass and was rushed to hospital, had an ultrasound (which showed my baby without a heart beat) this was followed by a massive bleed on my way to the ward, I was able to baptise Joseph while still in my womb ( I didn't know if he was a boy or a girl so I baptised him Joseph Mary). Later that day (after the D and C) the obstetrician visited me and told me that he believed the baby had died about a week prior.

    I believe I know the day and the time of Joseph's death, it was the previous Monday on the 1st of November (all saints day), just prior to the end of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I started to feel sick at the end of Mass just prior to the final blessing, it was not like morning sickness, I didn't know if I would be able to drive home so I stayed for a long time in the Church after Mass, just praying and praising God.

    Joseph's expected date of birth was in May of the following year 1994, my dad died on Mothers day 1994 the 8 th May!

    My daughter Brodie Catherine was born in November 1994 therefore like your and Geralyn son Patrick, Brodie was conceived just 3 months after I miscarried Joseph, and Brodie would not be here if Joseph had survived!

    I know Brodie and her older brothers and sisters know this but they do not mention it. Your Patrick is indeed special!

    After Erin's death in 1987, my 2 year old son Lucas started singing the most beautiful song, its melody is enchanting and it means a lot to me.
    It is simple and melodious

    Erin's gone
    ------------------------------------------Erin's gone
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erin baby's gone
    Yes I agree with you, God brings life (and deep meaning) after great loss.

    May God continue to bless you.
    Please keep me and my family in your prayers. Thank you and Geralyn.
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