Putin, well intended or not ?

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    I love Budweisser.

    Budweisser loves me.
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    I remember visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp a couple of years back and reading and hearing about what some of the guards got up to.

    Several of them had a compitition for instance about how many people they could shoot dead with their revolvers in a three month period.

    The guy who won shot 20.000 people in the head . His wicked finger must never have left the trigger.

    I have no hesitation in saying this man was evil, rotten stinking evil to the very bottom of his soul, nor do I need any special powers to say so.

    I am sorry you are under the influence of our Liberal culture and are misinterpreting scripture. It means not to judge unjustly, not that we should not judge at all.

    But I will leave it at that. :)

    Agreeing to disagree is a great thing. :D

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    John 7:24
    Judge not according to the appearance, but judge just judgment.
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    I love Father Mitch, I didn't know he was negative on some of the yet to be approved. Everybody's choice, I was converted by a yet to be approved. A prayer intention for Father.
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    Anyone surprised?

    CIA Analysts Won’t Support White House Claims Of Russian Culpability Over Flight MH17 Downing; Ex-CIA Ray McGovern & Dave Lindorff
    TND Guest Contributor: Dave Lindorff |

    High caliber bullet holes under cockpit window portion of plane likely fired by another aircraft.

    With the US continuing to push its submissive European “allies” towards an ever more confrontational stance towards Russia over the crisis in Ukraine (a crisis initially provoked by the US itself through CIA and State Department actions that led to the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government), the world appears headed towards a dangerous renewed Cold War between the world’s two nuclear superpowers.

    A central part of that campaign by Washington has been the effort to blame the downing of Malaysian Flight 17, which killed all 298 passengers and crew, on Russia, or failing that, on pro-Russian separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. This campaign has used innuendo, falsified evidence and, weirdly, spurious and sometimes absurd “evidence” circulating in various social media — all of which which people like Secretary of State John Kerry and president Obama himself have tried to say “prove” that Russia, or at least a Russian-provided high-altitude BUK anti-aircraft missile, was responsible for the downing.

    But increasingly, critics, including analysts within the CIA, have been throwing cold water on that theory. Suspiciously, the US, which had a spy satellite located directly over the Malaysian plane at the very time of the shoot-down, and which certainly has detailed photographic images of exactly what happened, has offered no a single photo to prove its contention that a missile was fired from territory under rebel control.

    Meanwhile, there are multiple claims that the CIA — and perhaps the National Security Agency too — have evidence that it was Ukrainian forces, not separatists, who shot down the plane, either using one of the several dozen BUK launchers that they are known to possess themselves, or by two Ukrainian attack fighters that were known to be tailing the Malaysian commercial jet shoot it down with machine gun fire and/or air-to-air missiles. Significantly, a Canadian investigator with the international team sent to collect and examine pieces of the crashed airliner, has said he saw holes that appeared caused by heavy 30 mm machine-gun fire –the type of ammunition used by the fighter jets — in a section of the front of the Boeing jet, as well as in both sides. Such holes in the nose and both sides of the doomed plane could not have all been caused by the projectiles released by a BUK missile, which would have all hit the plane from one direction — reportedly normally from a location beneath the plane.

    A week ago, this reporter interviewed Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst with 27 years of experience at the agency, about the Ukraine crisis, on ThisCantBeHappening!’s weekly radio show that airs each Wednesday at 5 pm Eastern Time on the Progressive Radio Network (PRN.fm). McGovern says on that program that sources he knows who are still at the CIA say that the agency has refused to back the US claim that separatists or Russia were behind the shoot-down of Flight 17.

    To hear analyst Ray McGovern’s interview, click here for the ThisCantBeHappening! podcast show page at the Progressive Radio Network.

    Click here to visit the ThisCantBeHappening.net website, the uncompromising four-time Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper.

    This article appeared at the Strategic Culture Foundation on-line journal www.strategic-culture.org and is reprinted with permission.
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    "Regarding the Poem books, three Medjugorje visionaries have confirmed that Our Lady thought the books were good to read."

    Now Our Lady is a book critic....you guys are too much :ROFLMAO:

    Brother al
  7. Yes dear, The young teens asked our Blessed Mother who cares for all of our life, not just part of it, if there were any books she would recommend besides the bible for them to read. Probably knowing, that teens will be teens, she absolutely recommended the Poem of the Man God. Because, having read it myself, and to my seven children, it is fascinating as well as edifying.
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    I though this was Oprah's job :LOL:

    Not to steer this thread off course but that book does seem like something I would enjoy reading. The details given by the bedridden author that were impossible to know yet confirmed as fact, (geography, star alignment 2000 years ago etc) certainly lends credence to it's supernatural origin. The risk of course is if the added intricate details to the Life of Jesus and his family which go way beyond scripture are false is it leading us off track? The church will not confirm it as supernatural yet Mary and Jesus are reportedly confirming the accounts are true and coming from Jesus Himself. I'm intrigued.

    One last thing I thought it was improper to call Jesus Man-God and should always be God-Man?

    This wiki page give a balanced view......http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Poem_of_the_Man-God
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    So Putin lays out a 7 point peace plan. What do the war hawks do? They talk more war, they don't want peace.


    I also have alot of respect for Gerald Celente, he speaks plainly and truthfully and isn't part of the MSM and claims to be politically athiest.
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    Except for his occasional bad language, he is spot on. He is speaking reality, Putin may or may not be an evil person, but Gerald's nailed these butchers track records.
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    I know something of Ukraine. Putin is KGB and it surprises me that some on this Forum refer to KGB/FSB controlled RT to support Putin, he a proud servant of the KGB. He has no real peace plan other than to ultimately destroy Ukraine's independence, and he is a bold-faced liar, first claiming there were no Russian forces in Crimea, Ukraine, despite all the evidence, and then laughing that yes the Russians were there all the time when they invaded. Putin then thought of dismembering eastern Ukraine with terrorists trained in Russia. These butchers like Pushilin and Borodai sent from Russia (Russian secret service) began taking over Ukrainian government buildings in the Donbas, hanging up posters of Lenin in their offices along with Putin posters, and banging out Soviet songs. The Communist Party in Ukraine (as well as the bigger one in Russia) support Putin's terrorists (and the thousands of Russian army men sent into Ukraine to fight surreptitiously) unanimously. So do Russia's fascists like Zhirinovsky. And of course both support Putin, and Putin uses them. These pro-Russian separatists and terrorists quickly established rule by terror in Luhansk and Donetsk and used the local criminal clans for support.

    The Russian Orthodox Patriarch worked for the KGB still during the Soviet Union when he was the Soviet-controlled Russian Orthodox representative to the World Council of Churches. Now the Russian Orthodox Patriarch works hand-in-glove with KGB Putin in rebuilding a new Russian Empire, glorifying its Soviet and Czarist past without moral reproach. The Church is not supposed to serve Caesar, especially a caesar who sees the current Russian secret service as a direct descendant of its Soviet ancestors. Heck, Putin has changed Russian history textbooks for kids so that Stalin is praised. This shows something of the man's morality. He uses the Russian Orthodox Church for his own worldly purposes, granting its hierarchy wide personal wealth, and the current hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church is quite happy with this arrangement.

    The Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Orthodox churches, have all condemned Putin's aggression in Ukraine. These churches are not part of some western conspiracy, but are the Body of Christ in Ukraine. Their leaders have condemned Putin's aggression. Heck, Catholic priests have been kidnapped and tortured by the pro-Russian terrorists Putin sent into Ukraine. I find it amazing some would defend Putin on Ukraine. Putin didn't call the collapse of the Soviet Union the world's greatest geopolitical catastrophe because he condemned the communist Soviet Union, but because he thought the Soviet Union a great moral power and cries over its loss. He even brought back the Soviet anthem and now controls the press as did his communist Kremlin forebears. He just has added Russian extreme nationalism to his sovietism to form a new neo-Soviet, corporatist, quasi-fascist authoritarian and anti-democratic state.
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    Mike, I'm afraid there is a lot of judging going on in your post. Here is a quote from a homily by Pope Francis earlier this year:

    “The person who judges,” the Pope said, “is wrong, is mistaken and is defeated” because he assumes God’s place: He who is the one and only judge.” Jesus’ accusation of “hypocrite,” Pope Francis pointed out, is addressed to all of us who hastily judge others. “God,” on the other hand, said the Pope, “takes his time” when handing down judgment.

    Alluding to Jesus’ words, the Pope said those who judge others mistakenly desire to remove the splinter from their brother’s eye without noticing their own eye is pierced by a wooden beam.

    He who does this, the Pope observed, “is so obsessed with the person he wants to judge -that person - so, so obsessed! That the splinter will not let him sleep! 'But I want to take away the splinter!' ... And he does not notice the log that he, himself has.” Such a person, said the Pope, confuses the splinter for a beam. He “confuses reality. He’s fantasizing. And he who judges becomes a loser, ends up badly, because the same measure will be used to judge him.” Those who are judgmental, the Pope concluded, assume the role of God and can bank on ultimate defeat.


    Ultimately, he who judges, said Pope Francis, "is an imitator of the prince of this world who’s always behind people to accuse them before the Father."

    The Pope invited the faithful to “imitate Jesus: intercessor, advocate, lawyer” not just for ourselves, but for others too. And "do not imitate others, which in the end will destroy us"

    If we want to follow the way of Jesus, the Pope concluded, “more than accusers, we have to be defenders of others before the Father. I see a bad thing in someone – do I go defend him? No! But keep quiet! Go pray and defend him before the Father as Jesus does. Pray for him, but do not judge! Because if you do, when you do something bad, you will be judged. Let us remember this well; it will do us good in everyday life when we get the urge to judge others, to speak ill of others, which is a form of judging. "

  13. garabandal

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    We have no right to judge anyone by appearances nor to be constantly judgemental which the Pope rightly condemns (and judgementalism does appear to be a personality disorder)

    But Jesus told us to judge a tree by its fruit. So, if a person is an abortionist we have a right judgement of that person as a murderer and pray for their conversion. This right use of intellect and reason is not a misuse of the faculty of judgement.

    Likewise if a politician promotes abortions and same-sex marriage he cannot expect to get my vote. I make a judgement that he is promoting and breaking the commands of God. So I am using right judgement in this case.

    Jesus does say that there is a right way to judge.
    John 7v24
    Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”
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    A great scripture quote, Bobby.
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  15. davidtlig

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    A great scripture quote which refers to the judgement of ACTIONS. If it were otherwise then Pope Francis' quoted words about judgement would be false.

    I suspect that it is the sin of judging others that is mankind's most common sin.
  16. Fatima

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    On the contrary, I think it is not judging actions as sinful (offesive to God) that is the most common of sins. We had better judge what offends God lest we fall into the sins of the world ourselves. The world tells us that we are supposed to support/not judge abortion, divorce and remarriage, contraception, gay sex, masturbation, drunkeness, missing Church on Sunday's etc..., as being anyting but normal.
    In today's world I see few judging others, but I see untold offences against God's truth and justice that goes unnoticed and completely accpeted as the 'norm'.
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    If I marked red every post on this forum that involved judging others, there would be a lot of red around....
  18. padraig

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    Its such an interesting conversation. I said I'd leave it and I will. But one final word.

    The fact that we disagree and fall into two sides in this debate tells us something very interesting about ourselves I think.

    That each side has a fundamentally differing world view. That being so I don't really believe we are going to reconcile the two interpretations, that's why I gave up on the conversation.

    But I do enjoy reading the varying views and taking them away in prayer. I always try to be alert to fact that I may be wrong. :D

    Well I try to keep the door open anyway.

    Very interesting discussion.:)
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    The narrow way is never so narrow as when we desire to follow the teachings of Jesus about judging. I'm sure its the enemy's favorite scripture, and he twists it to achieve his desire that we would call evil good, and good evil, or at least keep silent to the evil around us.

    The only way to navigate this difficulty is to "put on the mind of Christ." To pray, "Let me love what You love and despise what You despise, and love with Your own heart."
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  20. padraig

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    What a beautiful wise post.

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