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Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by RosaryWielder, Dec 2, 2020.

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    A month or two ago I met a guy online who lives in a region neighbouring mine. We exchanged emails (albeit I haven't talked to him in a longtime) and he told me that he is in fact a sedevacantist.

    Now I'm not a sedevacantist, I totally believe that Pope Francis is our current Pope, but here's my question: If in the near future, I find myself in a situation where I have to fulfill my ordinary Sunday obligation but can't fulfill it at my local diocesan parish, could I fulfill it at a sedevacantist chapel as I could an Orthodox or other schismatic parish, if I had to?
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    I wouldn’t borrow trouble.
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  3. AED

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    We have a chapel right in our town our bishop made it very clear we may not attend Mass there under pain of grave sin. FYI.
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    Thank you for clarifying, AED.
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  5. Don_D

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    Remember what Jesus told the Jews regarding the Sanhedrin before the destruction of the temple. He said to obey what they tell you but do not do what they themselves do.
    Obedience is a virtue and one that can be a real challenge for some of us. I often think that when Jesus speaks of the lambs I am in real trouble because to be quite honest I have always taken after the goat. Anyone who has raised goats will understand this. They are wonderful creatures but they are far from docile or obedient.
    This is one reason I attend mass at the FSSP parish in our area when I can. They are in full communion. Has your bishop put everyone back under the regular obligation for Sundays? Our bishop hasn't yet due to the aged and infirm. I don't expect that he will anytime this coming year either.
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  6. BrianK

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    I would not attend a sedevacantist chapel nor receive their sacraments. I doubt it fulfills one’s Sunday obligation.

    The Church has stated, however, that one may fulfill their Sunday obligation at an SSPX chapel. They are most definitely NOT sedevacantist.
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  7. HeavenlyHosts

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    SSPX Masses are all illicit.
  8. RosaryWielder

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    Isn’t the current Church rule right now that if one has to fulfill one’s Sunday obligation but can’t do it at a Catholic parish one can do it at even an outright schismatic parish, like an Eastern Orthodox parish?
  9. BrianK

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    The Church has ruled that one may fulfill ones Sunday obligation at an SSPX chapel, even if other valid options are available. Their masses are definitely valid; If those masses were somehow “illicit” I doubt the Church would have made that ruling.

    Making recourse to having Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Eucharist is NOT permitted to happen at a Novus Ordo mass unless the priest is physically prevented of doing so. Using EMHCs every single mass is a liturgical abuse and makes those masses illicit. So 98% of American Novus Ordo masses.

    Frankly then whether SSPX masses are “illicit” is a moot point. At least they teach real undiluted Catholicism, something one us not guaranteed of receiving at a typical American Novus Ordo mass.

    One may fulfill their Sunday obligation at an Orthodox Divine Liturgy if no valid Catholic option is available. The Orthodox generally do NOT welcome Catholics to the sacraments in this scenario though.
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  10. HeavenlyHosts

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    Their Masses are illicit because they do not have canonical approval from the Bishop to celebrate Masses.
  11. RoryRory

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    Is the Novus Ordo Mass the mass that we attend now? EWTN etc? Is it a valid mass? Also I was An Extraordinary Minister at one time and have been exposing the Eucharist for Adoration 1 morning a week. Is this allowed as our priest is 84 and gave permission?
  12. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Yes, the Novus Ordo is the Mass we attend now. Yes, it is a valid Mass.
  13. SgCatholic

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    Mass Confusion: Why All Valid Masses Are Not Equal
    Written by Robert J. Siscoe

    Have you ever wondered how to respond to those who equate the efficacy of the Traditional Mass and the Novus Ordo by directing the argument to the level of validity? They rightly point out that any valid Mass is a renewal of Our Lord’s Sacrifice on Calvary, which was of infinite value, and then conclude that as long as a Mass is valid, it, too, is of infinite worth, and therefore equally efficacious for those who attend. They might concede that a scandalously celebrated Mass will have a negative effect on the subjective disposition of those present, which could perhaps lessen the amount of grace they receive, but they will insist (or at least imply) that neither liturgical abuses, nor an unworthy priest, nor watered down prayers or profane music, per se, will lessen the efficacy of the Mass or the fruit to be derived there from.

    The answer to the above question (how is the Traditional Mass more efficacious than the Novus Ordo) is found in the distinction between the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the Mass.

    Read the rest at

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  14. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Guest

    Bishop Schneider on the SSPX
    January 24, 2018 Edward Pentin

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider shared these opinions on the SSPX in an interview he gave me on Jan. 11. The rest of the interview can be read here:

    What are your views on the Society of St. Pius X? Do you have sympathy for their position?

    Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis on various occasions spoke with understanding towards the SSPX. It was particularly at his time, as Cardinal of Buenos Aires, that Pope Francis helped the SSPX in some administrative issues. Pope Benedict XVI once said about Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: “He was a great bishop of the Catholic Church.” Pope Francis considers the SSPX as Catholic, and has expressed this publicly several times. Therefore, he seeks a pastoral solution, and he made the generous pastoral provisions of granting to the priests of the SSPX the ordinary faculty to hear confessions and conditional faculties to celebrate canonically marriage. The more the doctrinal, moral and liturgical confusion grows in the life of the Church, the more one will understand the prophetic mission of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in an extraordinary dark time of a generalized crisis of the Church.

    Maybe one day History will apply the following words of Saint Augustine to him: “Often, too, divine providence permits even good men to be driven from the congregation of Christ by the turbulent seditions of carnal men. When for the sake of the peace of the Church they patiently endure that insult or injury, and attempt no novelties in the way of heresy or schism, they will teach men how God is to be served with a true disposition and with great and sincere charity. The intention of such men is to return when the tumult has subsided. But if that is not permitted because the storm continues or because a fiercer one might be stirred up by their return, they hold fast to their purpose to look to the good even of those responsible for the tumults and commotions that drove them out. They form no separate conventicles of their own, but defend to the death and assist by their testimony the faith which they know is preached in the Catholic Church” (De vera religione 6, 11).

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