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  1. padraig

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    I'm very reluctant to write about this, for I know its open to misinterpretation. But I know, on the other hand , if I don't write about it I may be even more culpable.
    I draw on what I write hear from prayer, mostly from dreams and what I pray, but also from extensive readings of visionaries of our times. I do so with reluctance but with a certain urgency as to the needs of our times and becasuse the good Lord Lord wants it that way.

    I draw most of these beliefs from what has been said and not said from Medugorje and from what I myself have been shown in my dreams and prayers. Please feel free to accept..or not accept what I say, as you will. I can only say as the times grow closer I believe them to be true.

    Kosova is the historical heart of Serbia. Serbia could no more give up Kosova than the United States could give up. say Washington, nor England, London. The Serbians are brothers to the Russians and the Russian Bear has awakened. This was the foretelling of the revival of Communism...not that Communism would revive but that Russia would revive.

    The Blessed Mother, The Gospa, as' Queen of Peace' has been appearing not by accident, as such, but as a prelude to war. I have seen , in my dreams and as I have pointed out right along the eastern frontiers of Russia wars on a tremendous scale. Not isolated from regular war fare but including the use of nuclear weapons.

    I saw this from Kiev, in the Ukraine..to Hungary....to the Balkans.

    However I wish to refer to one particular dream which refers to a convent, in what I now know to be Hungary. I was sitting in a convent at a table with a number of Carmelite Saints...gathered round a table..all of them nuns. They all looked very grave..as they were talking we heard noises from outside..we walked to a window and we saw a bright flash of white light..

    Then I stood outside on my own in a green plain...I witnessed a nuclear detonation in the distance...more than that I heard its sound....it was terryifying

    But worse than this ,far, far worse than this....when I looked up to the sky I saw contrails everywhere; in Hungary, ..going from East to West and from West to East.

    My great hope is that ,at that point God will directly intervene...as I believe He will. I have no idea where the contrails going West or East were going, but they looked both lower down and very high up.....

    Anyway......I find it hard to share these things..but times are getting closer....
  2. Mario

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    It is humbling to share something frightful when you believe it is from the Lord. After all, it is not so difficult to speak of Chastisement when it seems years in the future. To claim that war and nuclear devastation is imminent will win you few fans.

    You are right: Putin has awakened The Bear from its slumber. He has seen the hesitation of the USA towards Iran and the insignificant military presence of the EU. Most of the minority Serbs in Kosovo live isolated in the north. Perhaps Russia will insist on a partitioning of Kosovo to provide stability, and then strike when the West refuses to capitulate. How often isolated fisticuffs turn into a brawl! That is what your dreams seem to indicate.

    Isn't that what happened in the Balkans to initiate WWI? Then came Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. Today we have Our Lady of Medjugorje...Is Russia willing to flex her muscles? :shock:

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  3. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Padraig, it's almost a drum beat now, that the times are getting shorter. Thank you for sharing.
    This comes right on the heels of my being made aware again of Disaster Planning. It's been brought to my attention in the past month 3 times, yesterday being the most "IN MY FACE". I had gone to a little luncheon, mostly for seniors, and there was this speaker who was trying to tell the seniors that they need to be prepared for disaster, be it water, fire, or bio-hazard materials. It was met with great resistance but I got the message loud and clear...it's coming, be ready.
  4. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Terry and Lee, thank you so much to being open to my prayerful scenario. Its not always easy to share such things.

    I think you know at bottom there must be very, very few folks that don't know SOMETHING and SOMETHING big is heading towards us. There are so many signs we are deluged in them at the moment. Even if nothing else was to happen the fact we are facing a financial Depression even bigger than the thirties would be quite enough on our plates; but this coupled with dire weather, food shortages, new diseases, earthquakes, wars and rumours of wars and goodness knows what else.

    I think the European side of things won't kick of until Europe and the West is weak enough and there is enough chaos for Russia and Serbia to act. Also of course both Europe and the United States are simply part of even greater global events.

    I asked a devout friend at work, a Presbyterian if his Church had had any talk of the Tribulation thats coming and he said he didn't, which really surprises me. I don't think it is only to Catholics these things are being revealed, nor even just to Christians. I am a little sorry that so many folks are not being awakened by their religious authorities. Come to think of it I am sorry that the Vatican is not warning folks a lot more, but then maybe they have been and I just haven't noticed.

    While I was praying the other day at Mass the story of the seven wise virgins and the seven foolish ones sprang to mind. They were all supposed to await the Lord with lighted lamp, yet some fell asleep. It seems to me that this is a good story for our times. Those who pay heed to the Signs of the Times are ready for whats coming those who ignore them are in for a huge surprise. Yet the amount of unreadiness is really astonishing. Its as though the very sky were shouting it at us,.
  5. maryrose

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    You are correct in that everyone has a sense of foreboding that something very unpleasant is coming down the line. I accept your analysis of how things could develop. In fact when leaving Medugorje this time I felt that it will be quite a long time before I will be back if ever.
    How do you think we should prepare?

  6. hollomr

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    I believe you did receive some sort of warning, Padraig.
    I know many people of all different faiths and backrounds who feel uneasy about the future... to say the least.

    I am due to go on pilgrimage Sept 30th to October 16 to visit shrines of France, Spain, and Portugal. I truly hope that God allows me to be able to go, it just seems as if things are getting worse so quickly now that I wonder if I will be able to go. I just pray and hope for the best.

    Thank you for posting this and for always sharing such good insights here on this forum.

    God bless,
  7. mj

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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to share with you a dream I had - it was around Christmas time this past year.
    I woke up from this dream and what I had seen was I believe something that is to happen in the near future. I woke up and was devestated. I was so sad and right away I said "Lord how will I be able to handle such a terrible event" and almost immediatly the words "you will be filled with the Holy Spirit" were placed on my heart.
    The Lord also graced me with no real recollection of this dream. I just know that I need to pray for Souls fervently and for Gods Mercy.
  8. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    MJ. I too have had "those dreams" very disturbing indeed. I have a Protestant friend who is also having "those dreams" and in her dream the only thing that saved her was praying in tongues, a release of the Holy Spirit.

    Looks like we are on the same page.

    As I know the Holy Spirit has been nudging me to get a disaster pack in place, I urge all our forum members and readers to do the same. Even a simple back pack with water, a mask, rosary, prayer book, medications, food, radio, space blanket, poncho maybe, candle and matches (blessed), batteries and first aid would be of great help when in need. Know where your documents are and have them in a plastic folder ready to be easily retrieved.

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