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    Just curious ,was there a holiday in the USA ? The board seems quite quiet at the moment?

  2. Francis knows who Michael is. She is a very quiet soul and does not want to be public. Her mission now is prayer. I will however ask her tomorrow when I contact her again. She asked me a question I need to answer her. I was so impressed with her kindness, her joy, her sincerity and straightforwardness. She feels she did her job the Lord asked her to do and that was it. She works and has grown children and lives a normal life. Wow did she have a wonderful time in the 80's! Went to all the MMP gatherings in the U.S. with Fr. Gobbi inviting her personally. Met with hundreds of priests. She doesn't even have her writings anymore. Her friend kept them and is now dead. She is ok with that. She trusts the Lord to provide her memory if she needs to speak. Wow--I should trust so much! She refuses book deals and turned down Mother Angelica because the Lord said, "I want you only talking to the priests."

  3. No. The weather is changing and its getting darker earlier now and people are tired. Saturday is daylight savings --its suppose to be very cold this week. It was a lovely weekend. People are scurrying to get their nuts gathered and stored!!:rolleyes:
  4. Does anyone know where Fr. Sylvester Catallo is now? I heard he is in a hermitage somewhere in the U.S.....he was a Franciscan Cap. and a great proponent of Medjugorje. He also was the English interpreter for Fr. Gobbi.
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    If she wants to stay quiet that is fine ,Marti. Praying for her at mass this morning. I sense she has had her troubles. Poor woman. But the bigger the Cross the bigger the Crown.
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  6. Tonight when I talked to Francis we talked about the fire from heaven. She felt the fire was like comets, or meteorites. It came from the sky and you could see it coming. I mentioned that many movies right now are focusing on zombies, vampires, and now comets and meteorites. She agreed. She was amazed how everything is unfolding and she is feeling it is all so very close...
  7. 1983 was a very, very big year! I started my conversion that year and dreams and visions were fruitful!! :D
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    She is right again.:)

    I am kinda sad she did not get heard more but.
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    why yes, that holiday would be the world series...for those in Boston anyway :D I can't help but watch all the games and have since the play-offs started. It is like a holiday but it is tiring as those games end so late, so I'm looking forward to it coming to an end on Thursday at the latest. I believe I will be posting more after that, as I'm also getting used to a schedule where I work full time!
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    Wow! This is a fact. Francis in our time and Anna Maria line up.

    I am beating a dead horse mentioning the Protestant messages but mothersuperior7's sharing Francis Swank's messages help to make clear two current messages given to Protestant messengers (one of them, Julie Whedbee) about a "darkness" coming at the time of the Great Warning not just at the end of Tribulation. And to follow up, a recent message from Our Lord to Catholic Pelianito.

    Even though...both of the Protestant messengers referred to this "darkness" as the 3 Days of Darkness.
  11. One of the things Francis spoke about was not just the 'physical' darkness-she held her hand up and suddenly it was so dark out she couldn't see it and chaos ensued outside. (the poor people who don't know what is gonna hit the fan!!) And the spiritual darkness. She explained this darkness to the priests. Its not Jesus turning his back on us. He would never do that. Its 'a moving away' and 'casting the darkness' away from His light. That is why he constantly says on the first two tapes--I don't want to do this, but the cries of the blood of the innocent compel my justice to act. His grace is with us, but those who go against him will experience darkness that they have never experienced before...
    He makes it perfectly understood that THOSE WHO ARE WITH HIM should have no fear!! Which always brings me to JPII's beautiful words: DO NOT FEAR!! We truly have to plod along, do God's work, focus on our Lady and the Eucharist and GO FORWARD--just like in John Bosco's vision!
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    "There will be WWIII. The Middle East and Russia will be involved in Syria aiming missiles at Israel. Our Lord says pray for Russia. She is spreading her errors."

    Sobering stuff! But what comes across is how great divisions are going to happen in the Church, which was also mentioned in Akita and I think other places. Presumably that will begin to happen about now...
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  13. From message #15 of this thread-

    Then the Blessed Mother said I could give the message of the five angels that I have seen:

    The first Angel is a war. The Lord has given him instructions to cause great disturbances in all places. No other explanations need to be given he said.

    The second Angel says he will cause a great division in the Church. And I go back to when the Angel told me this…the Angel on July 20th 1983 said,

    “The Lord has said the judgment will begin with his own people before the purification. This judgment will be by many. The Lord said to Peter, “Will you to leave me? Will you respond the same as Peter? Master where would I go?​

    "Satan is devouring many successfully, the reason is because the Lord our God wants a Church that holy. I want no marks to be upon her. There are so many who say I don’t know God’s will in my life. Be silent and listen to his word."

    Then the Lord said to me, “Prayer to me, but do not think prayer is enough. I desire more of you. I want you to be holy. You must rid yourself of all that is unnecessary in your lives. Too much going on in your life to spend time with me.

    The next question you will ask is how do I become holy? By coming to receive me as much as you possibly can. By using the sacraments instead of ignoring them. By prayer in true reparation of all sins in one’s life. Do I ask too much? Have you truly looked at how much I have given? If someone you loved deeply asked a favor of you would you turn them down? I tell you you would drop what you were doing to help that love one out, but what about me? I am your Father, your Creator, your all. And yet I ask so much. My sorrow was beat and many, but when one soul offers himself to my service how much joy comes to my heart. How the angels rejoice over this one soul. So much can be accomplished by just one soul. But do not say to me, “I will let another offer themselves”. I want yours. I love you so much I want you enjoy all that comes from heaven. Even on earth I will grant the times of a small taste of heaven to you to make the desire greater. But all I receive in return is rejection upon receiving what I give. Come to me, for I wait so patiently, I desire to fellowship with you. I will lead you and never shall you stray. I will lead you to holiness. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Put yourself behind and seek me.

    As I heard this from our Lord I saw the Angel who brought this message bowing as these words were spoken. Never did he lift his head nor did he move a muscle in his body with his hands crossed over his chest. He bowed in complete adoration as the Lord spoke.

    The Lord told me that I had to acknowledge this myself to see how the angels worship him and how we don’t give him the worship and adoration he deserves.
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    Deep, deep. deep, beautiful. Justice is an act of love. Very beautiful. Something to remember.
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    When I in dreams have seen and been shown certain things over and over again there is a certain reverent fear and awe, the stomach seems to fall as though an elevator had dropped sixty floors in a second.

    But it has occurred to me that though it may cause these feelings in myself what on Earth would it do to the unbeliever? The effects might be like a Stephen King novel. A bit like a ship that has lost all anchor.

    These poor people will be very much to be pitied in such circumstances.
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    MS7, I have heard of Francis Swank many years ago. I can not say where though. Perhaps when I was active in the MMP in the 80's and 90's. I find your posts on her very interesting. Russia just keeps on coing to the forefront with the various heavenly message of many mystics. I would love to her the tapes you have of her once you get them copied to CD.
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  17. I'm afraid my tape to CD is not working. I'm thrilled you have heard of her! Seriously, you are the first person in 25 years that has heard of her. She was very popular in Colorado in the 80's. I might just have to transcribe every tape.
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    Don't kill yourself Marti. I know what a busy, busy life you lead. But you have a kind, giving heart.:)
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    I believe we have not heard the last of Francis.:)
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    I haven't talked with him is probably a year, maybe a little longer. He was in Beacon NY at the St. Lawrence Friary. His phone number is 845-831-5741
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